24 March 2010

Reactionary rage

The FBI is investigating a threat to kill the children of Congress- woman Louise Slaughter (D-NY) because of her vote for health- care reform. Found via Politics Plus, which has more on violence and threats from the extreme right in the wake of the weekend's historic vote.

Update: Reportedly a gas line at the home of a Congressman's brother has been cut after teabaggers publicized the address and mistakenly identified it as that of the Congressman himself. Legislators have received a significant number of threats and anti-abortion Democrat Bart Stupak is being threatened as a "baby-killing motherfucker" for having voted for HCR (both found via Oliver Willis).


Blogger Tim said...

True and I also heard some guy is trying to get them to bust out all the windows of people in office that supported the Bill. So far Just Offices. I'm trying to find out his name. Killer fact is he's supposed to be on the Gov. tit. Medicare cause he's disabled. Wonder if this guy is behind the threats you mentioned.

24 March, 2010 07:50  
Blogger Rita said...

Interesting. I hope the local froth at the mouth nutcases, don't get themselves all worked up & start throwing rocks.
On the other hand four bricks is hardly a revolution...

24 March, 2010 08:03  
Blogger Tim said...

The Guy claiming responsibility name is Vanderboegh. His site is Sipsy Street Irregulars. He used to be part of a militia. Vows that this is just the beginning. April 19 is supposed to be a big day for them. Hey I should have been a reporter huh!

24 March, 2010 08:13  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Tim: Sounds like it could be the same guy, but there's so much violent rhetoric flying around it's hard to be sure.

Rita: I doubt you'll see anything like this where you are, due to a lack of targets rather than a lack of nutcases. They seem to be going after people and places associated with the Democratic party or liberals in some institutional way.

24 March, 2010 08:15  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Tim: Yep -- same guy.

24 March, 2010 08:16  
Blogger Jack Jodell said...

So much for the party of law and order and liberty---look at the frenzy they have whipped up now!

24 March, 2010 09:11  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

JJ: I think by "liberty" they mean they can shoot anybody they want, and law and order only apply to other people. Orwell warned us about this kind of thing.

24 March, 2010 09:34  
Blogger Tim said...

You no I remember other times just in my life a group of people went kinda nuts. Back in the 50s it was the John Birch group saying Eisenhower was a communist. The water was a gov.takeover cause of fluoride. Of course Joe McCarthy(Communist takeover) The uppity blacks
wanting to be all equal and stuff.(The nerve) Later On those damn Hippies(I was one). I think people become afraid of change and will do anything not to confront it.

24 March, 2010 10:49  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Tim: That's part of why I'm concerned about this. Quite a lot of people were murdered by those "nuts" who wanted to keep "uppity blacks" from being equal. Gays have been murdered, too. There's a fringe on the far right which feels entitled to do that kind of thing, some of which barely even thinks of itself as ideological. And the same kind of mindless rage is out there, right now.

24 March, 2010 11:28  
Blogger TomCat said...

There have always been nut cases about, but they were so marginalized that it kept the lid on, for the most part. What makes today different is that the wing-nut fringe has been welcomed by the GOP to such an extent that they are now the GOP mainstream.

24 March, 2010 13:19  

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