30 August 2022

Image round-up for 30 August 2022

A few more from my collection (some slightly NSFW).....

No they do not

Fresno CA, c 1920

This is an actual computer

Baby orangutan


Roman bronze image of the god Mercury

Annecy, France

Sinaia, Romania

The Royal Portuguese Reading Room, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Roman mosaic, Pompeii -- cave canem means "beware of the dog"



Paleontologists' reconstruction of a T-rex, actual size

The hardest thing I've ever done, and the most worthwhile

Made by Johnny Profane


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the link! I haven't been painting much lately. Inspiration helps!

30 August, 2022 03:23  
Blogger Mike said...

I've just acquired another library meme. Thanks.

30 August, 2022 03:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That actual computer is in the HNF in Germany. However the camera is analog so is not functional.

30 August, 2022 06:18  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

Lots of neat and interesting stuff! Of course, I stole all of the GIFs.

30 August, 2022 08:03  
Blogger Lady M said...

Looks like you are gearing up for the spooky season.

30 August, 2022 12:26  
Anonymous Johnny Profane said...

Just wanted mention that was me. All thumbs per usual.

30 August, 2022 13:42  
Anonymous Annie said...

The amorous elephant gets my vote: “We got up our courage to take an elephant ride and…”

31 August, 2022 08:09  
Blogger dellgirl said...

“You always have so many fun and interesting links in your blog posts, I can never pick a favorite one. Thank you for sharing these with us. It’s good to learn about a lot of these things from you.

Wishing you all the best, dear friend! Have a wonderful Wednesday night.

31 August, 2022 17:37  
Blogger Tommykey said...

For some reason, the rest of your August posts are inaccessible. When you scroll down to the bottom of the page for this post, there is no "Back" button to view the most recent posts before this one.

31 August, 2022 20:08  
Blogger Tommykey said...

Ok, I see in the sidebar "Previous Posts." Never mind!

31 August, 2022 20:10  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

These were great. I could lose myself in that reading room.

01 September, 2022 12:17  
Blogger jenny_o said...

Another wide variety. I liked the chickens entering the UFO the best. But that computer was certainly intriguing.

I think a lot of folks need to take to heart the meme about not carrying the burdens of the world. Many people, especially in my kids' generation, seem to have generalized anxiety about world problems - maybe realistically, considering they're going to be around to have to deal with them, whereas we older people won't. But still, they need to be able to retreat from those problems for their own sakes, at least for bits of time.

01 September, 2022 13:58  
Blogger Martha said...

So many cool images. The first one with the chickens and the spaceship is my favourite!

01 September, 2022 17:00  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Anon/Johnny: Thanks for letting me use your work. It's an impressively "dark" piece.

Mike: Always glad to provide.....

Anon: I'm a bit surprised it's in a museum -- it looks like a modern art project more than something from far in the past.

Ricko: Glad if you find them of interest -- of course my choices reflect my own preoccupations.

Lady M: Most of these collections have darker items toward the end -- but I'm certainly not unaware of the approach of Halloween.

Annie: I guess when you're an elephant, you take a break from work whenever and for whatever purpose you want. Must have given the tourists a good story to regale their friends with back home.

Dellgirl: Thanks! I always hope there'll be something for everyone.

Tommykey: Unfortunately that can happen with very long posts -- they fill the whole available space. But yes, there's always a list of recent posts in the sidebar.

Mary K: It's a very impressive place. I'd love to see it someday (can't read books in Portuguese, though).

Jenny_o: It will be pretty disconcerting if it turns out that aliens are here and they're actually chickens. And yes, I really think a lot of the gloom and pessimism that have become so fashionable lately is rooted in the fact that we're constantly bombarded with all the problems of the world. Nobody's equipped to cope with that.

Martha: They're "plucky" space explorers.....

02 September, 2022 03:22  
Blogger Daal said...

I especially love the computer & orangutang :-)

06 September, 2022 17:15  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I thought the orangutan was cute. Ape babies are very similar to human ones in their behavior.

06 September, 2022 22:27  

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