11 December 2011

Link round-up for 11 December 2011

Graphic messages drive home the stinking, deadly truth. Do something about it in January.

Santa may be caught unprepared this year.

The latest object of Islamotard paranoia is bananas.

Here's the true meaning of Christmas.

Why vote for the lesser evil? (found via Mendip)

Cats illustrate what drugs do to you.

Fundies think Santa is an anagram.

Here's a preview of the 2012 Republican platform.

Bart Centre reviews the Bible.

This used to happen to me, way too much.

Artist of the week: post-it note virtuoso Don Kenn (found via Eve the Atheist).

We're going to miss Barney Frank.

Religionists largely misunderstand how atheists feel.

This thug chose the wrong victim.

The vile Jerry Sandusky is re-arrested on even further child-abuse charges.

Georgia may soon make a religious motto mandatory on license plates.

Beware the creepy stalker who is also smelly.

Thus speaks the parasite class, then and now.

Republicans are OK with tax increases, so long as they're on the middle class, not the rich.

Here's how to do a real robbery.

Sometimes it's knowledge that provides a straightforward path out of religion.

Global-warming denialist Christopher Monckton gets debunked. So does a fake study on abortion and mental health.

Huntsman flip-flops on whether or not to flip-flop on science. But Santorum knows well where he stands.

Fuzzy thinking on religion gets embarrassing.

Numbers show what really matters to Republicans.

Lady Atheist presents ten reasons why libertarianism is bullshit (how on Earth did she keep it down to ten?).

A Republican attack on Elizabeth Warren reeks of desperation.

Don't be fooled by Ron Paul.

The job situation has improved greatly since Obama took over.

Truth Wins Out confronts the right-wing effort to re-brand bigotry as religious freedom (found via Republic of Gilead).

Perry may be the worst enemy gays have right now. Sane people fight back with parody and YouTube dislikes, and he continues to self-destruct.

The Obama administration stands up for human rights abroad, and right-wingers freak out.

Bill Donohue's latest idea for attacking atheism is just as stupid as everything else he comes up with.

The NAACP is worried enough about Republican vote-suppression efforts to go to the UN.

From 2003 to 2008 the Air Force was dumping remains of US troops in landfill.

A disappointed Obama supporter wises up.

Efforts to defend separation of church and state can move forward in Virginia.

Republican applause lines show a party sunk into ugliness.

Obamacare starts to tame the bloated inefficiency of the private sector.

Rank-and-file Republicans' distrust of institutions may mean the leadership can't save the party from Gingrich. The lunacy is so bad it's starting to worry Karl Rove, and Reagan adviser Bruce Bartlett thinks the country's only hope is for the party to collapse.

Some of Gingrich's weird ideas come from Asimov's Foundation trilogy. Frum thinks his nomination would cause panic among Republicans; that panic may already be starting, as his support soars in early-voting states. He's already lost one voter in his own family.

Working from home is a rising trend, despite stick-in-the-mud bosses.

No, the latest EU scheme won't save the euro.

Army defectors fight for the rebellion in Syria.

The Durban deal could make a real difference.

Some of our commonest words are of unknown origin.

See winners of Nikon's micro-photography competition.

A protoceratops nest tells us a lot about how dinosaurs lived.

A British breakthrough could speed up clinical trials of stem-cell therapies.

They were there for us -- now it's our turn.


Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

Couldn't get on the one about Santa being caught unprepared. Got a virus warning.

11 December, 2011 09:55  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Odd -- it works normally for me. I'm running a virus scan just in case, though.

11 December, 2011 10:00  
Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

It was caught by Google safe browsing. The msg says "thatsmyskull contains content from spandexjustice, a site known to distribute malwhare." It "might" cause my computer to catch a virus. Advised to either back out or try again later. I've only had one of these before.

11 December, 2011 11:08  
Blogger mendip said...

Another nice list - particularly liked the last one. Thanks for posting!

11 December, 2011 12:29  

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