22 June 2014

Link round-up for 22 June 2014

This guy went a long way for love.

NOM's sad and dispirited "march for marriage" was just one more big right-wing flop.  Anti-gay-marriage religious propaganda is just as embarrassing.

More and more people see the Bible for what it is.

Poison in our water?  What matters is who did it.

Ben Kinchlow's mindless patriotism shows spectacular ignorance of history.

Big oil's big money is corrupting even our museums.

"Peace for all mankind" -- only where there was no one to fight.

Oklahoma used to average two small earthquakes a year; in 2013 it had 109 more powerful ones.  Here's why.

The delusional Christian Right claims it's being persecuted by Satanic gays.  Here's the reality.

Working to deconvert religious people is the right thing to do (found via Kaveh Mousavi).

Republican governance has made a real mess of Kansas.

The most recent Oregon school shooter was a Mormon fanatic out to kill "sinners".

Don't be fooled -- Obamacare is working.  More here.

How can the US remain a great country when our conservatives so gleefully embrace stupidity?

Abortion opponents fight for the right to lie.

Are American CEOs really 40 times better than Germany's?

As nationalism rises in Britain, religion is sharply declining as an element of national identity.  Another element, the British sense of humor, is alive and well (found via Mendip).

Denmark's first mosque opens amid well-deserved controversy.

Ukraine has secured its border with Russia, while Putin stands revealed as an epic bungler.

Here's an insightful assessment of the significance of Iran's reformist new President, Hassan Rouhani.  But sectarian abuse is still going on.

There's now an online photo journal to celebrate those who cast off the Islamic dress code.

No one knows who built these odd stone structures thousands of years ago, or why (found via Mendip).

The Kurds don't think much of the Iraqi army -- or ISIS -- even as they take in swarms of refugees from the latter.

Buddhist extremism, sometimes violent, is a growing problem in several countries (found via Lady Atheist).

In the rapid rise of renewable energy, Al Gore sees real hope for saving the Earth's climate.

Elephants empathize and console each other (found via Lady Atheist).


Blogger Rosa Rubicondior said...

Thanks for the shout-out again. It's very much appreciated.

22 June, 2014 09:52  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

And as always, thank you for the excellent posts.

24 June, 2014 06:20  

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