28 August 2022

Link round-up for 28 August 2022

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Startle teh critters!

Everything is the wrong size.

This sign was not well thought out.

The escapee almost got away.

Proud to be an American!

Well, this would explain a lot.

In fairness, it looks pretty realistic.

New Witch celebrates wiener dogs.

Even after death, she got it right.

Atone for your misdeeds in the bear-cube.

What was this fish trying to do?

Intruder alert!

Please continue to hold.

Poetic justice, I suppose.

Confront the horror of the parking lot.

This abomination exists.

The fight against AIDS includes cats that glow in the dark.

She has a plan for genocide which many might embrace.

Your internet may work better with a Pi-Hole (no, I have no idea what that is).

Keep safe -- don't let them sell you.

Read a poetic paean to self-liberation from 1893.

The character of Ellie Arroway in Contact was based on a real person.

Make him a chair, and some tea as well.

For a Halloween blogger, what is the true self?

Some autistic speech rhythm differences vary interestingly from one language to another.

Take a quick drive in Norway.

This is Inveraray castle in Scotland.

See Jupiter in the near-infrared.

Hear what your voice would sound like on Mars.

It's perfectly fair to turn the tables on an asshole.

Once you get off of social media, your brain starts tuning back in to reality.

Green Eagle reports on the titanic first battle of the new civil war, and reveals what was really in those seized documents at Merde-a-Logo.

The opportunity of a lifetime!  Emigrate to a dreary grey fascist hellhole with no freedom, a collapsing economy, a megalomaniac dictator, and a bloody war of attrition raging on the border!

"In God we trust."

Translation available upon request.

The Great Resignation is far from over -- and its roots go back long before covid.

An exploited worker strikes back after being forced to work hard in extreme heat.

Christianists in Texas keep trying to erode separation of church and state.

Donate here to a lawsuit against YouTube for posting animal-cruelty videos.

Shoes help clarify the biology of sex.

Who gets into Heaven?

What an asshole (she's been arrested).

Interesting collection of varied tweets here.

Bruce Gerencser discusses his troll problem.

In Alaska, brutal slavery persisted for two more decades after it was outlawed in the rest of the US (found via Miss Cellania).

The Book of Genesis is just weird.

Nebraska school officials shut down a student newspaper because of a pro-gay, pro-trans issue -- teaching the students a grim lesson about freedom of speech.

Apple demands that workers return to the office three days each week -- workers fight back.

With the shortage of apartments, some landlords are now explicitly requiring sex from tenants as part of the rental deal.

Don't shop at Hobby Lobby.

Republicans whine that Biden is catching too many terrorists, while Rick Scott loots their campaign funds.

Tips here on internet privacy and work-arounds against censorship.  The "social media" ones are obvious duds, but the rest are probably good (I use some of them).

Evangelicals divide and squabble over trivia.  No wonder there are so many sects.

Pwnage here for wingnuts griping about student loan forgiveness.  The plan will benefit mostly middle- and working-class people.

The old shopping malls had their good points, compared to online shopping.

A social worker in Colorado threatened to take away the children of mothers who refused her sexual advances.

The Florida judge who ruled that a 16-year-old girl was "too immature" to get an abortion has been kicked out by the voters.

The current conflicts over trans ideology could have been avoided (found via Aunt Polly).  The tide is turning, though the US lags behind.

Only 20% of Americans now believe the Bible is the literal word of God, while only 44% consider religion "very important" -- both all-time lows.

Workers are waking up to how little employers value themDon't do more than the minimum you have to.

Sullivan Walter served thirty-six years in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

You aren't being deprived just because somebody else got something.

It's a really bad idea for management to intimidate all their workers for the sake of one bully's feelings.

Left or right, what matters is whether you fully support free speech.

The supposed distinction between "ceremonial law" and "moral law" in the Bible is just a modern fabrication.

Americans support the raid on Merde-a-Logo, 54% to 36%.

In Minnesota, an openly racist union contract.

After 38 years as head of NIAID, Dr Fauci is retiring.  He has been our sword and shield against disease; the puny squeakings of this scuttling rodent cannot diminish him.

Fauci is out of government, but one Florida district will soon get a chance to elect a scientist to Congress -- replacing Matt Gaetz (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

A hand recount has confirmed the pro-freedom result of the Kansas abortion referendum, but the forced-birthers are going to keep on being assholes as best they can.

