06 March 2022

Link round-up for 6 March 2022

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Some people really are like this.

This guy found a way to force the city to fix potholes (from commenter NickM).

A young woman makes a shocking discovery about her grandfather.

Resist being corrupted by the magical object.

Cool benches.

Lucky coins.

Noisy monkeys.

Useless machine.

Bad parking.

Please donate generously to fight this rampant epidemic.

You can't get there from here.

It's all in a day's work.

Who's your favorite sidekick?

If you want to really annoy a Brazilian, here's how to do it.

What if classic literature had sequels?  (But let's not give Hollywood any ideas.)

Playing with dolls is fun.

Dealing with reality can be annoying.

A nightmare walked through the door.

A picture tells a story.  Nature is horror.

Interesting new music video here.

She's driving back home from a funeral.

Blogger Annie greets the winds of March in verse.

Carol Seidl visits the desert.

This is Heddal Stavekirke in Norway.

I like this artist's weird comics and drawings, especially this one.

Find yourself a person like this.

Very cool snake jewelry here.

Fifteenth-century Welsh poet Gwerful Mechain sang the joys of medieval sex.

See city lights from the space station.

One account, two tweets.

This Ukrainian postage stamp from 2002 could well be brought back for today.

Don't wallow in anxiety and despair when it serves no real purpose.

If anti-vax convoy truckers really want to fight for freedom, here's a suggestion.

With Democrats like this, who needs Republicans?

What matters is substance, not labels.

Here's a quick, if odd, way to get some money to Ukrainians.

Shower Cap blog explores the dumbth of Putin.

Don't let Trump get bored in prison (found via Yellowdog Granny).

Please vote for politicians who don't talk like this.  Jesus, I'm so sick and tired of it.

It's interesting how Twitter has changed since Russia was blocked.

This coming Saturday is Detrans Awareness Day.

Putin is a duplicate, Jews are Nazis, and God is fighting evil aliens.

I can imagine what I don't really expect I'll ever see.

Be wary of dishonest media reporting.

The Smithsonian celebrates women in STEM.

Stress, pessimism, and isolation can fog up your thinking.

US wingnuts plumb new depths of delusion as they cling doggedly to their veneration of Putin.

This is psychological class warfare.

Here's how his parents found out he was vaccinated (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

List of verified charities here to help Ukrainians.

There is such a thing as mental child abuse.  But physical child abuse is still worse.

The whataboutism has begunšŸ˜¬.

This "anti-racism" is nothing of the kind, just more discrimination.

Strike!  Don't cross the virtual picket line.

See the reality of Bible morality.

To wingnuts, the Ukraine war is just an excuse for more of the same old dishonesty.  Be grateful we at least have a real president in charge.

Ignore the women -- only the man matters.

Life is empty without a supernatural dictator to rule over you.

Conspiracy "theories" need to be examined logically.

If churches want to play politics, they should pay taxes like everybody else.

Ophelia Benson fisks the ACLU, which has adopted 1984's NewSpeak.

Learn some differences between things.

Anonymity is essential for regular people to participate in the internet.

The law should work the same for everybody.

Do not express an opinion without clearing it with your masters first.

The wingnut lunatic fringe is as delusional as ever.

The US anti-vax trucker convoys have turkeyed out ignominiously.  And their event in Washington was, shall we say, sparsely attended (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

I said here that to stave off looming electoral disaster, Democrats need to bluntly repudiate the lunatic-fringe positions with which the party has become associated.  During the State of the Union speech, Biden did explicitly repudiate one of them, "defunding the police".  It's a step in the right direction.

An ICU nurse explains what can happen when you're hospitalized with covid-19.  I think I'd rather just die.

These people are trying to make the schools cesspits of totalitarianism.

The Arizona Catholic Church struggles to deal with the aftermath of goofed-up magic spells.

Bruce Gerencser and his commenters address the "liberal Christian vs conservative atheist" question.

Taboo-driven sting operations harass hundreds of innocent people and do practically nothing about actual human trafficking (found via The Honest Courtesan).

Funny how they keep trying to re-define the word "woman" but never the word "man".  Or to avoid the one word but not the other.

Democrats have lost the white working class, are losing Hispanics, and are now even getting into trouble with the educated -- and refuse to face the reality of the problem.

Alberta claims to have achieved ratlessness.  I'm skeptical, but New Zealand aims to follow its example.

Don't let the assholes warp and steal the concept of freedom.

We know what terrorism is.

This Ukrainian did some real "de-Nazification".

Blame Putin, not the Russian people.

Kyiv Independent has photos of the war's devastation.

Ukrainian civilian volunteers support the war effort.

Many Russians believe the regime's version of the war -- it's all they're allowed to hear.  But when people refuse to even look at any contrary information, you know that deep down they suspect the truth.

This is Ukraine's first lady.

Europeans swarm to Poland to help Ukrainian refugees (found via Hackwhackers).

More links at Fair and Unbalanced, Miss Cellania, and The Psy of Life.

