23 April 2017

Link round-up for 23 April 2017

Thrill to the drama of ski-jumping tires (found via Mendip).

Read Ivanka Trump's babysitter instructions.

Elephants think we're cute.

Put that thing down and get away from the goddamn ocean.

Scientists and engineers analyze anime, and Japanese vs. Western views of technology (link from Marc McKenzie).

Here's how Trump operates as President (found via Yellowdog Granny) and what holds his attentionHe's the one on the left.  He follows a tradition of leadership (found via Yikes).  Check out the current cover of Der SpiegelMAGA!

This was "proof of God" in 1946.

Don't throw a lit cigarette in some random place (found via TYWKIWDBI).

Here are some musicals for Mike Pence to enjoy.

Tom Tomorrow looks at the future of corporate apologies (found via Mendip).

Read the true story of Joseph Smith and the golden plates.

Sometimes there is justice.

Some interesting observations here on right-handedness and medieval warfare.

A star is born -- millions of them, in fact.

Wise words.

It's persecution (be sure to watch the video).

Try this color psychology test and read the results carefully, and you'll see how it works.

Nope, definitely not gay.

The left, too, has dangerous idiots, though I don't think there are many.  Don't miss the glossary at the end.

Solar power comes to the ruins of Kentucky's mountains.

Our culture has toxic elements.

Yeah, but some of them are pretty nasty to waitresses (found via Yellowdog Granny).

Here's a case study of how a wingnut internet witch-hunt develops (found via Crooks and Liars).

Kneel down and take it on the tongue (another example of the odd things religions obsess over).  Then there's "sodomites" and "reprobates".

She was fired for giving poor kids food.

Very true (found via Yellowdog Granny).

Optimism is a necessity -- the alternative leads to defeatism.

Imagine if government treated men the way it treats womenSpeaking of which, WTF?

You'll be surprised at who ranks as our second-best environmental President.

I somehow doubt that this conference will seriously consider the possibility that there isn't any life out there.

Experiments on mice have reversed some elements of aging.

If you've been exposed to asbestos, here are examples of what can result.

"If my son told me he was gay....."  This is the kind of culture that produces such attitudes.

Ross Douthat has a (desperate and absurd) message for liberals.

Enough of this goddamn flag.

History's most important sea had a fascinating origin.

This is "moderate"?

The (drama) queen demands a coach ride.

The EU will suffer if it tries to "punish" the UK.

Chilean builders safeguard a hummingbird family.

Could Argentina seize the Falklands again?  Very unlikely, and the UK would recover them again, even if after a couple of years' delay.

Much of Australia's Great Barrier Reef is beyond saving.

The Soviet Nedelin disaster exemplifies how authoritarianism leads to catastrophic incompetence (a gripping read, too).

In Iran's election, the choice is easy.

Trump infuriates yet another important group -- South Koreans.

Learn about Africa's hero rats (who have a better retirement plan than some American humans).

Philadelphia witnesses a massive pro-Trump march.

We need to fix the Democratic primary system to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Ossoff is ready for the Georgia run-off; now we just have to avoid the trap of ideological purism.  Driftglass identifies Handel's Messiah.

Trump's policies show lack of consistency.  Watch what he does, not what he says.

Nice healthcare you got there, be a shame if anything happened to it.

Here are some signs from the March for Science.  But don't look for this guy there.

Forget the rah-rah we-are-so-great clich├ęs and fight to save the country (found via Hackwhackers).

This time, it really was about race.

Trumpanzees suffer consequences. Voters increasingly feel best represented by Democrats.

Crazy Eddie looks at gerrymandering.

Bernie Sanders is becoming a problem and out of touch, repeating old mistakes (more here and here).  What makes a candidate better is pressure, not ignoring the problem.

[93 days down, 1,368 days to go until the inauguration of a real President!]


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Wanted to leave a few comments after going through some of these links here.

First of all, I was actually happy to see the "March for Science" ... it's a very importante issue that dont get the news coverage it should too. Talking to my doctor one day, which he said he looks forward to seeing me, strictly for our conversations, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... he is strong for science, evidence, strict environmentalist, etc, and thinx Trump is mentally ill (for real, not in a joking way) ... like I told him ... "where would humanity be without it? ... especially medical and environmental science".

Throwing cigarette into hole ... that should be enough to make that MF quit smoking! {:-) heh, heh, heh, heh, heh.

