17 January 2016

Link round-up for 17 January 2016

The person who wrote this knew exactly what he was doing.  Not sure about this one.

The Bible should be republished in a more appropriate format.

Best grenade ever.

Nobody better mess with this gal.

The Catholic Church sets forth truths.  Don't be fooled by Satan.

Behold the ultimate wombat.

Try this science literacy quiz -- I got 45 out of 50 questions right (found via Faye Kane).

Meet the candidates (found via Earth-Bound Misfit).

Have you seen Trump's new theme song?  The tune is basically a Blondie ripoff.

What if Harry Potter characters were like real people?

Fifty Shades of Grey gets dissed again, but Lady Gaga gets a nod.

The Church of England hits a new milestone.

Iceland marches toward secularism (found via Mendip).

Saudi Arabia has a rival.

Tel Aviv acquires a surprising distinction.

The New Year's Eve sex attacks in Germany have boosted sales of a particular consumer product.

Here's some Christian love in action.

Ayn Rand's absurd writing sheds light on the psychology behind dislike of collective action.

This Constitutional law professor thinks Cruz is not eligible to be President.

Republicans planning for a brokered convention appear to be bumbling goofballs.  The right wing as a whole is as full of wingnuts as ever.

There's one endorsement that will matter a lot.

Progressive Eruptions looks at Republican Governors.

The Trump-Cruz ascendancy is disempowering the very people who are responsible for most of the country's problems -- and also showing the limits of the power of money.

Republicans confront the terrifying reality.

If Obama wants to improve voter turnout, here's a proven way to do it.

Here's a report from a Trump rally, and how economists assess his agenda.

Bush's campaign is autistic.

This would be an issue with any religious wingnut as President.

The Republican debate is assessed by Crooks and Liars, P M Carpenter, Hackwhackers, and Wil Wheaton.

Sacoglossans possess a unique ability.

Hmm, I never knew there were fungi that hatch from "eggs" (found via Mendip).

The biggest dinosaur of all may have never existed (found via Mark Evanier).


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

Loved the links on the sea slug and fungi. Also, do the End Timers know about Tel Aviv? That may change their minds about how much they love Israel! LOL!

(Thanks for the link.) Hope your hand has improved.

17 January, 2016 07:55  
Blogger Ahab said...

I got a score of 76% on the Christian Science Monitor test, which is better than I expected.

The Gin and Tacos piece on the myth of individual efficacy was insightful, as always. Too many right-wingers of the libertarian flavor forget that they depend on others for their well-being.

The Devil's Fingers video was neat! As for fungi hatching from "eggs", mushrooms that erupt from a universal veil qualify.

By the way, I took a short break from blogging, but I'll be back soon.

17 January, 2016 08:40  
Anonymous NickM said...

Thanks Infidel. I enjoyed the science quiz and got all but two right - I do have degrees in physics and astrophysics mind but the Trump... Just pass me the glass of single malt and the revolver. It is gut-wrenching (and I narrowly missed puking on my Lenovo (cheers!) I love America please tell me this is the final nail for the Trumpster... Even given his bizarre track-record and the fact I have read you for years I had to check other sources and it is true. That is indescribable and as a very long-term Blondie fan the blatent rip-off of Heart of Glass gets me to the core. I would pay money to watch Harry, Stein et al rip him to shreds (although the "hair" might be tricky seeing as it seems to be made of no known element of the periodic table. But it is the only way to absolve that.

Thank you Trump for poisoning the well of my love of US popular culture with that. I mean if Sauron himself was going for the Republicans and I was in the US I'd have a poster in the front yard...

I was having a pleasant afternoon. Cheers ;-)

18 January, 2016 08:32  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Shaw: I'm sure it would just make them surer than ever that God's judgment is near! The hand is slowly improving, thanks.

Ahab: Some libertarians never progress beyond the stage of taking Atlas Shrugged seriously. They're like a bird that thinks it doesn't need air to fly.

Nick: What's even more horrifying than that song is the number of people in Trump's campaign, presumably including Trump himself, who must have thought it was a good idea. As for the hair, I tend to agree with this Irish guy -- it's actually an alien controlling his brain.

19 January, 2016 03:17  
Anonymous Zosimus the Heathen said...

That science quiz was fun - I got forty-eight out of fifty for it. Interestingly, both of the questions I got wrong were about physics, which has always been one of my weaker areas of science.

The chocolate hand grenade was pretty cool. On the subject of unusual grenades, I remember when I was back at school, we were doing pottery in art class one year, and, for a laugh, some guys made a clay hand grenade. The kicker was that they put a whopping big air bubble in the middle of it (after the teacher had impressed upon us that you never, EVER let anything that's put into the kiln have air bubbles in it), so that, like a real grenade, the thing would explode when it was fired. In retrospect, it was probably a bit of a dick thing to do (as it exploding would probably have damaged or destroyed a lot of other things in the kiln as well), and the teacher fortunately managed to thwart their nefarious plan before they were able to go through with it, but I still thought it was pretty funny. (Sort of reminds me of these guys I used to do chemistry with in high school. Whenever we had practical classes, I'd invariably see the aforementioned individuals make regular trips to the bin with the charred remnants of test tubes. Ah, the hijinks of high school students! You gotta love it!)

The Gin and Tacos piece was good too. It reminded me of something I've talked about here before: an odious little piece of Australian industrial relations policy with the decidedly Orwellian-sounding name of WorkChoices (that had a thankfully very short life). One of its main aims was destroying collective bargaining, and having every worker negotiate their pay and conditions "one on one" with their employer. The government that brought it in tried to make it sound all very empowering and exciting, but thankfully most people here saw through it pretty quickly, and realized it'd leave the vast majority of workers royally screwed. Sadly, despite losing the next election in a landslide because of it, the party that brought it in (the Liberals - our version of the Republicans, ironically enough) still don't seem to have learned their lesson, and are giving every indication of trying to bring something like it back. I must admit I'm morbidly curious to see what kind of polish they try to put on the turd this time!

19 January, 2016 03:26  
Anonymous NickM said...

I don't think it is an alien. We all know aliens from TV, movies and books and stuff. Now they might be up to no goods but they are rational in their quest. "Our planet is dying!" and such but something weirder is controlling the Trumpster via that thing on his bonce. Much weirder. Much...

...and no it ain't the Republicans as such. Not the classical ones but I think we are looking Lovecraft here at the least.

19 January, 2016 08:35  

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