02 January 2014

Best of the Infidel, 2013

Here's the disease, and here's the cure

Darwin Day

The brain is a machine and can interface with man-made machines

Slippery-slope arguments aren't valid

People can change -- I did!

The European Union's arrogant bullying reflects blindness to history

Death is something quite different than we imagine

What really prevented World War III?

Don't judge when you don't know enough

What makes us so different from other animals?

Theocracy will remain a threat as long as the Christian Right dominates the Republican party

Boycotting the Olympics would be the right thing to do

Ads can be fun

Scalia believes in the Devil -- maybe he's right

Condemn moderate Republicans too, not just the crazies

If it looks unreal, it probably isn't real

The culture war is world-wide (my #1 post of the year) -- Huntingdon's "clash of civilizations" model is already obsolete

Secularism has triumphed, at least in Britain

Alan Turing deserved more than a pardon, and he's not the only one


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

How can you decide which is the best? It's like choosing which child you love the best. LOL! Thanks for a great year of great posts. Informative, funny, and sometimes frightening.

02 January, 2014 13:42  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Some tough calls, but I try to focus on what will still be relevant beyond the year when it's written. Thanks!

02 January, 2014 16:16  

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