10 October 2010

Video of the (earlier) week -- the flying nun

I intended to post this on International Blasphemy Day (Sept. 30) in honor of the day and of Lady Gaga's political activism on DADT. Better late than never!


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Well. Let's see. There's a little bit of everything for anyone in that vid. Whoever this Alejandro is, he's got the powah!

Very creative. Very funny.

10 October, 2010 19:07  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

I thought this was one excellent piece of choreography work in this! And I do like GaGa as far as her vocal work as well, such a wide range ... very creative as well. And I was happy to see her get politically involved here when she did.

Every time I hear of that damn "Dont ask, Dont tell" phrase, I think of former Secy Treasurer Hank "Bank of Hank" Paulson ... I sware! Remembering when he grabbed that $350 billion in bailout money, then when Pelosi and other's asked where it went ... he said he "never asked" ... and of course he "never told".

11 October, 2010 10:15  

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