07 February 2009

Je suis révolutionnaire!

This guy makes me think of exploding cabbages.....


Blogger Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for the posting on Besancenot. As I was saying in some earlier comment's, not just fundi muslim's, but also these types are going to rise in popularity,amongst other's. This to me is simply a sign of the times.When capitalism I reckon is flowing good and the working class can reasonably prosper...these types with their idea's of change go nowhere's.BUT ... when folk's start to feel more thing's like poverty and despair, they will resort to drastic change.Well, at least be more willing to listen. I have alot of mixed feeling's on many issue's I dont want to get into here. I will just say that I see a new system...that is not left or right..and stand's middle ground.I have no doubt that global "change" politically and as far as economic's is right around the corner.Just the same as the American Dream is different than what it was perceived as say 40 year's ago. That's all for me to say...besides ...Thank You.

07 February, 2009 13:13  

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