05 August 2012

Link round-up for 5 August 2012

We're having the wrong argument about marriage.

Here's a great moment on a bus.

Does anyone really dress this way?

You can do menial work and still look really sharp.

India's priests have a plan to combat climate change.  Unfortunately it involves marrying frogs.

Here's how civilized aliens might see the miracle of birth.

The Bible teaches love, family values, and sexual morality.

Bill Gates gets stuff done with his money.

If I would of knowed he was so tuff, I wooden of ax for the job.

At least one member of Noah's family had STDs.

Here's conservative logic on health care in one cartoon. Well, this too.

What if the teabaggers turn insurrectionist?  Here's a scenario.

The Romneys have a message.

Sampling bias in polls probably isn't a big issue.

Go to Chik-fil-A, be a good Christian, support pro-gay companies.

Hope Christian School takes federal money, still discriminates.

Romney finally rises above 50%.

Public TV executives get fired for refusing to air fake history.

Charlotte Shane call for a re-consideration of attitudes about rape.

Here are some inspiring words from the founder of Mormonism.

Calenche Ranae Manos stands up to police incompetence and abuse.

Republicans undermine US defenses against cyber-warfare.

Check out Romney's income and tax rates.

Pro-religion arguments rely on low standards.

The latest Republican lie is that Democrats are trying to suppress the military vote.

Jindal pushes forward with his plan to wreck education in Louisiana.

NBC epic fails at Olympic coverage.

Romney practices Bain-style diplomacy.

The decline of religion means a better society.

That opening ceremony was very British.

Here's a collection of rare color photos from the World-War-II-era RAF (found via Mendip).

An official of a child-molesting cult wants immunity from criticism.

Israel is getting worried about Syria's chemical-weapons arsenal.

Israel's ultra-Orthodox may soon lose a coveted privilege (sent by Republic of Gilead).

Hong Kong protests brainwashing by the Beijing thugocracy.

Vietnam is holding its first gay-pride parade and may soon legalize gay marriage.

Technology is helping advance education in Uganda.

Religious conservatives uphold traditional moral values.

It's not just Christianity and Islam -- Hinduism stinks too.  More from India here.

Papuans get tough with sorcerers who overcharge.

Jared Diamond responds to Romney's misuse of his work.

Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there -- but it's a white flag.

The impact of global warming is already here -- so says the head of the NASA Goddard Institute -- and affecting populated areas around the world.  Republicans are still in denial, but even a Koch-funded study brings out the truth.  And if Romney wins, things will get much worse.

Deathism raises its silly head at the Huffington Post, Maria Konovalenko slaps it down.


Blogger B.R. said...

Epic Win! Pwned! First!

And now that that's out of my system, let me compliment you on yet another awesome roundup. I especially like the "God of Low Standards" link. And the one from Alabama was particularly nice and made my day.

05 August, 2012 16:32  
Anonymous Ahab said...

First, I loved the Bible references. Anything that alerts people to the more unsavory, heinous parts of the Bible is worthwhile.

Second, the German bishop's call for anti-blasphemy measures was disconcerting. Blasphemy laws do nothing to protect faith communities, but they do stifle freedom of speech and place arbitrary limits on what society can debate.

Third, the Charlotte Shane column on rape left me scratching my head. I don't think she was trying to downplay the trauma of sexual assault, but her commentary could be easily misinterpreted that way. As for her claim that all victims are expected to react and suffer in the same way, who exactly is saying this? This is NOT the position of professions in the anti-sexual violence field, such as advocates, counselors, and researchers. The field has long acknowledged that victims react to assault in many different ways, and that trauma response is affected by a person's support systems, resilience, and prior traumas. Where, then, did she get this impression?

06 August, 2012 12:22  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

BR: Thanks! Rosa Rubicondior is an impressive blogger and a great new find.

Ahab: She's saying there are people who react with outrage if it's described as anything short of the ultimate in horrific psychological trauma. And that's true. I can remember seeing that kind of outrage directed against Paglia.

The German bishop doesn't care about protecting a community. He wants to protect his own power structure from criticism and ridicule, and protect his own delicate sensibilities.

06 August, 2012 18:13  

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