17 June 2007

Another must-read on the amnesty bill

Mark Steyn weighs in on the issue:

The bill is fundamentally a fraud. Its ''comprehensive solution'' to illegal immigration is simply to flip all the illegals overnight into the legal category. Voila! Problem solved! There can be no more illegal immigrants because the Senate has simply abolished the category. Ingenious! For their next bipartisan trick, Congress will reduce the murder rate by recategorizing murderers as jaywalkers.

One cavil: Steyn objects to the term "undocumented immigrant", but I am actually all in favor of the media continuing to use it -- because it infuriates people, and right now people need to be infuriated.

Steyn, of course, is known for his recent book America Alone in which he predicts that western Europe will collapse and lose its Western identity due to its growing, militant, indigestible Muslim population, leaving the US as the sole major representative of our kind of civilization. If this bill actually passes -- with its promise of amnesty for twelve million illegals, an influx of tens of millions more on the grounds of "family reunification", and the Devil knows how many tens of millions of further illegals flooding into the US in anticipation of yet another amnesty a decade or two from now, I may have to start on a book myself: Russia Alone.



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