18 October 2019

Quote for the day -- culture war

"First is the force, fervor, and comprehensiveness of the assault on religion we are experiencing today.  This is not decay; it is organized destruction.  Secularists, and their allies among the 'progressives,' have marshaled all the force of mass communications, popular culture, the entertainment industry, and academia in an unremitting assault on religion and traditional values."

-- Trumpist AG William Barr

Yes, unlike in the days when "religion and traditional values" were in power.  Back then, they never used things like popular culture and entertainment against us.  They just used torture and burning at the stake.  Don't talk to me about "organized destruction".  I long ago lost all patience with these people's bitching about how persecuted they are because they can no longer force everybody else to conform to their taboos.


Blogger Mike said...

"...have marshaled all the force of mass communications..."
Just who the hell does he think owns most of the media in the US?

18 October, 2019 13:22  
Blogger Professor Chaos said...

and this SOB is spouting this crap in his official capacity. This country is insane.

18 October, 2019 13:44  
Blogger Susan Flett Swiderski said...

HA! Well said. Barr seems to have forgotten that pesky little factoid about this not being a theocracy. I betcha most of those blowhards who go on about their Christian values wouldn't know the "right thing" if they tripped over it. I mean, they think this whole impeachment thing is "unconstitutional." Just because it's specifically addressed IN the constitution evidently escaped their notice.

Have a super weekend.

18 October, 2019 14:27  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

I'd like to ask Barr where was this religious influence to our better angels when Christian KKKers were torturing and murdering their fellow Christians, African-Americans in the South? How did the religous "better angels" of the "good Germans" deal with the Nazis as they sent Jews, Gypsies, and homosexuals to the ovens? And what about the very religious men who flew planes into the Twin Towers? Barr is a Dominionist who would like to see America become a theocracy. Religion doesn't make people moral. Take a look at the Christians who support Trump for proof of this.

18 October, 2019 15:06  
Blogger Lady M said...

I find this administrations use of religion repugnant. I find the fact that religion keeps backing them as telling. Telling in the sense, that its whole purpose is about control and power, not values, not love, not morals, and especially not ethics. Religions purpose is to keep itself existing, the rest is just bullshit.

18 October, 2019 16:38  
Blogger Debra She Who Seeks said...

Exactly! Well said!

18 October, 2019 18:40  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mike: They're owned by secular corporations, which have generally not been friendly to the God-hates-fags crowd. It's secular vs. fundamentalist which is the operative distinction here.

Professor: Why should he worry about trashing the First Amendment when his boss has already shitted all over the rest of the constitution?

Susan: It's the same problem with both theocracy and impeachment -- they "interpret" the constitution to mean whatever they believe it should mean. It's very dangerous having such people in power.

Shaw: Genocide, torture, war, slavery, and murder are no biggie -- in the Bible, God actually orders his people to do all those things pretty regularly, so they can't be immoral. It's only gays, atheists, and uppity women that are really evil.

Lady M: Religion is a mental parasite which perpetuates itself by controlling human brains and trying to spread itself to new brains. I've been convinced of that for years.

Debra: Thanks!

19 October, 2019 03:10  
Blogger Dave Dubya said...

Religion is mass delusion. Along with its companion authoritarianism, it has been the greatest impediment to human social progress and justice. They constitute the con in con-servatism.

19 October, 2019 10:23  

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