27 November 2022

Link round-up for 27 November 2022

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Learn proper medical terminology.

When the Rapture happened, they were left behind.

If you're not a paying customer, get out!

Elon Musk could actually do some good.

This censorship idea has possibilities.

Yeah, right, rats, that's what happened to it.

Is this processed ham?

I never realized turkeys were so dangerous.

See a topical horror film trailer.

He can talk with animals.

Have some fun on Black Friday.

Gretel pwns witch.

Crystals can be big.

Very cool light bulbs here.

She built an awesome hobbit hole model.

The Moon sets over Seattle.

Maybe they're ghosts.....

Very convincing optical illusion here.

Wide variety of images here.

Atheist Revolution reviews three horror films.

Lots of free streaming movies and TV here.

Moby Dick is cosmic horror.

Live by faith, die by faith.

Attitudes about feminine boys change over time.

Could you live in a building with an evil past?

Food thieves deserve what they get.

Verified charities here through which you can help Ukraine.

Pay attention to the mental health of people around you.  You might prevent a disaster.

Why does the French language sound the way it does?

Edwin Hubble preferred the expansion of knowledge over empty speculation.

The Ingenuity helicopter on Mars has flown again, showing that it survived the Martian winter.

New ebola vaccines will soon begin testing in Uganda.

A new mRNA flu vaccine could protect against all know flu virus subtypes.

Chile now gets 31% of its energy from clean sources.

Tropical countries come together to protect rain forests.

Carbon capture technology is on the rise.

The prevalence of dementia has fallen sharply over the last twenty years.

Some pics from the Orion Lunar flyby here.

Neanderthals created art.

This person exists.

Americans are not as polarized as the media would have us believe.  Cut out the lunatic fringes and there are broad areas of agreement across mainstream society.

A former SpaceX intern describes managing Elon Musk.  He's long been a "hardcore" asshole.  He also tells peculiar lies (found via Hackwhackers).

As social media decline, the solution is a revival of blogging (found via Fair and Unbalanced).  Blogs are more decentralized, more individual, more difficult to censor or control.

Christianity is being reduced to people babbling gibberish.

There's no free speech when you can be forced to say things you don't believe.

More Portland businesses are leaving the city because it's become too unsafe.

No, Twitter is not necessary for democracy.

Unionize Mall-Wart!  And do read the part about Germany.

You can't fix the environment by guilt-tripping people about trivia.

Maybe transphobia is the correct term.

Never forget that most people are normal.  Social media and rich assholes aren't the real world.

More than a quarter-million lives could have been saved if the whole US had the same covid vaccination rates as the ten most-vaccinated states.

Anti-free-speech asshole gets pwned.

"If you 'identify' with your beliefs, new information and the possibility of changing your mind becomes elevated into a full-blown existential threat.  It becomes an imperative to defend false beliefs to sustain your sense of self."

Bruce Gerencser reflects on fifteen years of blogging.

More and more insurance companies are refusing to cover fossil-fuel projects.

New York state governor Hochul takes action against energy-guzzling cryptocurrency "mining".

Homophobia is back; it's even fashionable.

In Arizona, another wingnut "stop the steal" rally flops with pathetic turnout.

Ticketmaster exemplifies how an economy clogged with monopolies no longer works for ordinary people.

Here's a blog following the ongoing mess at Twitter.

Only the West coddles gender nonsense.

In Alaska, moderates Peltola and Murkowski defeat their wingnut opponents.

Some facts here about the Hunter Biden laptop stuff.

She set out to document JK Rowling's transphobia -- and discovered it's a lie.

Elon Musk puts a face on the issue of toxic billionaires.

Oregon's outgoing governor Brown has pardoned 45,000 people with marijuana-possession convictions.  A very good move, but I don't know why she didn't do this a long time ago -- marijuana has been legal here for years.

Religion is simply wrong, and the Abrahamic religions have been a disaster for human progress.

Here's what the "independent state legislature" concept means, and doesn't mean.

Americans' support for unions is running high.  Voters of both parties have turned against corporations.

Give credit where due -- under Musk, Twitter has started cracking down on kiddie porn.

The "good work" option is often better than a strike, and more effective at winning public support.

The US far right is headed for a reckoning over religion.

What are Trump's options if he doesn't get the Republican nomination in 2024?

The Colorado Springs mass murderer has a long history of violence against women.  Gay clubgoers proved braver than the cops in Uvalde.  Religio-assholes react to the murders.

