13 March 2010

Link roundup for 13 March 2010

With Four Dinners, shopping for cat food becomes an adventure.

Religion motivates people to get married.

Salvatore Pertutti is back with an idea about warning labels.

Who you gonna call?

Neal Horsley, that mule-loving Georgia secessionist (remember?), has been arrested for threatening Elton John.

Poor education can cost a guy more than just a decent job.

Blag Hag looks at the Itawamba county prom mess.

This was the stupidest test ever.

I'd prefer to avoid this kind of "humor".

Mad Mike and Bay of Fundie look at this week's miscarriage of justice on the Pledge of Allegiance.

The intellectual character of religion is summed up in one church sign (sent by Mendip).

Frank Schaeffer defends Obama against critics left and right. But Dissenting Justice thinks he should listen to the base.

That Republican fundraising-document fiasco has already cost them a donor.

Politics Plus and Jack Jodell assess where HCR stands now. Pelosi says no public option, but Sherrod Brown wants to add it later and Alan Grayson wants a deficit-neutral medicare buy-in (petition available at the link). And no, Limbaugh is not leaving if it passes. Update: Politics Plus speculates that the loss of the public option (for now) might have been the price for getting rid of the onerous and extreme Stupak abortion restrictions -- certainly a valuable achievement. An anti-Obama view, with a worthwhile comments thread, is here. FiveThirtyEight's assessment is here.

Dissenting Justice looks at Republicans' manipulation of the Texas social-studies curriculum.

Glenn Beck gets Geert Wilders wrong.

Is China bankrupt?

The new Catholic-priest child-molestation scandal in Germany may implicate the Pope himself.

PZ Myers, at the Global Atheist Convention in Australia, reports on the attitude problems of the local media.

The role of women in the Australian navy needs some work.

This year is the 1,600th anniversary of the Roman departure from Britain, and Hadrian's Wall will be illuminated for the occasion. (I've been to Hadrian's Wall. If you visit Britain, don't miss it.)

The ninth-century Anglo-Saxons had a no-nonsense policy on invaders (sent by DemWit) -- I'd love to see how they'd have dealt with Anjem Choudary!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kathy Griffin is so unfunny it's not even funny. (And so is Sarah Silverman and a whole bunch of the so-called professional clowns, female and male. It's amazing that these people find audiences willing to attend their shows.)

13 March, 2010 11:05  
Blogger TomCat said...

Thanks for the linkage, Infidel. As usual, this is a great collection.

13 March, 2010 14:04  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Elizabeth: Sandra Bernhard had a not-exactly-shining moment during the campaign, too. I'm against Palin's politics and will attack her on that basis, but the smutty, sniggering sexual fantasies do no one any credit.

TomCat: Thanks. I'm going to be adding your other HCR report too, for the discussion of the Stupak issue.

13 March, 2010 16:02  

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