12 May 2013

Link round-up for 12 May 2013

Here's a clock for fans of silly walks.

Check out these unintentionally erotic church signs (found via Lady Atheist).

This man really does give a shit.

There's a reason why American entrepreneurship is on the decline.

That dreadful South Carolina creationist "science test" -- is real.

The cases of Jason Collins and Tim Tebow aren't the same.

Parsley's Pics posts an obituary for Kansas.

Bigoted Christians doggedly cling to the myth that they are persecuted rather than persecutors (found via Republic of Gilead).

The theater management responsible for this needs to be sued into oblivion.

Ed Brayton has an example of how religion destroys families.

Benghazi wasn't the first.

Elizabeth Smart has been speaking out on the effects of "abstinence education".  A note on Republican education ideas here.

Here's a good example of why scientists are rejecting the Republican party (found via Progressive Eruptions).

Jindal pushes creationism even harder in Louisiana.

Students at Carnegie Mellon stand up for free expression (found via Faye Kane).

Is your pension plan defined-benefit or defined-contribution?

To combat the anti-abortion crazies, we must be use honest language.

A real Dunwich horror?  A town of that name is England's Atlantis.

Oskar Lafontaine, a co-founder of the disastrous euro currency, now calls for its abolition.

"Atheists must be hanged!"

Talk to your baby -- the effect on language development is huge.

That tiny "alien" skeleton from Chile is human, though still somewhat mysterious.

Due to increased atmospheric carbon dioxide, the Arctic ocean is rapidly becoming more acidic.


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