08 November 2013

Video of the day -- how old is Nazareth?

I've long known that the Old Testament is basically a forgery, and that there is no real evidence for the existence of Jesus (the Gospels were written much later, and contain glaring inconsistencies with actual historical records from the time).  What James Randi presents here, though, was new to me -- the town of Nazareth itself probably didn't exist in the supposed time of Jesus.

If you're not familiar with Randi, I urge you to check out his books and videos -- he's one of our most dauntless warriors against entrenched nonsense on many fronts.  His website is here.


Blogger dpjbro said...

The NT is more of a metaphor than a historical rendition, written decades after the supposed events occurred, compiled and accepted by the gatekeepers of heterodoxy at the Council of Nicea in the fourth century.

Good luck trying to convince the true believers that it isn't the word of their imaginary friend. Centuries of conditioning isn't going to change the beliefs of the flock.

08 November, 2013 08:55  
Blogger uzza said...

Nazareth was formed in December 1968, with Darrell Sweet on drums.

08 November, 2013 17:36  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Dpjbro: No amount of facts will sway hard-core believers, but there are always people "on the fence" who are reachable.

Uzza: Jesus might have gotten more converts if the Apostles had included a good drummer.

10 November, 2013 06:11  
Blogger joseph said...

I have always believed that the Christian Gospels had a later date than Christian scholars claim. Other than Nazareth, do you know of any evidence to back up this belief?

11 November, 2013 06:04  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Joseph: There's a pretty solid scholarly consensus that the Gospels date from at least several decades after the supposed death of Jesus (generally in the range of 65-100 CE); any serious (that is, non-fundie) book on the topic will confirm this and give some of the evidence for it. As for what "Christian scholars claim", that's a separate issue. Most of the scholars who came up with those currently-accepted dates were Christians. If there are writers claiming that the Gospels were written much earlier than 65, then as far as I know they aren't accepted as scholarly by the consensus in the field.

11 November, 2013 08:38  

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