29 July 2012

Quotes for the day -- Romney edition

"Romney's lived in a bubble of privilege all his life, never having to swallow the disappointments and petty humiliations most of us do, never having had to learn to guard his tongue and play nice with superiors. From governor's son in private schools to a business career whose path was smoothed for him by connections, wealth, and instant CEO-hood, he's always been a top dog and hasn't had to develop the instinctive diplomacy most people learn as a matter of survival. And it shows. Hoo boy, does it ever show."

Commenter "Janicket" here

"In ANGLO SAXON terms: tone-deaf, shit-for-brains, gormless, charm-free. Going down like a cup of cold sick and featured in the first 3 minutes of the BBC ten o'clock news, in a highly disparaging fashion. FAIL. (Actually just the kind of wanker we need to FINALLY get behind the games!)."

An un-named Londoner here

"Hey England!  We're sending you Michele Bachmann next.  We've got a million of them!"

Twitterer "Smoky View Ranch" at #RomneyShambles


Blogger Ahab said...

Can you imagine what this dork would be like as a U.S. President? Dubya 2.0.

29 July, 2012 10:28  
Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

I think he'd be even worse than Dubya. At least Georgie Boy had a pretty decent sense of humor and could laugh at himself. Romney has nothing. Even his jokes are sick.

29 July, 2012 14:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


29 July, 2012 19:10  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab: I imagine that as November approaches most people overseas will be fervently hoping for Obama's re-election, other than enemies of the US who would love to see us saddled with this embarrassment.

LP: We're more and more seeing into the kind of character that could strap a dog to a car roof or hold down a weaker kid and cut his hair off.

Anon: 陆上从东北到西南分别搭亚洲十几个国家接壤,海上从东部到南部分别隔.....

30 July, 2012 01:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


30 July, 2012 10:30  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

And today in Israel, he insulted the Palestinians by suggesting that they haven't done well economically as have their Israeli neighbors, leaving out the fact of the occupation.

"Mitt Romney: Israelis richer than Palestinians because of 'hand of providence'

Mitt Romney was accused of racism after he appeared to suggest that Israelis were richer than Palestinians because of their cultural and religious superiority."

Tone deaf dork.

30 July, 2012 16:49  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Anon: Romney昆山南边从原来个地方拆开来,重新设华亭县Olympics部分内容是用上海言话播出个,交关受听众欢迎。两个主持人沈蕾搭晓林侪老赞个。儕会得讲一口唠流利新词个普通言话,葛唠新个上海人搭之老个上海人开始用普通言话stegosaurus语言也sodomize个搿能仔一来,上海言话已经到了要受保护个田地了.

SK: Obviously there's a kernel of truth in that, though not in the way he probably meant. Part of the reason Israel is more successful than its Muslim neighbors, or India is more successful than Pakistan, is cultural -- secular society vs. strongly-religious society. For that matter, it's largel;y because of secularism that we today are much richer and more successful than our own ancestors of a few centuries ago in the Dark Ages, who had a religion-suffused culture. (And I say this knowing that neither Israel nor India nor the modern US are as secular as they ideally should be, but there's still a huge gulf between them and the societies I'm comparing them with.) Cultures do progress, and different cultures do show different levels of development.

Also, we need to stop treating culture and race as interchangeable terms. This equivalence is a scam originally concocted by white racist groups to disguise their racism with nonsensical terms like "white culture". "Racial" differences are meaningless, but cultural differences are very important.

If Romney said that differences in wealth are due to the "hand of providence", then he's an idiot and is actually part of the cultural tendency that would drag this country (or any country) backward if it became dominant.

30 July, 2012 18:06  
Blogger Ahab said...

Am I missing something with the ongoing Chinese conversation? I can't read Chinese. Any conversation involving Romney, dinosaurs, and sodomy stirs my curiosity.

02 August, 2012 07:03  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Ahab: Nah, I'm just teasing the spam-bot. I admit I do kind of wonder what we're both saying, though.

02 August, 2012 12:43  

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