12 February 2009

How was January?

I thought the stores have been looking just as full as ever, and January sales data support this; economists' forecasts were wrong once again. Interesting that car sales showed particularly strong growth -- hardly a sign that the public is in panic mode. Perhaps the CBO was actually being a little on the pessimistic side?


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Greeting's Mr.Infidel...this is good news indeed. However...many retail chain's around the US also just announced that they are going to be having large number lay-off's within the next several month's...many retailer's are closing door's as well. The bottom line is...whenever there is a trimming that can be had...or a buck to save or gain on behalf of any business...and when there is so much skepticism in the air...due primarily to all these pro/con report's from all these different sources...they are going to grab what they can...if they can trim and save a buck...and have "reason" to take any measure, they will...they are in business to make money...I dont think they care much about how many job's they cut...if business get's too busy...they will add minimal in most cases. Regardless of how good or bad anything get's...what we have created is a mindset of skepticism amongst consumer's and small investor's. If the large finane investment firm's would just loan...we could even get more result's...so far they have been ratholing most of the billions they recieved...yesterday...making up excuses of "why"? on the Hill. Bottom line is they are all taking the American people for a ride, anyone with half a brain can see a "bite" when it's coming down. Even this new stimulus despite of all the republican's stripped it for...is a positive move...and within 3 to 6 month's should create a good deal of infrastructure project's and new job's...BUT...during that reconstructive time...it is essential...to also get big plan's in motion for 3 to 4 year's from now,after them project's are near completion...so you have a rollover/bleed transition to work into. By the time the stimulus does start to get in full swing...considering the stop of bickering...the passing's ...the signing...and the breaking actual ground...a few million or more job's are possibly going to be lost
let's just say a few...give or take. So they impact of the new 3 million that was created will also be met by another 3 or so million lost in the transition..this is why
this stimulus is needed...but much more as well...especially from the private sector of investment, government cant do it all. This is a complex situation...even Nissan and Toyota...which are very competitive ...just announced lay-off's...GM Arlington who just announced it will boost hiring ,on the slide are trying to do cash buy-out'f of employee's...why?...because the have a new recruitment programme where they are going to replace and add to the workforce with foreigner's they will import to Dallas for the position's. Pres. Obama better stay true to his word, because he campaigned on domestic hiring and job growth...yet just appointed a Deputy Director to our National Economic Council...who in the private sector previously...was an expert on advocating and teaching of multinational corporate strategies to outsourcing job's. I dont know his reason for this. But also, as we speak...many are loosing work as well as their homes...I have talked to people personally who have even lost money in their retirement securities.And whether the top expert's "announce" that we are in a recession...or not in a recession...or almost in a recession...or whatever else they sell us...the bottom line is, folk's are loosing out the ass as we speak...and will continue to do so for awhile. None of these analyst's or political leader's or economist's...have any idea of what the average working person feel's or is having to live...how could they? None of them have to experience or associate with any of it...what I see on the street's daily is a different story from what I see in the media. Many will benefit from the loss of other's no doubt...and there are at least positive moves trying to be made, but for working American's...thing's are going to get alot worse before they even remotely even balance. As far as the "big money" and investors, none of them would even suffer a sliver even if there was a depression at that...only "peoples" suffer from everything that the entities create...never those who create it...never did...and never will...and one day...the people will finally learn to loose all trust in any of the system....because it is a system of failure. Thank You.

12 February, 2009 10:26  

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