24 April 2010

Link roundup for 24 April 2010

Aside from earthquakes, it looks like non-conformist women cause volcanic eruptions too (found via Mendip).

Obama's ties with the Red Menace are exposed.

Oh, so that's how they include God in the big bang theory.

Are the fundies running out of ideas?

Republican Sue Lowden of Nevada has achieved immortality with her suggestion that uninsured people could pay for health care with chickens; now there's a dance remix version (found via Mad Mike). My hip operation in 2008 cost $40,000 -- I wonder what that works out to in chickens?

On second thought, send your chickens to John Ensign's Senate campaign. He's desperate enough to take them.

The story of Chauncy Morlan (1869-1906) illustrates one way in which the 21st century is worse than the 19th. More here.

See Texas, land of bats.

The FCC is asking for public comment on net neutrality.

Oklahoma's new law to discourage abortion is beyond belief.

Republicans are getting worried about a Crist independent run for Senate in Florida.

Crispian Jago's skeptic trumps series continues, now including James Randi.

Parsley's Pics is running an excellent post series on the John Birch Society. Here's part one and part two -- part three is still to come.

Zirgar writes of his experience on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Republicans are still the party of obstruction.

Palin's death panels were imaginary. These are real.

Show the teabagger in your life these ten inconvenient tax truths (found via BlondeSense).

The South isn't the only place where Republicans are playing with secessionist fire -- they're now doing it in Minnesota too (found via Green Eagle).

From California, a horrific case of abuse of the elderly shows why marriage law must be reformed. More here.

Walled-In Pond debunks Newsweek's claims that Catholic priests are no more likely than other men to be molesters.

Let's see them pin this one on the gays: besides child molestation, it turns out Catholic priests have quite a track record of sexual abuse of nuns, at least in certain countries.

At 2010's Atheist Alliance International convention, one invited speaker will be absent (be sure to watch the Pat Condell video at the link).

German Catholics are losing faith in the Church, with 26% openly considering leaving it.

Other countries are less deferential to religion than we are -- check out these German magazine covers and this British video.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali talks about women in the Third World.

Here are more photos from St. George's Day (England's national holiday) yesterday -- the white flag with the red cross is the English (distinct from British) flag.

As China develops economically, it will awaken politically.

The world now views the US much more favorably than it did in Bush's time (and more favorably than it views Russia or China).

Fossils found in South Africa tell us much about hominids who lived 1,900,000 years ago. I wonder what these creatures would have thought if they could see the machines modern humans are using to study their remains?

"Bioprinting", the use of 3-D printers to produce new tissues from a patient's own cells, could be just four years away from becoming generally available.


Blogger tnlib said...

Thank you. That's very kind.

24 April, 2010 05:47  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Mr.Infidel!

Just a few piece's here I wanted to comment on.

I heard some stuff about the pay with chicken comment's from Lowden, I thought were hilarious! As far as that $40K Hip Joint bill cost .... my man .... that would have been a whole lot o' chicken's! Personally I love chicken .... I am suprised I havent heard yet of animal right's activist's condemning the statement's of Lowden. I recently got a bill from my familia doctor for $180 payment I supposedly missed for being part of my deductible, it was just routine BS stuff. I just figured I can offer the ole boy a blowjob instead! :)

Pharyngula piece on "Nun Raper's" Um, um, um, .... there is actually a whole nun fetish thing in the sex industry (I prefer getting interrogated by transvestite nazi gestapo dominatrixes personally) out there .... to me them damn outfit's those nun's wear is a turn off. But different stroke's for different folk's I reckon. But coming out of the Vatican .... I dont reckon nothin suprises me as far as fetishistic sex is concerned! Good thing I robbed them when I did .... soon they'll be broke.

