12 August 2012

Link round-up for 12 August 2012

Here's the Milky Way over Monument Valley, Utah.

"Pro-lifers" have their limits.

Frank Sinatra was a smart guy.

This item dates from the 1880s, when prevention of sin was taken seriously.

Next time, let NASA handle the Olympics coverage.

Will God judge America?

If you're a bigot, you should avoid computers.

This Wienermobile needs a dog strapped on top.

Gay marriage aside, Chick-fil-A is creepy.

NASA didn't send any money to Mars.

A new crop of nutjob teabagger candidates is threatening Republican efforts to take the Senate.

The kids are all right.

There's a cure for morning sickness -- and it's good news for guys too.

This new book on secular Americans looks worth checking out (found via Republic of Gilead).

Republicans are still at it, out to ban abortion and the morning-after pill.

Our country's hopelessly-archaic health-insurance system costs us 45,000 lives a year.

Here's an example of how sex-offender registries work (found via Preliator pro Causa).

Sign a petition against misogynistic shaming and harassment at the Delhi charter school in Louisiana.

The Obama-is-gay meme illustrates the vast right-wing-media fake reality which most of us never encounter.

This is what the Republican base looks like.

Green Eagle has another huge round-up of right-wing insanity (he says he has enough material to do this every day, and I believe him).

Religious "family values" -- aren't.

This is what will pass for education in Louisiana under Jindal's voucher "reform".

Here are 10 things you should know about poverty in the US.

Romney has had a bad month.  He's not like us, he's flunking math, he's running against an imaginary opponent, and his concept of religious freedom is un-American.  But his dog-whistles are being well understood by their intended audience.

Here's more on the Ryan pick from Sean Trende and Ruth Marcus.

From Minnesota comes yet another horrific case of police incompetence and brutality.  And these Florida cops were way over the line too.

Lindsey Graham issues a call to sabotage the economy to undermine Obama.

Wisconsin Sikh temple chief Sadwant Kaleka died a hero, saving many.

The right-wingers' use of euphemism to cloak their bigotry shows that deep down they know it's wrong.  And, yes, it is bigotry and we should be blunt in saying so.

Google's new London headquarters reflects the company's quirky nature.

The US Embassy in Stockholm takes part in a community event.

Will France's rich people flee higher taxes?  Probably not.

Dreary, miserable religious cranks invent yet another way to avoid seeing women.

The Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church faces an eye-catching protest.

Russian companies are rising stars on the internet, but the Putin regime's ham-handed Chinese-style efforts at control threaten to suffocate them.

July was the hottest month on record for the contiguous 48 states; the drought is shrinking food output and threatening to drive up prices.

Even manufacturing jobs now place a premium on education.

Need a house?  Behrokh Khoshnevis can print one off for you (found via Mendip).


Blogger Grundy said...

I stole one of your links as per usual.

12 August, 2012 14:08  
Blogger Shaw Kenawe said...

John Boehner criticized Mr. Obama for not taking responsibility for the nation's drought.

No. Really.

Once TPM reported on it, Boehner's office quickly changed the wording.

When someone said the crazies on the right would blame Mr. Obama if a meteorite hit the Earth, they weren't joking.

They really are that mad.

13 August, 2012 17:31  

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