21 July 2007

The latest buzz

Researchers at Harvard are working on a flying robot the size of a housefly for espionage. Of interest mainly for what it says about progress in the cheap production of tiny, high-precision moving parts to enable the machine to imitate the way living organisms move. The scale is far larger than that of true nanotechnology, but these advances could someday be adapted for human prosthetics. Found via Mendip.



Blogger Larro said...

Scary! Big Brother will indeed be watching.

23 July, 2007 16:32  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Any use of such technology for domestic surveillance would be governed by the same laws that govern things like wiretaps, bugging, etc. If you're concerned about that, it would be better to try and strengthen those laws than to worry about the particular technology being used.

24 July, 2007 03:27  

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