02 January 2010

Blasphemy forever!

2010 got off to a bad start right away in Europe.

In Ireland, a new anti-blasphemy law went into effect, the Irish government apparently having missed the news that the Dark Ages are over. An Irish atheist group immediately challenged the law by posting 25 blasphemous quotes on its website (apparently down at the moment; view here) in hopes of forcing a showdown.

In Denmark, a Muslim attempted to murder Kurt Westergaard, the cartoonist who drew the best-known of the famous Muhammad cartoons published in the newspaper Jyllands-Posten in 2005, triggering the usual Islamic rioting and threats. Police responded quickly and shot the man, who was wounded but survived to be arrested.

In solidarity with Kurt Westergaard, the Irish atheists, and blasphemers everywhere, I am here reproducing Westergaard's cartoon (above) and the set of links I originally posted in honor of Blasphemy Day (below):

First (and my only link to myself, I promise), a book full of insight on Islam by former Muslim Ibn Warraq -- and why, in spite of appearances, it's hopeful.

The "Hank" video and Pat Condell on debating religion are in the links list, but be sure not to miss 'em!

MC Hawking, a rap act in tribute to the great physicist, performs What We Need More of Is Science and Fuck the Creationists.

Justify This presents Islam's Not for Me. And don't forget that It's in the Koran!

Bill Maher speaks out on religion and on religion in politics.

Salvatore Pertutti brings us Dieu and Sacrés Livres.

Stuck Mojo's Open Season is an exuberant response to the theocrats who want to rule the world.

Finally, since Blasphemy Day was conceived in honor of the famous Danish Muhammad cartoons, I'll close with the greatest and most truth-filled Muhammad cartoon ever.


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