28 July 2007

Quote for the day

"[T]here is every demographic and political indication that Tur-key's 'secular' experiment is ending. It went sufficiently against the grain of an Islamic society to begin with. Over time, the prestige of Islam revived, and by presenting themselves as only moderate Islamists, whose main intention is to clean up corruption, and deliver welfare services more efficiently to the country's poor, the A.K.P. has cleverly insinuated itself into the hearts and minds of the people who still have most of the children. Let that be a lesson to us. The Islamic world is not going to become more Western and 'modern' over time. For Turkey was the farthest 'West' any Islamic society could be taken, and then only by force. We must confront that reality plainly, and stop dreaming that 'democracy' will make the Muslims just like us."



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