20 June 2014

Video of the day -- having it both ways

Funny how they do that, isn't it?  Found via Ed Brayton.


Blogger Woody said...

A great clip describing a fact that Great Ape Thoughts and I agreed upon on the Skeptical Teacher blog: that religious nuts, extremists and patriots ignoring facts are so loud and prevalent in all our forms of media.
Mature, responsible, well adjusted thoughts from moderate folk (including the moderate religious ones) are almost never heard. We must spend time looking for the views of the moderate, which are not yelled at us as if we are all impressionable children, such recorded views and opinions are usually valid, helpful and wise. But they go almost unnoticed in this media-driven world.
Such a shame.

All the best,

21 June, 2014 01:22  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

True, though it's also up to moderates to make themselves heard -- something I try to do via this blog, for example. Moderate conservatives need to stop letting the crazies intimidate them.

21 June, 2014 05:50  

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