17 November 2013

Link round-up for 17 November 2013

Murr Brewster looks at Old Testament law and the modern world.

What do you think of this film project?  (If the issues aren't obvious, see my first comment there.)

Time to take a stand.....

Program your robots carefully -- it will save loads of trouble later on.

This Illinois church has an eye-catching design (found via Mendip).

Don't buy Ken Ham's creationist junk bonds, backed by -- Noah's ark.  More here on Ham's garbled archaeology (found via Republic of Gilead).

Think Soylent Green was bad?  Check out this steak idea.

Good riddance to Blockbuster Video.

Fundie homeschooling discourages learning to earn a good living, preferring silly fantasies of an imminent civilizational collapse.

Michelle Cottle reviews Palin's ludicrous new book.

If you're not religious, this Kansas City charity doesn't want your help this Thanksgiving.

What does raising the minimum wage actually do?

The Moonies are imploding in a morass of nepotistic ridiculousness.

Ruby Bridges, subject of an immortal painting, views it in a moving new context.

Efforts to reconcile Christianity with evolution are just silly.

Don't overlook the role of religion in teabagger delusional politics.

One thug gets some comeuppance for the "knockout game".

Chronicler of political madness Green Eagle has another wingnut wrapup, this one heavy on impeachment fantasies.

The Dallas Observer has a history of creationist efforts to sabotage education in Texas -- looks like they're definitively losing at last.

CBS's apology for the 60 Minutes Benghazi fiasco was grossly inadequate.

Conservative Christians were on the wrong side in these ten struggles, and they'll probably be wrong about the next ten (found via Republic of Gilead).

Here's how Republicans rig the game to avoid irrelevance.

Daily Kos's "Hunter" has the best take-down yet of Richard Cohen's vile "gag reflex" column.

One state Senator is promising Wisconsin Republicans a real fight over their anti-abortion mania (found via Politics Plus).

At last, a prosecutor goes to jail for a wrongful conviction, though the sentence is insultingly short.  Our laws on nonviolent offenses remain a disgrace.

It would be very bad if Christie became President, but he probably can't.

No, you morons, the Constitution is not obsolete.

Here's a case of deliberate sabotage of the ACA website.  Other right-wingers are using slut-shaming to fight the law (found via Republic of Gilead).

Beware the Chinese chicken.

Why doesn't the political center assert itself?  Because it doesn't really exist.

Non-US Christians are baffled by US fundies' political tribalism (found via Republic of Gilead).

A Catholic priest in Canada gets fired for speaking out about sexual abuse.

The night sky over the Isle of Wight is spectacular (when it's not cloudy).

Here are the ten weirdest theories about Jack the Ripper (Hitler?).

Prince Charles is single-handedly dragging British medicine back to the Dark Ages.

The Faroe Islands run red with blood.

Here's a collection of photos from the 1944 Battle of the Bulge, some not previously published (found via Mendip).

In World War II, New Zealand built perhaps the worst tank ever (found via Mendip).

Pointlessly killing an animal and smirking like an idiot over its corpse doesn't win much admiration any more.

Catholic bigots disrupt a Kristallnacht commemoration in Argentina (found via Republic of Gilead).

As Soviet propaganda goes, some of these are pretty impressive.

The Putin regime uses homophobia to expand its influence in Ukraine (found via Republic of Gilead).  Petition here against NYSE's encouragement of investment in Russia.

More and more Egyptian women throw off the veil.

If Ranjit Sinha loses his job as India's top police official, he might have a future in our Republican party.

Drawings show abuses in a North Korean prison camp (warning: gruesome).

How do dolphins really feel about humans?

A new study emphasizing anonymous responses suggests that both bisexuality and homophobia are more common than we think.

Here are some reports on research in Britain on nerve regeneration and growing new organs.


Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

The surprise is not that Palin wrote another execrable book, but that there are people still out there that would spend money to purchase it.

19 November, 2013 07:51  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Her cult following is still loyal, if dwindling. So long as she gets enough royalties to cover the ghost-writer's bill and the guy who took her picture for the cover, she's ahead.

19 November, 2013 10:06  
Anonymous Bacopa said...

I loved "Harvest". That robot knows what love is even as he wonders what love is.

20 November, 2013 20:04  

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