28 January 2009

History as madness

In this must-see video, Muslim cleric Amin al-Ansari delivers a breathtaking discourse on history that makes Western "Holocaust revisionists" look like pikers. His views, based on what I've seen over the years, are not all that unusual in the Islamic world -- but it's stunning to see it all set out in one speech like this. This is part of what we're confronting in Islam. Oh, and just in case you're wondering -- yes, he really is saying what the subtitles say he's saying. My knowledge of Arabic is limited, but it's good enough to confirm that.

Found via the intrepid moggy-enumerators across the pond.


Blogger Quantum_Flux said...

That is a practicing Islamic tradition to hate the Jews, to sympathise with the NAZI's!? Well, is Obama siding with the NAZI sympathisers then?

28 January, 2009 10:24  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Obama seems worryingly naive about Islam, just as Bush was. It's too soon to tell whether he's "siding with" the Muslims, though.

28 January, 2009 10:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was so disgusting. I couldn't watch it all.

29 January, 2009 02:56  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I should probably have mentioned that the video is disturbing and, indeed, disgusting. I consider it necessary, though, to help expose the fact that there are people out there who say and believe such things, and that in their own society their views are considered respectable and mainstream.

29 January, 2009 03:58  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Greeting's Mr.Infidel...I myself watched it all.I didnt find it at all disturbing,or even disgusting. This is the reality of the "human condition". My grandmother(Thora) who raised me in my youngest year's, also lived in Berlin before this happened...she was a Jew by race...her son...my dad...
ended up drafted in WW2,and had to fight the Nazi's...my dad was also a prisoner for a short time from what I gathered from my mom,my dad would never discuss the war...so he never told me nothing about it. That subject was off limit's.But I noticed when we went swimming, my dad had scar's you could faintly see through the hair's on his leg's
in a rounding pattern..which my mom told me later was from his leg's tied in barbwire. I understood this at the age of 8..
so it does not effect me at all.My dad was a strong man..did not ask sympathy...and understood reality.
This man in the video..say's Jew's show this to have people feel sorry for them...I disagree..they save this as a reminder...and to motivate themselves to take action when needed.It is true...they fear
man more than god...because it is man that done this...and it's all the more reason to fight to the death as they are doing now. Thank You.

29 January, 2009 07:04  
Blogger Quantum_Flux said...

Are you serious Ranch Chimp!? You are not the least bit disturbed by the fact that the Muslims, or at least a sadistic sect thereof (on a news service of all places), are broadcasting the desire to recreate the horror and oppression of the NAZI's against the Jewish people all over again?

I, for one, am sickened by the portrayel of guys like Hitler and Stalin as some kind of role model to emulate.

29 January, 2009 14:06  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Yes...I am serious Quantum Flux, if I were not...I never would have commented that I was not disturbed, or commented at all. Especially out of fear. I use my actual name on my blog,give my PO Box contact...and am listed in the phone book with my address. I even have my own collection of video/book's of the death and concentration camp's.
Nor do I see folk's like Hitler as evil...or dwell on "fear".Or any of these other's. My objective would be the same as them, which would be to eliminate them.I,unlike most am opposed to nuclear anything,but because of the condition and having access to the weaponry...would have already used nuclear weapon's against many of these region's,regardless of what life is lost.I see this as the reality of the "human condition"...nothing else..I dont see thing's like good/evil..I see action/reaction.I actually dont think Israel has been hard enough on Hamas. I dont want conflict at all...but the reality is...that we are going to have it whether we want it or not,when it is brought to us...the alternative I see as workable in a situation...is to fight/destroy. I would also like Obama...sit at the table with anyone...even enemies with no pre-condition's.I am a reasonable man.
But believe in eliminating threat's.No...I dont even hold grudges against folk's like Hitler, I see him as a political genius, with a following of simply oppessed dumbasses.These extreme leader's...simply play on the emotion's of the poor, oppressed, and the weak...to achieve their goal's. No one that was in these condition's or brainwashed by their religious doctrines would even give any of them the time of day.What is the proper thing to do? To whine...and crouch in fear
and let them run your country? To say you love them and fear them...to be liked by the liberal masses? If you want to fear them or be disturbed by them...that's fine too...I simply dont, that's all. Thank You.

29 January, 2009 17:08  

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