Mock Paper Scissors on the christian Trump hallelujah thing ... you know ... these folks that are fundamoralists that praise Trump or look at him as a saviour ... shows again, how seriously destructive religion can be to the brain too. The insanity of actually praising people like multi billionaires that dont do jack squat of much that is great, or worthy to deserve their wealth, to a peasant type hero to christianity like Jesus ... some on YouTube ACTUALLY think Trump is the second coming of Christ ... I shit you not ... what a f'n contradiction to the teachings of Jesus too! The way I see it ... give ole Jesus a .357 mag, watch him put a bullet through Trump's skull ... a more accurate sane Jesus, than his followers of today. I have no regard or praise for these worthless CS's.

Color Oracle deal ... I took the test or whatever it's called for shits and grins. I cant say I chose the most pleasing colours in proper sequence as I seen them ... I mean ... they are all pleasing to me in their own way, eh? ... I mean ... they're colours ... I like colours alot. Anywayz ... I read the results, it was insane, or, it would drive me insane or to suicide, if I actually felt the way they said I do, all the shit it said I felt about wanting to compete to this or that, worrying about this or that, ambitions, etc, etc ... it was just muddled nonsense to me, and some of it could apply to anyone for that matter. No, I havent taken many "tests" in life, or IQ tests, psyche tests, etc ... I took a written test as a kid for the Navy Seabees, and failed that ... didnt even do that well in what little school I had and its tests.

Right hand and medieval warfare ... never thought of that ... interesting though. I dont know if Left or right handedness just comes naturally, or maybe, were trained as toddlers or whatever? ... I mean ... I mostly use my right hand, I dont know how I got that way or even thought of it, but some things I use both ... you know ... whatever worx. I have practiced on the gun range in past using handguns simultaneously in both hands ... but just for sport/ fun.

23 April, 2017 09:49  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Starbursts across the universe thing was cool. To me it's simple more than complex ... I see "reproduction" only, whether on Earth or the universe ... stars reproduce, galaxies, animals, plants, life, humans make machines to reproduce, and machines make machines to reproduce ... nature of nature for me.

Why Evolution Is True ... about the left wing thought stuff, was tough to get through, trying to understand it all, so I read it twice. I was at a social function way out in the country back a year or so ago ... lots of libertarians there. One guy said his wife thought I was scary and give her bad vibes when I talk (she avoids me, like talking or eye contact) and said I was an alpha male and too aggressive (wasnt sure what the alpha thing was and looked it up). I told him ... "geeezz dude, why's that?", he actually said that she thinks I'm a gun- toting left wing extremist and dangerous. Perhaps she should see a psychiatrist (I didnt tell him that though). Extreme basically because I question and believe in defending my/ our stand I guess ... odd coming from a libertarian type, eh?

Debbie Solsman getting fired for feeding kids food besides a cheese sandwich in school cafeteria (Debbie's a hero in my opinion) ... the person that fired her should perhaps be locked in a cell for a f'n week and fed cheese sandwiches, perhaps, they would get a different point of view from "experience".

Solar comes to East Kentucky ... good read!

Nixon and environmentalist? I actually like Nixon for various reasons, I pointed this out to some folks last week here in Dallas. All people think of when they hear Nixon if they're old enough to remember him is "watergate" ... maybe we can call him a Hitler too, eh? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) I may not agree with him on some stuff, but I would rather have him as a President now, than ANY of the selections we were given in the last election.

Optimism Club ... for me optimism is simply a good survival tool.

Tom Tomorrow airline cartoon ... that sums up their crap pretty well.

Breakthrough discuss meeting, good read ... I actually believe that there is other life out there. Some folks prefer to believe in ghosts and good evil spirits in endless battle, I prefer to believe that.

Purging body of retired cells ... good read. I think the study of anti- aging is a great study ... and doubt many would be against it. A lady once told me I was in my prime (when I was in my late 50's). I told her I'm not, I was in my prime at 25. She said "oooohhh, you shouldnt think like that" or similar. I told her it's NOT negative to think like that, nor do I feel bad or anything ... it's just that I dont like lying to myself ... she laughed.

