28 March 2010

Confronting evil

The utter collapse of the Catholic Church's moral pretensions is assessed by two of my favorite commentators: Pat Condell and Christopher Hitchens (Hitchens also talks with Bill Maher here). My own view is here; that of a Catholic blogger, Papamoka, here. Update: Here's another of our best on religion, PZ Myers.


Anonymous amadmike1 said...

Great links...Thanks man.

28 March, 2010 18:07  
Blogger Tim said...

I took my time commenting on your post. Mostly because I'm savoring it.
It's one of those post that you can read again and again.

28 March, 2010 20:46  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Thank you for the linkage bro!

28 March, 2010 22:31  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks guys -- it's a horrifying story, but in its way it's perfect, even inevitable -- the institution best known for preaching moral absolutes is now trying to minimize and obfuscate the one thing that all normal people agree really is an absolute evil.

29 March, 2010 04:02  

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