13 February 2009

Role model up north

One major nation has escaped the worst of the global economic downturn. It's the one that didn't deregulate its finance industry.


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Very interesting article on Canada and their economy.I actually had no idea what the hell is going on up there...I been so consumed with the U.S. and the E.U. and Asia. They have been quiet...heh? Cant say I blame them...their not dummies...and know that "Misery loves company",heh,heh,heh.But this is an enlightening piece to me,a real eye opener! Actually I have alway's admired Canada, I spent time in mostly Toronto...a couple visit's as well to Montreal
between the two though...it's like 2 different countries. We still have family living in Toronto and they are still employed(nursing),
and the last we talked...they havent had anything to say about the economy..they DONT own a home
live in a high rise flat west of downtown Toronto,so they wouldnt even be thinking about the housing market...especially if it isnt even much of an issue there. I have alway's liked the way they handle thing's like health care up there...but all this banking and regulatory stuff is new news to me. But when you just look at the picture...it just makes sense that their approach paid off.What is most disturbing to me about our situation...is USA is absolutely hogwild wealthy! And as I pointed out time and time again...having a little more order and regulation in certain financial sector's is not the end of capitalism and wealth to those who EARN their wealth(not freeload it!) The whining from the conservatives is pathetic in this country, all the hell they do is whine,whine,whine! Everytime you ask them to make the top dog's pay any kind of tax...they cry that they are being taken over by leftest communist's! And to top it off...when the big banking dog's have to face question's from a Congressional panel...none of them are sure of a damn thing...they dont even know how many damn houses they own(remind's me of someone else we all know)..I mean...we ALL know how the subprime game work's...and if an uneducated Joe like myself know's this game...and all my working class neighbor's...how in the hell do they not know what goes on in that sector?...hell...they finance the entire clan! Lying bastard's!!

PS: Dont take my word for it...just tune into any of the panel inquiries of these bankers/investors...or read the transcript's...the answers they give is absolutely incredible and so unattached with their line of business...in the court of law they wouldnt be dealt with so much mercy! We must be glutton's for punishment or something! Thanx

13 February, 2009 07:17  

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