18 September 2022

Link round-up for 18 September 2022

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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It's the perfect movie to show this crowd.

Baby elephants are playful critters.  Even the adults are.

No more tuna shaming!

I don't think riding a mechanical bull is supposed to be this much fun.

Welcome to scientist Hell.

There are horrors man was not meant to witness.

This is why we write words with spaces in between.

Do men still open car doors?

Keep your dog entertained.

Keep your cat entertained.

Keep your small tortoises clean.

The Air Force makes an effort at language reform.

Bohemian Valhalla is getting those Halloween vibes.

You can vote here on the official T-shirt design for this year's Manitou Springs Emma Crawford coffin race.

These kids are getting an early start on Halloween.

Nice dandelion-themed painting here.

It's the latest trend in designer shoes.

Another one bites the dust.

How would politicians react to aliens?

Not sure how this works, but it would certainly add a bit of yikes to your Halloween decorations.

If one of these birds crapped on your car, it would stay crapped on.

A mother and child went swimming past.

Who was Dr Gay Hitler?

A huge waterspout is seen off the coast of Cuba.

Nope nope nope nope nope.....

Tolkien enthusiast "Just Some Guy" reviews episode 3 of The Rings of Power.  British YouTuber "Disparu" (I love this guy's stuff) looks at more of the pwnage spreading across the net.  Then there's Amazon's campaign to suppress honest audience reviews.

SickoRicko, Miss Cellania, and Fair and Unbalanced remember the September 11 religio-terrorist attack, each in their own way.  (Weirdly, some right-wing blogs observed the day by rehashing various bullshit conspiratardia.)

"My new book is about intolerance. I am fascinated by those who prefer only to associate with people who share their own identical worldview, and who interpret the slightest point of political disagreement as evidence of evil. The new religion of group identity and 'social justice' has driven once rational people into a state of frenzied bigotry."  Quite predictably, he soon became a target of the very intolerance he was studying.

Kill the cats! (bad idea).

You're not obligated to be available for interaction all the time.

Never mock your kids' enthusiasms.  After they are grown up, after you are gone, they will still remember that you did this.

Even birdsong changed during the pandemic.  It may or may not ever change back.

Give this vocabulary test a try.  It starts off easy but gets harder.

Are they born this stupid, or do they have to learn it?

It was a deeply distressing moment.

Walking is good for your health, but there's more to it than that.

Rules for religionists here.

Chronic illness is a hideous burden.  Note -- Bruce has requested that people not offer medical advice.  Please respect his wishes.

Real Bible stories aren't for kids.

This guy is an asshole.  I can't imagine who thinks such behavior is OK.

Even if you've had covid, getting vaccinated will still provide superior protection.

The Queen was a reptile, educated women are dangerous, and more wingnut nonsense here.

A 61-year-old man set up a "date" with (what he thought was) a 13-year-old girl.  He got caughtBackground here.

Raconteur Report blog celebrates the recent Ukrainian advance, but the fun part of this is watching him deal with all the nutjobs in his comment thread (it's a right-leaning blog).

Deleting troll comments is not censorship.

If prison inmates could make this, imagine what a guy at home with a 3D printer can make.

US bosses' anti-union mania is leading to a state of all-out war with workers.

The revival of loony fundamentalist militancy has brought back the Satanic Panic, lurid fantasy accusations and all.

More here on Biden's Social Security proposals, some of which have bipartisan support.  Get this done.

Drink the water, assholes.

The largest private-sector nurses' strike in US history just ended, but without a clear result.

Oregon landlords will be allowed to raise rents as much as 14.6% next year.  When I vote for state offices this November, I'll be looking largely at which candidates make the firmest promises to squelch this.  Results not excuses, please.

How do you save a daughter being groomed over the internet?

Here's what was at stake in that threatened rail strike.

Credit-card companies offer stores lower fees if they help spy on you.

To enjoy Heaven, you would need to lose your humanity.

Yet another Portland small business is being ruined by the homeless problem the city has so abjectly failed to deal with.

A new totalitarianism advances under a covering barrage of fake ideas and fake identities.

Republicans nominate another radical nutcase to run against Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire, probably saving her Senate seat.

The financial parasite class really hates it when tax evasion becomes more difficult.

