16 July 2012

Blogroll additions

A few blogs recently added and well worth your exploration:

Cristina Rad:  Yes, the Romanian-born YouTube dynamo of sensible secularism formerly known as Zomgitscriss now has a blog.

Man Boobz:  David Futrelle's one-man campaign to expose the bizarre misogyny of the MRA cult will never run out of material.

Knatolee's World:  Take a break from all the politics and social conflict with some rural Canadian ducks, bees, and limericks.

Rosa Rubcondior:  Tireless and intelligent discussion from Britain on religion, evolutionary biology, and related matters.

I don't know how I omitted to include ACME's Buddhist Catalog for so long -- fighting the vast Sargasso of internet dumbassery that most of us can only facepalm at in despair.

Finally, don't miss the always lively and pretty much self-explanatory Deity Shmeity, which I added a couple of weeks ago.


Blogger B.R. said...

Thanks you for the kind words and the plug, Infidel. It's nice to know that somebody out take notice. Especially since I've just dissected the most insulting, offensive, piece of unadulterated bullshit I've ever encountered.


You've been warned.

18 July, 2012 13:37  
Blogger Grundy said...

Hells yeah! Deity Shmeity is the bomb, yo!

20 July, 2012 09:05  

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