2021 was a record year for killings in my city, and 2022 is looking at least as bad.

Yet another Christianist anti-gay Republican candidate gets caught engaging in gay sex.

The attack on Rushdie was a terrorist act against all free people.  Bloggers must support him as much as they support abortion rights.

Democrats are losing minorities, but gaining among college-educated whites.

The rule of law stands at a crossroads -- Trump must be prosecuted.

What would you think of a man in his fifties who married a six-year-old girl?

A wave of new voter registrations in Pennsylvania is overwhelmingly female and Democratic (found via Hackwhackers).

US Methodists are splitting apart over whether or not to continue the Bible-mandated hostility to gays.

The country's mood is now improving, but don't get complacent -- the pessimist mentality will be back to shit all over everything if given the slightest chance.

Here's how Democrats can win by linking Social Security and abortion.

Fifteen years ago, we had no idea things could get this bad.

If you change your mind, you must be killed.

Republicans fear the pink wave that could wipe out their red wave.  In New York state at least, they broadly underperformed expectations this week.

Nevada officials arbitrarily destroyed a project to provide basic housing for homeless people in Las Vegas (found via Miss Cellania).

No matter what you think of Ivanka Trump, this is utterly disgusting -- speaking as one who lost his own mother not long ago.

A candidate for the Oklahoma state legislature says gays should be stoned to death.  (He lost.)  Well, at least he actually read the Bible.

This December, it should at last be possible to get rid of Louis DeJoy.

The first step toward persecution of a group is to turn public opinion against them.

There's reason to think Trump may have already passed dangerous secret information to foreign regimes.

These judges sent thousands of children to for-profit jails in exchange for kickbacks (found via Angry Bear).  You'll never convince me that the death penalty would be wrong in such a case.

Democrats still haven't addressed the issue of Hispanic voters turning Republican.  Time and demographic change are no longer favoring the Democrats.

Is life happier now than ten years ago?

A neighborhood activist takes action against literal dogshit.

Australia has its first lawsuit over Frankensteinian "gender-affirming" surgery, while rebellion brews again the totalitarian "no debate" taboo.

As Russia cuts back natural-gas supplies, Germany is beefing up solar power, while Norway steps in to fill the gap.

August 24 was Ukrainian Independence Day, and the six-month mark of the war.

Russian elite troops in Ukraine are suffering low morale and refusing to fight (found via Reaganite Independent), with some units having lost 60% of their members killed.  Putin is enlarging the Russian army, but only on paper.

Since the high-water-mark of the invasion, Russia has been driven out of an area of Ukraine the size of Denmark.

A Russian paratrooper speaks out against the war.

After repeated attacks, Russia is pulling military assets out of occupied Crimea.

Putin is shocked at a "despicable, cruel crime".

The killing of Darya Dugina could serve Putin as a convenient pretext for further war crimes.

The Russian economy is a lot worse than it looks.

As the gangster-states get ever more repressive, more and more people want to leave.

Japan turns back to nuclear power to cut dependence on fossil fuels.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced, Angry Bear, Perfect Number (see China's Eye of Sauron!), and Miss Cellania.

My own posts this week:  an error for atheists to avoid, a video on China's war potential, and why I can't take religion seriously.

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Socialism (as seen in Scandinavia or Canada) is not the same thing as communism -- it's like a vaccine against communism.  It redistributes wealth enough, gives the average person enough, to stop things from escalating to the tumbrels-and-guillotines stage.  The rich who fight so bitterly against this "vaccine" in the US are playing with fire.


Blogger commoncents said...

Live Stream - Artemis I Launch to the Moon (Official NASA Broadcast)


28 August, 2022 06:44  
Blogger Pliny-the-in-Between said...

Thanks for the shout out, though your choice of label for one of the links spared viewers the highly annoying and groaner inducing reveal moment designed into the panel when they looked it up and thought to themselves, 'Why the &*$#! did I look that up!" ;)

28 August, 2022 08:25  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

CC: OK, I'll believe it when they actually do send humans to the moon again. I'll be even more impressed if someone can come up with a plausible reason to send humans to the Moon again.

Pliny: I thought of that, but I think it would be pretty difficult for most English-speakers to look up something in the Cyrillic alphabet.

28 August, 2022 09:25  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

I'm pissed cause I couldn't figure out what I sound like on mars..I said Hi it's yellowdoggranny from planet earth..the playback was oh fuck she's here.

