08 May 2010

Link roundup for 8 May 2010

You've seen the chest-bursting Alien, the Predator, Freddie, Jason -- now prepare to face the most terrifying movie monster of them all (found via Mendip).

Birthers are still doing nutty things.

Greece is summed up in a Venn diagram (found via BlondeSense).

De-regulation is summed up in one photo.

To make your writing easier to read, follow this guide -- put your cursor over the image, then click (found via Mendip).

Another senior Catholic cleric babbles incoherently in yet another effort to shift blame for the Church's mass abuse of children.

The Church tolerates pedophilia, but not "feminism and activism".

Some stories aren't suitable for children.

Politics Plus and Bay of Fundie have more on the Rekers scandal.

Arizona isn't crazy.

It's always been those who take action that bring change, not those who play it safe.

Liberal family values are different from conservative ones -- and better suited to the modern world.

538 looks at the primaries in Ohio and North Carolina, and finds cautious good omens for Democrats in November.

Polls look promising for ex-Republican Charlie Crist's Senate run.

Eli Lehrer debunks right-wing economic alarmism.

US job growth continues to exceed expectations.

Part 4 of Parsley's Pics's series on the John Birch Society is now up, comparing the JBS with the modern teabaggers.

Virginia attorney general and arch-loon Ken Cuccinelli, last seen trying to forbid universities from banning anti-gay discrimination, continues his campaign to destroy intellectual life in the state (sent by Mendip).

If the Shroud of Turin were real, it would mean that Jesus was deformed.

At Purdue University, only one group is intolerable.

It's not only gay people that religious nutjobs want to kill (the pictures and captions were stolen from a joke website, but the opening paragraphs are real).

Religion and human reason are irreconcilable enemies.

It took generations of work to build this huge structure, but until recently no human had seen it.

Can meat ever be humane?

The world now has so much computer data that we need a new unit to measure it.

Exercise improves retention of mental sharpness in old people.

Aubrey de Grey looks forward to the end of generations.


Blogger tnlib said...

Thank you. I always enjoy your Saturday links. The "gay animals" is a little much. First you wonder how people come up with such crap and then you wonder how others can believe it.

08 May, 2010 07:03  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It's all Satan, I think. I've seen hard-line Christians say that the great apes are "unnatural" animals (because they look like intermediates between humans and other animals, I suppose), and must therefore have been created by Satan and should be exterminated.

08 May, 2010 07:44  
Anonymous rita said...

Enjoyed the links. It's a nice accompaniment to my Saturday morning cup of tea.

08 May, 2010 08:34  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I hope the Catholic-priest links don't spoil your appetite too much.....

08 May, 2010 08:41  
Blogger TomCat said...

Thanks for the linkage, my friend. Great list!

08 May, 2010 13:50  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

TC: Thanks!

08 May, 2010 19:45  

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