Modern Christianity has little in common with its origins.

"I believe it so YOU have to act accordingly."

There have always been appeasers.  And they never learn from history.

US allies can rest assured that our democracy is secure.

Free speech wins in a debate at Cambridge.

A city council faces consequences for trying to silence an author.

With 24 convictions for child abuse, why was this guy walking around free?  And why did Sarah Sands go to prison for engaging in pest control?

Scotland's Labour party faces a rebellion by women legislators.

Germany is working to end its dependence on trade with gangster states.

Many German sports bars are boycotting the Qatar World Cup.

French legislators are trying to incorporate abortion rights into the French constitution, a move supported by over 80% of the public.

Viktor Orbán manages to offend every one of his country's neighbors with one scarf.

Autocrats tend to make very bad decisions.

Experts think Russia is running out of ammunition and missiles.  I'm a bit skeptical -- for months we've been hearing that Russia is about to run out of things, and it never seems to happen.

Without shelter or heat, Russian soldiers in Ukraine are freezing to death as winter comes.

Here's what a collapse of the Putin regime might look like (found via Reaganite Independent).

More advanced missiles are headed for Ukraine.  France is sending generators to help with the loss of electricity.

See two Russian cruise missiles shot down near Kyiv.

The Iranian theocracy is treating the unrest as a full-blown insurgency, and may have lost control of some parts of the country.

Iranian basketball and soccer players protest oppression.

How sad that you can't get a beer in QatarMore on Qatar here.

The Taliban have banned women from parks and gyms in Afghanistan because people weren't obeying their shitty religious rules.

Protests have erupted across China, calling for democracy and the end of the regime.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced, Miss Cellania, and WAHF.

My own posts this week:  A video on India's potential, the bad and good of the world we live in, and the depravity of sexual abuse in Ukraine and Iran.

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Alcohol prohibition didn't work.

Sex-work prohibition and drug prohibition aren't working.

Abortion prohibition and gun prohibition won't work.


Anonymous NickM said...

I have a feory (he has a feory!). Is it possible there is something like a fixed quantity of hate and if it can't be unloaded on A it has to be spent on B. The new homophobia seems to support this idea. I got the idea when I saw a picture online of a transwoman "protesting". S/he was just sitting there with a cardboard placard which read, "Suck my trans dick you cis-lesbian cunt". I mean I've never exactly been James Bond when it came to chat-up lines but... I dunno. Call me Old Skool but I had this vague idea that lesbians were women sexually attracted to women and not panto-dames with serious anger management issues. I've got a good mate who is a gay man. Guess what? He fancies men! Like I said, I am Old Skool.

Check this out...


The reason I mention it is that basically the guy is gay and was pressured to become a woman. They do that in Iran which doesn't exactly surprise me. That the NHS does it in England is astonishing.

27 November, 2022 03:20  
Blogger Lady M said...

That little hobbit hole is awesome. Love all the detail.

27 November, 2022 09:15  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

Thanks for the little movies that I stole, er, borrowed.

27 November, 2022 10:40  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

NickM: It strikes me as more a matter of temper tantrums than hatred. They fly into a screaming rage whenever anybody fails to validate their delusions. It's an extreme form of the tendency people these days have to live in a bubble of the like-minded, so that when they encounter somebody who doesn't agree with them, they react with incomprehension and outrage. These guys just take it to more of an extreme than most people do.

Lady M: It's a great piece of work.

Ricko: Please do -- they're free.

28 November, 2022 00:29  
Anonymous Reaganite Independent said...

It’s cool you linked to Neanderthal art above, I’ve been looking into the prehistoric origins of human art for the last year (online) and I’m considering including some of the French, German, and Spanish sites in the future travel. Fascinating topic

28 November, 2022 01:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't religion always babble?

Even the athletes themselves are protesting. At least the Iranians are basically throwing every game.

28 November, 2022 06:07  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Reaganite: The neanderthals are a tantalizing mystery. It's too bad we'll never meet any living ones to get a better idea of what they were like, just how human-like they really were.

Anon: Well, speaking in tongues does make it that much more literal.....

28 November, 2022 07:22  
Blogger Martha said...

Oh my gosh, those turkey fires! What a fun round-up. Thanks!

01 December, 2022 17:10  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I think we should start sending turkeys to Ukraine to use as munitions.

01 December, 2022 17:56  

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