02 May 2022

Video of the day -- the grim march into disaster

The tragic fiasco of Shanghai's "response" to covid illustrates how authoritarianism inevitably leads to absurdity and failure.  Xi Jinping's rule has reversed China's earlier steps toward more freedom, restoring the disastrous Mao model of the godlike leader wielding total power and surrounded by yes-men and toadies.  Note also the strategy of playing off rural and urban populations against each other, something we've seen in the US as well, at serious cost to national unity.

The unrest in Shanghai could be a foretaste of more serious trouble for the regime.  Remember, revolutions are rarely caused by poverty or tyranny per se.  For most of history almost all the world's people lived under varying degrees of tyranny, and in far worse poverty than can be seen in even the poorest countries today, yet there were not constant revolutions.  Rebellion tends to happen when rising expectations are disappointed.  For a generation, the Chinese people have seen a real rise in their standard of living (even if not as much as official figures claim), while tasting some degree of greater freedom.  Now they're being forced back under the total control of a mindless bureaucracy robotically carrying out insane orders, while the economy lurches from one crisis to another.  It's a potentially explosive situation.

(The last section, speculating that all this chaos is a "stress test" before starting a war, strikes me as very unlikely.  China would be hopelessly out-classed in such a war, and the democracies' unity in punishing Russian aggression is a warning even Xi can't ignore.  Usually, policies that look like bungling really are just bungling.  Don't let that part of the video distract you from the real points in the rest of it.)


Blogger Jimmy T said...

Good video. I'm hoping that Xi will learn a thing or two from Russia's Ukraine disaster as it pertains to China if China tries to invade Taiwan. Taiwan may be where China goes to die (as seems the case for Russia in the Ukraine), because Taiwan is well armed and prepared for Chinese aggression, as well as having the US navy at their disposal...

Also, I'm checking out Ground news. Always good to purview good sources of information...

Thanks for the video...

02 May, 2022 07:42  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

It's gonna be bad.
It's usually terrible when totalitarian regimes overreach (as Jimmy T says). Ugh. So avoidable... But GREED, am I right?


02 May, 2022 16:02  
Blogger Mike said...

Authoritarians have no friends. They are destined to fail.

03 May, 2022 00:21  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Jimmy: Another problem is that large-scale war casualties would be a huge issue in China, since most children are only children, due to the disastrous one-child policy that was in place for decades. It would be another trigger for unrest.

Sixpence: It's hard to see how the overreach in this case will end. The policy in Shanghai is clearly a disaster, but the regime can't admit error and back down.

Mike: Hopefully as soon as possible.

03 May, 2022 03:16  

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