BBC News on world warming to Obama, that doesnt suprise me after 8 year's of Bush. I was actually writing about that in 2008 before Obama made President .... that whoever we get in .... at least it will be better on world relation's and how were viewed. One of the most hilarious event's was domestic I will never forget ... in your state, when he went to visit(Bush) and told ya'll that he wanted to help save ya'll's forest's by thinning them out to prevent forest fire's, that was so arrogant and dumb .... to go to a state like Oregon and make a statement like that or to even suggest that, in Texas .... some folk's would have just got a rope for his ass! :)

Politic's Plus (Net Neutrality).... I read that thing 3X times ... I read a piece I believe on Ms.TNlib's site on it, and a couple other random piece's online .... and I still dont understand exactly what folk's are tryin to do? I dont know too much about internet Guy, or about rules and regulation's .... to be honest, I am fairly satisfied with what I have now, I mean ... I can access what I want ... and only pay about $40 a month, it's fast, etc. What the Hell am I missing here? That they want to re- regulate so they can charge us more for the service's we receive now? Thanx for any simplicity you can offer here.

Take Care Guy .........

24 April, 2010 06:55  
Blogger mendip said...

Excellent links! Am glad to see that Oklahoma isn't sitting on its laurels and is continuing to spew out more nonsense. Those boys are competitors!

24 April, 2010 08:01  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

TNLib: You're welcome -- they're very informative.

RC: If Lowden's idea catches on, I expect Texas doctors will accept payment in cattle. You'll get a better exchange rate that way. It could lead to a revival of cattle rustling by sick people, though.

The Catholic Church is amazing. They've managed to come up with perversions that would make transvestite Nazi Gestapo dominatrixes throw up.

As for net neutrality, here's what it means. Right now, all the data that flows through the internet goes at more or less the same speed, depending on the connection type -- there's no difference between different types of data in how fast they reach you. It's technologically possible that your ISP (the company you get your internet service from) could speed up some data and slow down others -- for example, if you visited the website of a big corporation which had paid the ISP for better data handling, its website would come up very fast, whereas ordinary blogs would come up slower. Advertisers and spammers might pay to have their stuff reach you faster in preference to everything else. Of course, big companies and ISPs like this idea -- everyone else doesn't. "Net neutrality" means regulation to enforce equal treatment by law so that ISPs would need to continue to treat all data equally.

Mendip: Oklahoma has come up with a doozy here, that will be hard to beat.

24 April, 2010 08:43  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You Mr.Infidel .... that was a lil easier to understand. Like I said, I am happy with what I have, it actually seem's fast to me .... like a second or two.

BTW .... the service I use is AT&T, and also my home landline(phone and services) ... I use Time/Warner on my cable tele, my cell I go Metro.

24 April, 2010 09:18  
Blogger boomer bob said...

I say, let’s move the Large Hadron Collider to Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska, turn it on and create a black hole there.

24 April, 2010 21:43  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: Thanks. Most people have pretty fast connections, but I wouldn't want to see my access to people's blogs slow down because spammers paid to get their crap preferential handling.

BB: Not a bad idea. Better yet, let's use the gravitational effects to make Kansas and South Dakota switch places (they're almost the same shape) and see how long it takes before anyone notices.

25 April, 2010 01:23  
Anonymous rita said...

Wow! That's a whole lot of human rights abuses all rolled into one post.
I was very disappointed by the treatment the old gay couple received.
Although, it is unacceptable behavior by the authorities, it appears the couple must not have had any close relatives or anyone to go to bat for them? There definitely needs to be more legislation or something of the kind to better protect those who don't have anyone to advocate for them in the health care system. The elderly are esp. vulnerable.

25 April, 2010 07:22  
Blogger TomCat said...

Thanks for the linkage, Infidel. great collection, as usual.

Off topic, congrats on your 'big mouth award' at PP. :-)

25 April, 2010 08:31  
Blogger TomCat said...

Ranch Chimp, what we have now is de facto net neutrality. If that changes, the things you like might not stay the way they are. Because Bush and the GOP made a technical change in the definition of broadband, a court recently ruled that the FCC does not have the authority to prevent ISPs from slowing content or blocking it altogether unless the definition is changed back. We want that definition changed back, and we want the FCC to guarantee that the giant telecoms will not slow and block our traffic to suit their own profit driven agendas.

25 April, 2010 08:42  

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