10 November 2013

Link round-up for 10 November 2013

There's still one day to vote in the tie-breaker for stupidest creationist tweet.

It's not only Americans who have trouble with geography.

If you take care of things, they last.

Some churches are so desperate for new members that they're offering free beer (sent by Mendip).  Maybe they should go for cosplayers too.

Somebody's going to a lot of trouble to troll Shaw KenaweUpdateCaught!

Check out these colorized history photos.

Some of America's biggest banks "lack respect for the law".  In other news, Fred Phelps is said to vaguely disapprove of gays, Osama bin Laden felt a little unfriendly toward the US, and Joseph Stalin wasn't very enthusiastic about human rights.

Facebook's weird standards for acceptable imagery reflect those of our still-prudish society.

Revenge porn with a twist: here's a site for jilted wives to post and denounce "the other woman".

This guy will not win "father of the year".

The Catholic Church is taking a survey of its members, and conservatives are pre-emptively freaking out.

Even in San Francisco, transsexuals aren't safe from ghastly hate crimes.

Uzza has some links documenting how anti-abortion mania is leading to frightening persecution of women.

CNN looks behind the distortions circulating about the ACA.  More untruths debunked here, here, and here.

The Christian Right uses weird and clueless rhetoric to try to shut up women bloggers (found via Republic of Gilead).

53-year-old Kash Delano Register is now free after 34 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit.

Texas frackers sue Steven Lipsky for complaining about the pollution they cause, which now enables him to set fire to his own well water.

Can you face the horror of how the meat industry operates?

Green Eagle's latest wingnut wrapup shows the rightists are deranged as ever.

"Religious liberty" is the latest buzzword in the Christian Right's struggle to preserve discrimination, which they are losing.

Was the now-debunked 60 Minutes report on Benghazi an effort to pander to the right?  Media Matters has an abundance of coverage of the report's collapse.

A blatant Republican shenanigan appears in Virginia's still-undecided AG race.

A civilized society is one where the police can't get away with this kind of thing.

Hey Republicans, how's that outreach-to-minorities thing going?

Pit bulls kill yet another victim in Washington state.

The Republican civil war is getting ugly behind the scenes.

Britain's Guy Fawkes Day celebrates the thwarting of a religious terrorist attack in 1605.

Rare photos illustrate street life in Victorian London.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard explains how France's credit downgrade was caused by President Hollande's kowtowing to EU austerity-mania.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe (probably not unrelated to near-hysterical hatred of Israel in much of the media over there).

Malala Yousafzai's book has been banned in Pakistan.

Elephant poachers in Zimbabwe are using cyanide, with disastrous effects.

Anti-socialist propaganda posters are more lurid than most horror films.

Republican politicians, many of whom believe the Earth is 6,000 years old, want NSF-funded scientific research to justify its value to their satisfaction.

Elephants who survive mass killings can be traumatized for decades.

A mystery disease is turning starfish into goo.

There is now an all-metal printable handgun, much more durable than earlier printed guns.

Here's more on the benefits of sleeping a bit longer.

No, there is no such thing as healthy aging.

A new "bio patch" enables damaged bones to regenerate within the body.


Blogger Ahab said...

I have mixed feelings about the Australian student's map. On one hand, it's a little comforting to know that Americans students are not the most clueless ones on Earth. On the other hand, it's a reminder that many countries need to focus on education.

As for the Brinkman story, what sociopath would set his child up for that? I can only imagine what kind of hellish upbringing that poor girl has endured.

10 November, 2013 09:36  
Anonymous Blurber said...

Stupidest creationist tweet candidate: If Darwin was right about the survival of the fittest, why are these dumb-asses still alive?

Also, the colorized historical photos are great. My favorite was the boy holding a stuffed toy animal in 1945 London.

11 November, 2013 09:51  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

All excellent links, as usual. The one about the sea stars is frightening, and the one on ageing is depressing.

Thanks for the shout-out on the troll.

12 November, 2013 07:02  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab: Considering some Americans can't even locate the US on a world map, I'm not sure they have us beat.

I hope Brinkman's girl is taken far from him and put into a better environment. She must have other relatives somewhere.

Blurber: Good point. Those tweeters (twits?) must be represent recent unfavorable mutations, not yet weeded out.

Shaw: That troll thing was bizarre. Glad he was finally unmasked.

12 November, 2013 07:17  

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