12 October 2012

We owe Joe

"My new idea for Obama's next debate is to have him locked in a room with Joe Biden and Bill Clinton for three days. After he emerges he will be eating lightning and crapping thunder."

Blogger "Gryphen" at The Immoral Minority

The enthusiasm is back.  The liberal blogosphere saw Biden pummel Ryan into the ground yesterday, and most pundits seem to agree.  Even Andrew Sullivan, whose meltdown after the Obama-Romney debate became something of a joke, gave Biden a solid win.  As for voters, undecideds went for Biden in a snap poll and focus group, while the only broader survey I've seen so far is more equivocal (though the party ID suggests a sample more Republican than the general population).

Will it shift the overall race much?  Probably not -- if Presidential debates seldom do (and I'm skeptical that Romney's bounce will last), then Vice-Presidential debates are even less likely to do so.  But Biden fired up the troops and dispelled the panic and hysterics which had engulfed the flittier elements of the left.  He put last Wednesday into perspective as just one bad day in a broadly effective campaign.  He shifted the narrative from ZOMG WE'RE DOOMED AARGH to "If Obama can do that well next time, this thing is back on track!"  For that, we owe him.

Here's another electrifying Biden moment from Memorial Day this year (found via Smartypants, who has more Biden clips):


Blogger LadyAtheist said...

I think Obama should get Dennis Kucinich to coach him! He's a tiny guy but he doesn't take any crap and he always has just the right stuff on the tip of his tongue ready to go. He could probably do that because he knew he wouldn't win the primary, but I always cheered when he was speaking. He's brilliant.

13 October, 2012 21:29  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Sounds like we should be using Kucinich for official responses to some of their crapola.

14 October, 2012 14:40  

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