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My own posts this week:  invasion insanity, how frozen borders have helped keep the peace since 1945, some videos on the Ukraine war, and Putin's nuclear threats.


Blogger NickM said...

I have a bit of an axe to grind here. In the cartoon at the top there is no British fish. We've just sent Ukraine a load of NLAW anti-tank systems.

06 March, 2022 02:52  
Anonymous Ole Phat Stu said...

In order to demonstrate that he does not have Covid-19, Putin has agreed to have his temperature taken in public on TV.

Kiev is sending a free, freshly sharpened, rectal thermometer ;-)

06 March, 2022 03:34  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

NickM: Yeah, I noticed that. Maybe the cartoonist was still in a snit about Brexit or something.

Phat: I hope that thermometer is king-size, and is administered by being fired at high velocity from a Bayraktar drone.

06 March, 2022 04:06  
Blogger NickM said...

I don't think I'm that concerned about Putin's Covid status. It's his mental health that is the big issue.

06 March, 2022 05:04  
Blogger NickM said...

What I'd like to see done to Putin is achievable with things I can find in my kitchen. It would make the SAW movies look PG-13. I don't have a rectal thermometer but I do have a Breville sandwich toaster and duct tape. Oh, the nostril howling! You don't start a war on my continent shelf without very serious consequences. Yes, I'm annoyed. Just as we're getting a pandemic under control we have the prospect of WWIII.

06 March, 2022 06:45  
Blogger NickM said...

This is somewhat OT. But...


Well fuck me! Do we have some un-disclosed global competition on being the most unhinged politician? Because that is making a strong claim on the title...

06 March, 2022 09:25  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Adventures in parking was funny and sad. A couple of years ago I was out walking the dog and this lady pulled up in a truck that she could not parallel park. She tried several times and she saw me looking and actually asked me if I could park her car for her. LOL So she held the dog leash while I parked her car. I got it on the first try, it really isn't that hard.

The book benches are cool.

The guy who had coins stop a bullet was very lucky.

06 March, 2022 13:14  
Blogger jenny_o said...

Thanks for the link once again, Infidel.

I never thought the world would change so much in such a short time. I feel incredibly lucky to have grown up in the 60s and 70s and had relative ease in my life even though we were not well off by our neighbour's standards at all. My cohort was able to get educated at a reasonable cost, find decent jobs, get somewhat prepared for retirement. All who were born in the 80s and later have dealt with a host of issues, and now we've had climate change, a pandemic and a major threat to world peace coming one on top of the other. I don't have as much to lose as those with their lives ahead of them and I mourn for them.

06 March, 2022 13:34  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

Many sad things, many fun things. As always: Thanks for using me. Also, I'm gonna link the Kyiv Independent's photo expose.

06 March, 2022 16:31  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

those assholes aren't democrats

07 March, 2022 18:36  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

NickM: Putin's apparent extreme fear of covid, combined with his advancing age, could be affecting his mental state, though I still think his living isolated from reality and interacting mostly with toadies is a bigger problem.

Trump is just an idiot. His blatherings are irrelevant at this point.

Mary K: You make have saved that person from appearing in the post.

The book benches were a great idea.

Jenny_o: Thanks for the post. In a way, the Ukraine war is more disappointing than climate change or the pandemic, because this kind of problem -- a delusional dictator using naked military aggression to seize territory -- is something we pretty much thought we'd put behind us when World War II ended.

Ricko: The internet always offers a good variety, and in unsettled times we need some lighter relief. The Kyiv Independent has a lot of good reporting.

Granny: Not sure which assholes you're referring to.

09 March, 2022 01:35  
Blogger NickM said...

Alas the utterly deranged view on trans stuff isn't just in the USA.


We have got to the truly surreal situation where a Police Comissioner can't make the utterly obvious statement that people with a penis who rape a woman are men and winds up in the star chamber for it. And all this as a continuation of the veritable witch-hunt against JK Rowling. Make no mistake there are people in this country who would have our most popular living author burnt at the stake on a pyre of Harry Potter books.

10 March, 2022 02:55  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

It's getting like 1984 -- if the Party says 2+2=5, you have to force yourself to believe it, somehow. But if the UK has the worst of the lunacy, it also has the best of the resistance. It's not called "TERF island" for nothing.

10 March, 2022 10:07  
Blogger NickM said...

I didn't know about the "TERF Island" thing but if that is the case then I am proud. In so many ways these rainy and wind-swept islands have carried the torch of liberty for some time. I guess the UK has quite a record of genuine feminist thinkers. I guess I hadn't until recently really thought about it. I mean my Mum always earned more than my Dad and I was like whatever about that... But I cannot for the life of me see how, for example, alleged "progressives" being against lesbians wanting their sexual partner to be biologically female advances anything. I mean isn't women having sex with women the whole point of being a lesbian? It is certainly the case for all the lesbians I've ever met. From my experience they tend to prefer a vulva to a penis. That's like the whole fucking point.

10 March, 2022 13:37  
Blogger Infidel753 said...


10 March, 2022 15:36  

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