23 November 2022

The world we live in

The bad is real.  The good is real.

World War I

Downtown Portland


Burn baby burn.....

Our enemies are not omnipotent -- they're barely even competent


Anonymous NickM said...

Back in '96 I saw a pick-up truck in Atlanta, GA. It had a sticker on the tailgate... This Country was built by White Men with Guns".

As to the forced birth then welfare mom narrative. Very recently a 16 year old was denied an abortion (I think this might have been in FL) because she was deemed not mature enough to make that decision. OK but if she is that immature how the Hell is she mature enough to be a parent?

There was, certainly in England, after the outright slaughter of Jews and non-conformist Christians stopped an interesting unintended consequence resulted. The undesirables were still de-barred from academia and many professions (such as law) so what was a bright lad to do? Banking and industry (this was the time of the first industrial revolution afterall). Many became very wealthy and influential. Particularly Jews and Quakers. It would be scarcely an exageration to state almost the entire British chocolate industry was started by Quakers.

23 November, 2022 02:35  
Blogger Lady M said...

A lot of food for thought here. Especially enjoyed watching crazy Evangelicals and their red wave.

23 November, 2022 06:25  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

This collection covers just about everything.

23 November, 2022 06:57  
Blogger VoenixRising said...

I'm stealing and reposting most of these. Thanks for sharing!

23 November, 2022 11:31  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I wish more people had the mindset in that Keanu Reeves meme. If someone shows me I'm wrong about something I believe, I will change my mind on the subject. So many people aren't capable of this and that's sad.

23 November, 2022 12:36  
Blogger Ami said...

The homeless person lying on the sidewalk in his own filth made me sad.
We're so terrible at taking care of each other. I admit that I would cross the street to avoid any contact with that person, I'm not better than anyone else when it comes to actual action, but it's not that I lack compassion, it's more that I have NO IDEA what to do to help.
There is no one solution, of course, there are incremental steps that *might* help.

23 November, 2022 13:04  
Anonymous Reaganite Independent said...

‘Downtown Portland‘

Crank open that hydrant!

‘Life expectancy in America‘

So you’re saying politically, there’s hope.

And the story about the Toronto pediatric diabetes ward brought a tear to my eye- what a moment that must’ve been to behold

23 November, 2022 23:57  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

NickM: she was deemed not mature enough to make that decision. OK but if she is that immature how the Hell is she mature enough to be a parent?

Remember, it's all about control. The key word is "decision". So long as they can take away her right to decide, and force her onto a course of their choosing rather than her own, they have achieved their objective.

Lady M: The evangelicals are always good for some foaming at the mouth when God gets pwned by an election. I think we'll be seeing such displays from them on many future occasions.

Ricko: I like to think I'm eclectic.

Voenix: Please do -- they're free.

Mary K: That's the open-minded approach. Unfortunately many people follow some religious or ideological dogma which simply cannot be wrong, so any evidence against it is just grounds to smear and silence the person presenting the evidence.

Ami: No one individual can really do much about a case like that. It's the government's job, and around here they haven't been doing it very well.

Reaganite: It looks like his own muzzle velocity is almost as impressive as the hydrant's.

Those reddish areas on the life expectancy map probably are a pretty close match for the distribution of anti-vaccine beliefs. Natural selection in action.

The diabetes story is an excellent example of what science and technology can accomplish.

24 November, 2022 08:31  
Blogger Martha said...

The world we live in indeed. Such a wonderful and diverse collection!

24 November, 2022 16:57  
Blogger Infidel753 said...


24 November, 2022 20:04  

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