02 January 2010

Link roundup for 2 January 2010

MC 900 Ft Jesus performs "Truth Is Out of Style" (found via Ranch Chimp).

Romanian group Taxi performs a nice zippy pop song (but don't take romantic advice from them).

Larry Craig may be able to help improve airport security.

The Republican party has a list for Santa, and sends the Democrats a Christmas card.

Holte Ender explains Scotland's year-end tradition of Hogmanay.

If you stay at this hotel, don't turn the heat up too high (sent by Ranch Chimp).

Captain Fogg thinks neologisms are getting out of hand.

Does it really matter whether there is a god or not?

Imagine if religions were real (found via Pharyngula).

Tor.com posts a vast collection of Lovecraftian art (found via Mendip).

Beware the pooper-cam!

With the new year, gay marriage becomes legal in New Hampshire. Prepare to panic!

29% of Americans consider religion "out of date". (Such a figure obviously includes many self-described Christians, thus bolstering Christopher Hitchens's view that many people who call themselves Christians don't mean much by it.)

Jack Jodell has plans for the new year, and quotes.

Cody Kessler crunches the numbers on the Senate health bill.

Republican "pro-life" rhetoric clashes with reality.

Karl Rove shows his support for traditional marriage. And there's a new reason to marry.

Leslie Parsley posts about the return of the John Birch Society to the Republican mainstream (with a great Rachel Maddow video), and conjures up a horde of trolls.

Christian Right talk-radio loon J.D. Hayworth plans to challenge moderate Republican John McCain for his Senate seat.

McCain and Democratic Senator Maria Cantwell are proposing to revive the Glass-Steagall regulations on banking (the link is to BusinessWeek, which is having a major cow over the idea -- thus indicating that the proposal is likely to be effective at getting the bankers' shenanigans under control).

The US International Trade Commission rules against subsidized steel imports from China.

Mad Mike offers a sober perspective on the war with jihadism.

Airport security rules are stupid and about to get stupider. Since we need to improve our airport security, we should learn from the country that does it best.

The Iranian election and uprising topped Twitter searches for 2009.

Rioting mobs burned over a thousand cars in France on New Year's Eve.

A suicide bomber has killed at least 88 people at a volleyball match in Pakistan. Pakistan has been wracked with terrorist attacks since launching a major military offensive against the Taliban several months ago.

The Catholic Church is active in many parts of the world.

Smithsonian reviews some popular myths about the American War of Independence.

Freedom Democrats looks at libertarianism and global-warming denialism.

Russia is contemplating a space mission to deflect the asteroid Apophis, which will pass close to Earth in 2029 and 2036.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Mr.Infidel!

I especially was thrilled reading from Universe Today about the Russian's effort's on asteroid deflection. This is an issue that I have had concern with for many year's ....kind of personal to me actually.I am just saying looking at what scientist's have found out about the history of this planet and what it has been through over the last 4 billion year's or so, and the fact that our solar system is alway's travelling .... keeping a very sharp eye on this is VERY IMPORTANT. We as a species never actually experienced anything even semi catastrophic ...and the way the universe move's,expand's, and change's is very critical, our existence if science is correct is very,very fragile, this is also why I am so strong on climate science as well ....it has nothing to do with me hugging tree's as I have had to continuosly hammer to some local's here in Texas I have talked to ... or trying to put petro companies out of business. But that's all another piece.

Activism: Looking in, Looking out was a nice read as well.

Washington Post on the US Intl Trade Comm. on Steel trade with the Chinese ....I loved it! And I am sure as Hell not against the Chinese here.... I actually admire them much, clearly in my posting's about them. But like other trade and business ... I am looking for a little more fair playing field than what has been being played. The Chinese should understand this, I mean ....our prosperity is in their "best interest" ... and they know it ....they have a great market in America .... and probably more American dollar's than America for that bloody matter!.... this can all work out for everybody.

What a beautiful incredible art collection found via Mendip, I would commit unspoken act's to possess just a fraction of that collection! Mr.Mendip has fine taste as well when it come's to selection's of art!

Crossed Pond "When system's fail" and the other piece on Israeli security ....DUUUUUUUHHHHH ... ya think? No .... all caca aside, this is just sensible .... nothing complex about it .... it's just a matter of doing a job right and getting rid of the complexities that we create over nonsense issue's. Back when 9/11 hit and everyone panicked ...remembering tight security when I stayed in London ... first thing I thought was .... let's learn from the Brit's! Israel is about as experienced as it get's! I knew a couple here in the neighborhood a couple year's ago that went to Israel for 2 week's or so ... came back and was telling me how even Mall security was so tight in that country.

I been in Scotland and in December and had no idea about Hoganay, nice read!

Later Guy .........

02 January, 2010 08:37  
Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

BTW .... I just wanted to point out concerning a possible career for Larry Craig .... that Larry IS NOT a homosexual!! He simply has the same handicap that Pastor Ted Haggard been diagnosed with, and professionally I may add ... which is ..."Being a heterosexual man with homosexual attachment's". My only fear would be that ole Larry may get distracted from his job looking at some of the young men's physique's due to his handicap ... and take a trip down memory lane...making the line's back up. :)

02 January, 2010 08:45  
Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

And am I ever glad you came to my rescue!

02 January, 2010 09:36  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

RC: Being a heterosexual man with homosexual attachment's

Ah, yes, those fundies and their attachments..... versatile as vacuum cleaners..... just hope God doesn't drop an asteroid on us all for their sins.....

LP: Anything for a damsel in distress:-)

02 January, 2010 10:21  
Blogger Karen said...

Love your Roundups!! :o)

03 January, 2010 10:28  
Blogger Leslie Parsley said...

Wish I could have come to yours re the Net and McCain. Another time.

03 January, 2010 17:13  

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