25 April 2022

Video of the day -- enemies of democracy

I don't see how people who explicitly reject democracy and the right to vote can legitimately hold political office in the US.  How can they credibly swear to uphold the Constitution while rejecting some of its most critical provisions?


Blogger Mike said...

I saw this. It's a great segment.

25 April, 2022 09:55  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

I like Bill Maher and his well-constructed humor. However, making fun of the current state of affairs will not change the course of events because, as you said so well in one of your links round-up, "If the Democrats can't get their heads out of their identity-politics asses and focus on the class issues, there's no hope."

25 April, 2022 12:31  
Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I just can't with them. The blatant corruption and disrespect for the office they 'hold'.
Can't with them. Remember when this country almost had a collective heart attack because a politician wore a tan suit? Remember that?


25 April, 2022 18:09  
Blogger Bohemian said...

Our Two Party System is dysfunctional and there no longer is a "United" States of America. The Right was hijacked by a Madman and the Left seems incapable of unifying and looks like a Leader trying to herd his Cats. I'm beyond discouraged... too many Sociopaths, Psychopaths and Extremists are infiltrating into Politics and pandering to Bases that seem more Cult-Like than ever. We have Enemies from within now, so we need not fall from any outside sources... we've got Americans sabotaging America and Democracy now and having wet Dreams and Fantasies about Authoritarian Dictatorship Rule of Billionaires who are absolutely Mad actually being able to Lead. They will... right off a fucking Cliff and the Lemmings will follow.

26 April, 2022 19:01  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mike: You can usually count on Maher to tell it like it is, regardless of whose ox he needs to gore.

Ricko: I tend to agree that "look how awful the Republicans are" isn't an effective strategy for winning elections. If it didn't work for Hillary against Trump in 2016, it won't work anywhere. But having so many US politicians undermining or outright repudiating democracy is worth pointing out for its own sake. Maher's humor helps him get a big audience, and I don't think it undermines his message.

Sixpence: Most politicians (and a lot of the media) love to use trivia to distract from serious issues and the things voters really care about. Squid-ink works well, though usually only for a short time.

Bohemian: I increasingly have to ignore party affiliation. The Republicans have been in the grip of insanity for over a decade and the Democrats are getting there. Nowadays I tend to support whoever seems most likely to bring politics back to the sensible center, as opposed to the dead-end, scorched-earth fanatics demonizing the entire "other side" as evil.

27 April, 2022 00:57  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

democrats need to grow a pair.

27 April, 2022 07:11  
Blogger CAS said...

Whaa? CPAC is being held in Hungary? Why does every new headline related to Republican politics seem like there are puppetmasters in the wings constantly coming up with the most controversial moves they can think of. The Right's primary strategy no longer seems to be "Obstruct". That has fallen to third place behind "Stay in the headlines no matter what the cost" and "Wreak havoc."

27 April, 2022 10:28  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Granny: They need to be more self-aware about the voters' real concerns.

CAS: Can you imagine if Democrats held a major conference like that in a foreign country? The wingnuts would rant about it for weeks.

"Wreck everything to create the impression that the party in power can't govern" is a tried-and-true strategy for taking over, but it's not something a patriot would do.

28 April, 2022 21:50  

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