28 August, 2022 11:06  
Anonymous NickM said...

Let's have a look from my perspective...

Long hair on men - done that myself
Short hair on women - slept with women with very short hair
Pants on women - yeah, right, whatever...
Wearing blue jeans - am actually currently wearing a pair of Levi 501s
Wearing jewelry - not really my schtick but...
Wearing wire-rimmed glasses - I have no fucking clue.
Wearing shorts - now you are taking...
Wearing culottes (Baptist shorts) ... it's now more than a piss-take
Playing cards - I play a mean game of 7-card stud if anyone wants to ante...
Going to movies - so Netflix is OK?
Eating at places that sold alcohol - I had a pub-lunch yesterday
Beard and mustaches (on men) 🙂 - I'll pass on that
Bible translations - I'll also pass on that too until I learn assorted ancient languages
Rock music - I have Sympathy for the Devil
Contemporary Christian music (CCM) - Yeah, OK, it is dreadful - I'll give ya that one
Mixed swimming - Oh please, just fuck off
Physical contact between unmarried teens, young adults - Gimme strength!
Sending your child to a secular college - I chose my Alma Mater.
Sending your child to the wrong Christian college. Ditto and Sapientia Urbs Conditur.

29 August, 2022 02:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mixed swimming REALLY demonstrates how out of it fundamentalists are. I imagine it came from the pre-WW2 period when swimming was for the most part separated by sex simply because males preferred to be nude when swimming. And swimwear was rare (and often a drowning hazard) during the 19th century.

In rural areas to this day, mixed swimming, in a natural setting, has a sexual meaning. Like, "Did you hear? Alice went off to the lake with Bob." implying some sort of scandal. Single-sex swimming in such a setting implies nothing.

Of course, this REALLY doesn't apply in modern times.

And yeah, basically the nature of a repressive society is to hide one's own perversity by projecting it on others.

29 August, 2022 05:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I love is how Putin has been hoisted by his own petard. No one takes Russia seriously as a military threat anymore. How far west did he think he could go anyway? Ukraine obviously, but Poland? Finland? Romania? Hungary? The former Yugoslavia? If it's all the way to the Iron Curtain he's delusional because even if NATO were abolished he'd be facing modern Germany.

In Asia he might have more success. Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, the stans, and Mongolia. Armenians at least have a favorable opinion of Russia.

Why no one does classic "your land is our land" imperialism anymore, opting for cloak and dagger instead.

29 August, 2022 05:33  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Pliny: I updated the link description (actually yesterday).

Granny: Even better -- you got a reply :-)

NickM: And those are all things that IFB churches apparently get into fights with each other about. Sane people would dismiss them all with chacun à son goût.

Anon 1: Anything can have a sexual connotation if somebody is determined to find one. Nowadays many would think even men swimming nude together suggested something homosexual.

Anon 2: Putin has certainly blown Russia's reputation as a great military power. All it has left to sustain that is nuclear weapons, and who knows if they've been any better maintained than the rest of Russia's military hardware. I suspect the example Putin set will make China even more hesitant to invade Taiwan. It's likely China's military is in even worse shape than Russia's, and a failed invasion would be a huge humiliation for the regime. And China's nuclear arsenal is a lot less formidable than Russia's.

Modern Germany doesn't actually have much military power (though they're working on that now); I suspect Poland with its ferocious nationalism would be a bigger challenge. France and Britain wouldn't tolerate Putin pushing his rule that close to their territory. And in any case NATO isn't going to be abolished any time soon.

The only reason Armenians have a positive view of Russia is that they're wedged between Turkey and Azerbaijan, both of which are near-genocidally hostile to them. Russia's the closest thing they have to a reliable ally in the neighborhood.

29 August, 2022 06:23  
Blogger Daal said...

it's amazing that those dwindling bible thumpers can do so much damage...

29 August, 2022 21:15  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

They're organized and determined. They're certainly dwindling, but I do wish they'd do it a bit faster.

29 August, 2022 21:17  
Blogger Daal said...

join the club - more like they're imploding...

30 August, 2022 12:05  
Blogger Martha said...

These were great! The "Startle teh critters!" had me laughing out loud! That was fun.

01 September, 2022 06:57  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Daal: I think in a few years their loss of power will become more obvious. Even this year's election may show they've overreached.

Martha: I think cats in particular owe us a few laughs, after all the stuff they've pushed off the edges of things.

02 September, 2022 03:25  

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