Some places in this country still know how to run elections.

Yes, the Democrats have a lunatic fringe too.

Many Texans pay higher taxes than Californians at the same income level, thanks to Texas's reliance on regressive sales taxes.

Annie Asks You has posted an extensive candidate guide for the 2022 elections, with details and links on dozens of races at both federal and state level.  Anyone who has a blog or other forum that covers politics, please spread this around.

Keep telling the truth about Islam, no matter how much the enemy tries to silence you.

Polling can be iffy.  Don't despair (that leads to paralysis and defeat), but don't get complacent either.

Since April, US police have had the legal right to torture detainees.

The hacktivist group "Anonymous" speaks out against putting male prisoners in women's prisons.

Do what will actually work to fight against global warming, ideology be damned.

One conservative blogger is not happy about Ron DeSanitize using migrants as pawns for his political stunts.

Our country really needs to stop shitting on poor people.

Some Republicans running for office are backing down from their former forced-birth stances as it becomes clear that such a position loses votes.  Don't trust them.  What they were saying before is far more likely to be their true opinion.

Fundie sexuality is steeped in repression and hypocrisy.

The Forstater verdict in the UK is helping protect free speech elsewhere in Europe.

Angry Bear reviews the career of the Queen.

It's bizarre to work this hard to avoid answering a question.  This is an interview in court FFS.  The whole point is to answer questions.

A rape victim "should be spat on at every opportunity."

Putin is losing his energy war with Europe.

"Freedom is our religion" (found via Hackwhackers).

A Ukrainian victory over Russia will revitalize democracy worldwide.

Contrast the babble of Russia's Baghdad Bob with actual video from Ukraine.

Defeat has exposed Russia's crap military and destroyed its superpower pretensions.  A former commander of US forces in Europe describes what he saw of the evolution of Ukrainian and Russian forces since the fall of the USSR.

The Saudi regime wants to build a planned city 170 kilometers long but only 200 meters wide.

The Taliban try their hand at using modern technology.

Education in Afghanistan is collapsing, even for boys.

In India, feelings about the Queen are mixed.

Japan's oldest women's university will soon start admitting men, and women students aren't happy about it.

More links at Angry Bear and Fair and Unbalanced (includes some pwnage of the "it's a republic not a democracy" bullcrap).

My own posts for this week:  the latest Lone Animator video, some observations on freedom, and the world we live in in images.

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The same world could be Heaven or Hell to you -- depending on who you are.

Non-wasted time is when I'm doing what I want to do.  Wasted time is when I'm doing what somebody else wants me to do.

We recoil in horror from the mass insanities that gripped society in the past, and admire the brave few who stood against them. At the same time, we double down on the mass insanities which possess us right now, and rage with righteous fervor against those obstinate few who dare question our mania.


Blogger Jack said...

"Wasted time is when I'm doing what somebody else wants me to do." Love it! So true.

19 September, 2022 03:32  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

I love all the Halloween ones...cause I love me some Halloween...

19 September, 2022 11:58  
Blogger Lady M said...

I definitely had to look up the Tunashamed.

20 September, 2022 07:58  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Jack: I've always found it to be the case.....

Granny: Much more Halloween stuff to come!

Lady M: Maybe that's why they put those fish symbols on their cars?

20 September, 2022 08:33  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Adding pineapple to pizza is just yucky. lol

20 September, 2022 11:52  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

An abomination from which Cthulhu himself would recoil in disgust!

20 September, 2022 12:00  
Anonymous Annie said...

Many thanks for calling attention to my essentially blue candidates guide, which has become a work-in-progress.

And thanks as always for this diverse collection. Among my favorites were the so-true opening cartoon and the fascinating description of birdsong changes.

21 September, 2022 09:10  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Thanks for doing all the work to put the candidate guide together. I'll probably put up a sidebar link to it as the election approaches.

21 September, 2022 09:23  
Blogger Martha said...

Great round-up! This time of year, Halloween posts are my favourites. I don't trust politicians in general and I certainly don't trust when they conveniently alter what they've said near an election If it smells like bullshit, it is bullshit.

22 September, 2022 05:31  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Lots more Halloween stuff to come. Hopefully it will serve as a respite from all the politics next month.

22 September, 2022 07:37  

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