07 November 2022

Election eve

Well, this is it, after all the hype and anxiety.  Just one more day to go.

Like about forty million other Americans, I've already voted.  For the most part, the choices were not difficult.  Our incumbent Democratic senator Wyden is outstanding -- for example, he was the first senator in the country to publicly support same-sex marriage, and he worked hard to defend our state's voter-enacted assisted-suicide law even though he personally opposes assisted suicide.  The Republican challenger is a QAnon qrackpot and is also running on the ticket of the so-called "Constitution party", actually Christianist theocrats.  One can hardly imagine an easier decision.

For the House race in my district, I'm less familiar with the candidates, but the Democrat is endorsed by a passel of unions and every seat counts toward preserving the House majority (and the polls, for what they're worth, have this race quite close).  So the Democrat it was.

The race for governor was the difficult one.  The two main candidates are neck-and-neck and there's also an independent candidate, Betsy Johnson, polling in the 15%-to-20% range, so her chance of winning is low but not nonexistent.  I ended up voting for Johnson, who offers the kind of sensible-centrist politics I want to see -- she supports abortion rights and gun rights, and promises fast action on affordable housing and tough policies to tackle the explosion of crime in Portland.  Unlike in most cases, there's no issue of "wasting a vote" that could have gone to the lesser of two major-party evils, because the two major candidates are equally unacceptable to me, for different reasons.  The Republican is a forced-birther, wants to partly roll back drug decriminalization, and preaches the tired old mantra of tax cuts -- I'm not sure how much she could do against a Democratic-majority legislature, but a governor does have some substantial power.  The Democrat has done nothing to convince me that she'd bring any really fundamental change from the current disastrously-failed policies on the shootings, vandalism, etc that are ruining downtown Portland.  We can't afford to go on like this for several more years.  So I might as well vote for what I really want.

Oh, and I voted against slavery, too.  Yes, this was on the ballot.
This Oregon oddity is a dead letter due to the Thirteenth Amendment to the federal Constitution, but still, it should have been removed long ago.

A few last election-related links:

Here's a final look at the close Senate races.

Trump and his ilk are already trying to stir up doubt about the results.  But a repeat of the lies that followed the 2020 election would be very unwise.

Manchin is still too green for the wingnuts.

A Kansas-like abortion referendum is on the ballot in Kentucky.

A Wisconsin wingnut is suing to stop counting of ballots from members of the military.

Wingnuts and Russians are spreading misinformation on social media again.

Positive news from around the country here.

Electoral-Vote will be live-blogging the results starting at 6:00 PM eastern time on Tuesday.


Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

I don't think I'm going to be able to breath all day tomorrow..I'm shutting ydg down if they win and take a vacation and just do humor...figure if they win they'll shut me down any how.

07 November, 2022 12:35  
Blogger Ami said...

I am related to several dumald fans. Funny, they're also the 'take ivermectin and drink your own pee' believers. And in another strange-but-totally-true coincidence, they're all fundamentalist christians.

I had a difficult time with the governor choice here in Oregon, too. I actually ended up leaving it blank, because I didn't feel like I could vote *for* any of them.

Thanks for the link to the Bulwark article, that was one I hadn't read. I just finished putting that link on some of my social media so my dumald-fan extended family can do some frothing at the mouth. They believe 100% that he was cheated out of winning. And if we all live a thousand years, they'll still be harping on it.

I'm glad this cycle is nearly over. It's been very stressful for me, more so than almost any other election since I turned 18.

07 November, 2022 12:47  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

My daughter and I already voted too. I was talking with this one family and the 4 of them said they have never voted, not once in their entire lives. I was surprised by that.

07 November, 2022 13:50  
Blogger Daal said...

mine here in Los Angeles was pretty easy too - slavery? heck no! laughing that it's on ballot -- tho once upon a time I laughed at idea of Trump winning...

07 November, 2022 15:45  
Blogger NickM said...

Slavery, eh?

I bet you didn't know that since 1313 it is illegal to enter Parliament wearing a suit of armour.

08 November, 2022 02:55  
Anonymous spirilis said...

Where there any commercials for the pro-slavery side? Those must have been comedy gold!

08 November, 2022 13:24  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Granny: Looks like it was basically a draw, so hopefully you'll be back soon.

Ami: It has been stressful. Now that it looks like we won't know all the results for several days, I'm just going to tune it all out as best I can for a while.

Johnson didn't win, but I'm happy with how I voted. I don't have a dog in the fight between the other two.

I'm not sure the ivermectin-and-pee set is educatable, but at least you can say you tried.

Mary K: Some people just don't vote. I don't get it either. At least this time a lot more people voted than usual.

Daal: Believe it or not, more than half a million people voted against the anti-slavery measure.

NickM: We have enough trouble keeping the wingnuts from carrying guns in the House chamber.

Spirilis: I don't have a TV, but those commercials would have been intriguing.

09 November, 2022 08:51  
Blogger NickM said...

Well, it looks like the Dems are doing better than expected. I suspect this is down to savvy. Is abortion top of the list for most folks? No. But for a sizeable minority it is a game-changer. Now, that is clever. Emphasize a single issue, make your point clear and you will get those votes even if the voter is undecided on, say, economic issues. This is because abortion rights (and related stuff like access to contraception etc.) are sort of binary in a way tax or interest rates or public spending aren't - being almost infinitely variable.

09 November, 2022 09:37  
Blogger Bohemian said...

We have enuf Lunatic Fringe Acolytes of 45 on our Ballot here in AZ that I now Vote Blue no matter who... even tho' I'm a Moderate Independent and have never been Partisan, the only redemption for AZ is that we have more Independents in this State than either Major Party has, so most of US do not Vote in a Partisan way and they never know how we'll Vote since we aren't the least bit devoted to a Party. I find our Elections to be very disturbing now, too much Extremism has infiltrated and lets face it, the 'Conservative' Party got Hijacked in 2016 and is the Polar opposite of Conservative Values and is now a bunch of Radicalized Extremists with a real fucked up Ideology... and they are far more devoted and Unified, as all Cults are, to their Causes than the rest of the population. All it takes for Evil to flourish is that good people do nothing.

09 November, 2022 18:29  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

NickM: It never was a game-changer before because people counted on Roe to protect abortion rights. The Republicans (well, the theocrats on the Supreme Court) made it a game-changer. I suspect the threats to Social Security mattered as well.

Bohemian: Most people in the US are actually fed up with the polarization and extremism. Voters are mostly rejecting extremist candidates, when they have a chance, and rewarding moderates. Definitely the Republicans paid a price for doubling down on the forced-birth garbage.

10 November, 2022 10:53  

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