19 April 2010

The anniversary

Today is the fifteenth anniversary of the Oklahoma City terrorist bombing. At a time of hysteria and violent rhetoric on the far right (most recently a Congresswoman calling the elected government of the US a "gangster government"), and with actual terrorism on the march from the Tiller murder to Austin to the Hutaree, it's a day to be especially alert. More on the anniversary here.


Blogger Tim said...

I keep wondering why no one has either charged members of the hate groups or Politicians of Sedition.
Seems they meet all the qualifications under the Smith Act of I think 1940. Sometimes Daddy has to take a strong stance against unruly children. I say children because that's the way the act. Bawwwww I want my country back....
There's that demonstration today near Washington with armed protesters. I hope all goes peacefully.

19 April, 2010 07:27  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I think that would be an absolute last resort. The government has to bend over backwards to protect free expression and also to avoid any appearance of using selective prosecution against political opponents. But if something they said were linked to an actual terrorist attack, I think it would be a possibility.

19 April, 2010 07:50  

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