Bernie losing it? ... I dont know, I like Bernie and alwayz did. He was here in Grand Prairie (west Dallas suburb area) the other day, I wasnt able to make it ... he was with Perez and trying to I guess wind up the democrat party or whatever. I heard that only a couple thousand came to it, yet it was in a large entertainment arena/ venue (I seen him in a downtown hotel ballroom, and over 8000 showed up a year to 2 ago). I just think democrats have some issues on getting their shit together, and send Bernie out, hoping he can pick up some votes or whatever. I mean ... even though I vote democrat ... I find not much of anything very exciting about them ... or anything that is invigorating to large amounts of folks. Yeah, their better than republicans ... I mean ... what's new, eh?

Tire Ski Jump ... cool!

I'm outta here guy ....

23 April, 2017 10:42  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

Re the blue-ringed octopus, many years ago now, when I was a university undergraduate studying zoology among other things, one of my professors and a few of my fellow students (who all really should have known better) captured one of these animals during the course of a field trip to one of the local beaches. They spotted it in a rock pool, and chased it around until they'd succeeded in catching it. Thankfully, no-one got stung (I'm guessing because, as reckless as their actions were, no-one was stupid enough to try handling the thing with their bare hands, unlike the idiot in the linked picture), and the thing ended up becoming the latest prized addition to one of the laboratory aquariums back on campus.

I've long been fascinated by the deadly toxins some animals (like the blue-ringed octopus) produce, as well as similarly deadly man-made poisons, such as nerve agents. As the linked article says, most of these unusually lethal substances seem to work by interfering with proper nerve function (as indeed do their human equivalents: the aforementioned nerve agents). I'm always astonished at how they can be so effective in even tiny quantities. The chemist in me wonders what it is about them that makes them work so well.

23 April, 2017 10:45  
Blogger W. Hackwhacker said...

Good reading, good laughs, good eye rolls, as always. So much to do, so little time. Thank you!

23 April, 2017 15:08  
Blogger Green Eagle said...

I want to particularly thank you for posting the clip from prominent wingnut Dave Daubenmire. Evangelical Christians are all, and I repeat, ALL, anti-Semites, despite their sickening protestations to the contrary. This is one of many truths that we all know, but that liberals have been intimidated into never mentioning. This video puts that in pretty stark contrast.

23 April, 2017 15:56  
Anonymous nonnie9999 said...

I've just spent an hour and a half clicking on your links (I tell myself every time I am not going to do that!), alternately laughing (Ivanka's notes for the babysitter), cheering for tires, being in awe of a deadly but beautiful octopus and generally getting informed about stuff I had no idea I didn't know. Thanks once again, Infidel, for making me a little more informed and for the link over to The Raisin.

24 April, 2017 13:41  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ranch: The thing about a march for science is that the signs tend to be clever. And Trump is mentally ill, with narcissistic personality disorder, and probably other problems as well.

it was just muddled nonsense to me, and some of it could apply to anyone for that matter.

That's what I meant by how the color test works. Everything it says is so vague generic that it could apply to anybody, especially if they think a bit and try to make it fit. You could choose colors completely at random and the results would fit equally well. It's the same principle as stuff like astrology and cold reading (the test was invented by an astrologer). James Randi once did an experiment where each person in a room of about 20 people was given a personal horoscope in a sealed envelope, and all of them agreed that what they had been given fit them. Then he had them exchange horoscopes, and they found out that all the horoscopes they had been given were identical.

Handedness seems to be hard-wired. The post mentions some families being predominantly left-handed, so it may even be genetic.

Nixon had a lot of good ideas. It's too bad he went so wrong with Watergate. That's all he's remembered for now.

Bernie has a lot of good ideas too, but brushing off abortion rights as less important than the economic issues is a critical mistake that is destroying his credibility with the very people he's trying to persuade. The links in my last paragraph show why.

25 April, 2017 04:18  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Zosimus: My guess is that these animals often encounter situations where they only survive if the toxin incapacitates a predator instantaneously, even when delivered under imperfect conditions (as when the predator has a thick hide and the stinger barely penetrates). Natural election would have favored extremely lethal toxins.

Green: I wouldn't say all of them are, but it's certainly a lot. Daubenmire's rant is a muddle of modern Christian Identity blather and the kind of theology that fueled anti-Semitism in the Catholic Church for centuries.

Hackwhacker, Nonnie: Glad to provide some entertainment :-) -- it's my way of bringing people along on my internet forays.

25 April, 2017 04:27  

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