29 March 2009

Go, and live the dream

A question I've seen raised from time to time on the net since last year's election: Liberals eight years ago sometimes threatened to move to Canada if Bush were elected, but is there any country to which conservatives can emigrate, now that we evil socialistic Democrats have been swept to power in the US?

Well, actually, there is a country that seems to embody everything the real hard-line conservatives say they want. It's a country with no government social programs, no government regulations, no government oversight of business or finance, no effective taxes, no intrusive government authority at all. As icing on the cake, there is no feminism or gay-rights agitation or secularism, and everybody lives according to traditional religious moral values whether they agree with them or not.

It's called Somalia. Maybe they should go and check it out.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Damn good suggestion Mr.Infidel. I dont know much about Somalia myself except to avoid hangin around Teddy Bear's named Muhammed. But it does sound like the type of place that some of them ole boy's and gal's may take a likin to!

29 March, 2009 04:13  

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