14 March 2010

Limbaugh's haven

Rush Limbaugh recently drew attention with his promise to go to Costa Rica for medical treatment (though not move there, as was first reported) if health-care reform is enacted in the US. But why Costa Rica?

As this interesting news item (found via Mad Mike's America) explains, Costa Rica, despite being poorer than the US, is known for the quality of its health-care system. It has had socialized medicine longer than almost anywhere else in the world, and life expectancy there is longer than in the US. 25,000 Americans a year travel to Costa Rica for medical treatment, a figure which has risen since the start of the recession, as so many Americans have lost their jobs and health insurance.

So it's understandable that Limbaugh might choose to go there himself. But wouldn't it be better to just bring a similarly-rational system here?


Blogger Four Dinners said...

I still want to know how any vaguely sane parent could call their child 'Rush'?

I mean I know that Chinese use odd names like Kwok but it's ok for them, they're Chinese.

Rush??? Decidedly odd ole bean. Decidedly odd!

14 March, 2010 11:33  
Blogger One Fly said...

That would make too much sense ya know there plus the corporations need to be fed.

14 March, 2010 11:54  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

4D: Perhaps his drug problems extended back into infancy? Eccentric first names seem to be comewhat common on the American right. Mitt? Orrin? And I can't imagine where Palin got Track and Trig.

There is a document floating around the internet -- I linked to it once, long ago -- an application for a change of legal name by a Cantonese immigrant to the US. His original name was Fuk King Kwak.

1F: I wouldn't mind feeding them if the process weren't becoming reminiscent, in this case, of feeding Moloch.

14 March, 2010 12:07  
Blogger TomCat said...

LMAO. I love it when Rush punks himself!

15 March, 2010 09:37  

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