09 January 2010

Link roundup for 9 January 2010

A striking photo shows Britain covered with snow.

What if Twitter had existed throughout history?

You too can speak Teabag.

Taegan Goddard presents his top ten Michael Steele quotes.

Aux armes, mes bloggeurs! Evil forces threaten to Murdoch the internet (don't miss the comments).

Science needs help to spot the spot.

The film Avatar evokes Miyazaki (but by all accounts, it can't compare with the real thing).

Who is it that's calling liberals names?

Alabama has its share of real problems, but Republican politics there is dominated by an argument about the Bible.

Everybody hates Lieberman.

A conservative blogger decides to check out the opposition and comes under ruthless attack -- from her own side. More here.

An ominous symbol of racism is found in Plains, Georgia.

Markella Hatziano makes video art out of religion (found via Pharyngula).

Religion and logic don't mix very well.

Here's more on what those American fundies were preaching in Uganda.

Ireland's blasphemy law is logically incoherent (found via Holte Ender).

Marriage equality is coming to Portugal.

Here's yet another glimpse of the reality of Dubai.

Losing fear: Iranian protesters attack the theocracy's enforcers.

Iranian opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi becomes the target of an assassination attempt.

Keeping priorities straight: the US sells arms to Taiwan, the Beijing gangster-regime's bitching be damned.

Which one is our pal?

Maria Konovalenko gives us some brief pointers about the world's deadliest disease.

A wonder drug which may helps re-grow brain cells should soon be available in Washington DC.

Scientists are re-evaluating dolphins.

Global warming is driving polar bears onto human turf.

Warming may reduce the ability of trees to absorb carbon dioxide.

Among the hundreds of planets now known to exist in other solar systems, astronomers have finally found an Earth-like one. Sort of. One hemisphere of CoRoT-7 b (catchy name) has a temperature of over 4,000 degrees, while the other is at 350 below zero, and the year is 20 hours long. Just like home!


Blogger mendip said...

Great links - thanks. But I do think it'll take more than joints to grow more brain cells in DC...

09 January, 2010 06:50  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Ranch Style Greeting's Mr.Infidel!

I know a couple folk's locally here in Dallas that think I am obssessed with this global warming stuff ... which is silly ... I am not. One this morning at a neighborhood business gave me a wisecrack (sarcasm) seeing me walk in shivering from the goddamn upper teen's temp's and said "What do you have to say about global warming today Tom?" (ha-ha) But these piece's you posted from Science Daily are great! I have just been interested over the last few year's about the Polar Bear's and what in Hell will be their next move, because what is happening in the polar region is some incredible fast change's, I mean fast .... because, 20 year's or so to us ....isnt even a fraction of a split second considering the billion's of year's it took for this planet and life to evolve. I am particularly interested in the salmon in your neck of the wood's as well, actually I am a big meat eater ... and eat more salmon than any other meat. Bottom line ....is what will happen with these humongous fresh water deposit's as well that are going into the ocean's and how will it effect these species in the next 50 year's will be interesting... because rest assured ...it is going to happen anyway you slice it.TimesOnline piece .... Dolphin's are quite a fascinating species too ...heh? The likely volcanic wasteland planet was excellent as well ... it doesnt suprise though a bit.

TPM ...Everybody in Connecticut hate's Lieberman, looking at that look on his face ...I pictured him thinking ... "ask me if I give a rat's ass .... I can go to Texas ... those dumbasses will take anyone!" :) You know ... people will do shit, and when your a politician ... you are going to hear about it.

You brought up an interesting comment the other day on a blog, I believe it may have been Demwit (?) but you were talking about a large portion of folk's that may have a hard time or such identifying with a party, because they may be liberal on social issue's, and conservative on say economic issue's ... it hit me, because I could never solidly identify with a party strictly because of that reason.

God Delusion video found Pharyngula was an excellent piece of work!

Religion "IS" Blasphemy (Holte Ender).... I read something about that somewhere's ....Ireland? of all place's! But ZJemptv done an excellent presentation there.

Telegraph.co.uk on the Brit gal arrested for drinking after being sexually assaulted ... that is shameful ... do they have no shame? This let me add is a country that is riding high.... just been publicized on every major world news source for the opening of the new Burj Tower or whatever they call it... a very popular western tourist destination with plenty of dollar's and Euro's pouring in, despite their corporate whining about financial hard time's ... and they do this?

I got to run ... I know the character limit here is 4000+ (?) and being a Texan ... I get confused and lose count after 200 or so. :)

Later Guy .........

09 January, 2010 10:32  

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