27 March 2022

Link round-up for 27 March 2022

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Putin's death is foretold.

After doing the right thing, receive snacks.

Cat with mobile home here.

It would be so easy to just make atheists disappear.

Find the Ottoman Empire, grill some chicken, and more.

It's a Ukrainian yard sale.

Canadians find Spring something to celebrate.

Not everyone can succeed at playing cards.

Testing a taser on yourself turns out to be a bad idea.

Tough guy prefers to make his own drink.

What about five-sided triangles?

The laws of physics don't apply to cats.

Let me help you write that note.

Identify this bird.

This Catholic-themed restaurant exists.

Esme's Cloud ruminates on the scarried highs.

Costa Rica has huge balls.

Finland has this prime minister.

See the face of a woman who lived four thousand years ago.

This is Thor's Well in Oregon.

Watch teh shrooms grow.  #4 looks almost otherworldly.

This whatever-the-hell-it-is exists.

Learn about Olympe de Gouges, a woman ahead of her time.

This is the Kailasa temple in India.

Russian literature's depth rebukes the trite ideological rubbish that currently defiles Western academia (link from commenter NickM).

This goofy-looking animal once dominated the whole world (the post is slightly wrong in calling it "a species" -- there were at least four species of them).

Jenny_o has a cataract surgery update (sounds very familiar), a tip on a Blogger commenting glitch, and a few critter pics.  More here, plus dogs.

Daal is still celebrating the New Year, but has time for a catty moral tale.

How do you handle invitations to religious rituals?

This asshole exists.

Reminder:  keep the nuts away from the nukes.

Darwinfish 2 takes the ultimate lonely stand -- defending continuing to put our clocks an hour backward or forward twice a year.  Yes, it's a minor inconvenience, but completely unnecessary.  If starting school before sunrise is an issue, the schools can just move their schedule one hour for that part of the year.  It's better than making everyone change their clocks.

Dogs exist -- they just aren't wolves.

French street artists express the world's horror and fury at the Ukraine invasion.

What kind of people troll autists on the internet?

Learn to spot self-destructive "coping" strategies.

It's better to ridicule stupid ideas than to debate them.

The rich are different from you and me.

Von Däniken's bullshit did a lot of harm.

"Queer" is now a trendy fad.

Virginia students win a rare victory against the Israel-bashing mania infesting academia these days.

Learn the international "help me" sign.  You might save somebody someday.

I guess this is what Christian love looks like.

It's not only the bosses -- some customers treat Amazon employees like shit as well.

Ideology resembles fantasy fiction, an imaginary world where language creates reality.

Asshole asshole asshole asshole asshole asshole.....

Robots are less of a threat than they seem at first glance.

Don't trivialize covid-19 deaths just because the person had a "co-morbidity".

"Generation Z" is the least-religious US generation yet.  Increasing numbers are now simply growing up without religion, as I did, rather than being raised with a religion and then abandoning it.  And it's unlikely that many people who are now non-religious will ever join a religion.

Stop talking about your needs and safety, it upsets meeeeeee.

Jesus is just as shitty as the Old Testament God.

This manager exists, apparently.

Time to use the anti-maskers' own clichés against them.

Parents of swimmers weigh in on the Lia Thomas controversy.  So does Jane Clare Jones.

Tax the rich, without apology.

The Ukraine war opens up new vistas of wingnut lunacy, but there's still plenty of their old lunacy around as well.

Anti-vax convoy truckers are coming down with a mysterious disease.  A few of them are still on the road, pissing in their pants and getting flipped off by normal people (found via Hackwhackers).

Home Depot workers, you don't need to put up with this kind of shit from management.  There's a labor shortage; you can easily find a job at some place that isn't run by snotty, oblivious assholes.

Oregon is preparing to help victims of neighboring Idaho's draconian anti-abortion law.

Bruce Gerencser schools an arrogant troll.

The predominantly-black town of Mason TN got some good economic news -- and now the state is trying to take it over.

Detransitioners fight back against the quacks and ideologists who ruined their lives and health.

To avoid disaster this November, Democrats must face reality about what the electorate wants.

Atheists know a scam when we see one.

McConnell, like Pence, repudiates Putin supporters in the Republican party.

The American Bar Association's committee on the federal judiciary unanimously endorses Ketanji Brown Jackson to serve on the Supreme Court.  She has more public support than any other nominee in decades other than Roberts (found via Hackwhackers).

JK Rowling is not happy with Putin comparing himself to her.

This is what cancel culture means.

Six months ago, El Salvador bet big on bitcoin.  The result has been a predictable fiasco.

The Russian Orthodox Church offers fervent and groveling support for Putin's war against Ukraine.

Before the Russians, after the Russians.

The Russian army's practice of promising people safe passage and then massacring them goes back to at least 2014 (via Hackwhackers).

Russian generals are dropping like flies.  The latest one was evidently overconfident.

Astonishingly, Russian troops withdrew from one Ukrainian town after locals protested their presence.

In the 1990s Ukraine gave up the nuclear weapons it inherited from the USSR in exchange for security guarantees.  We are seeing the results now.  If the Taiwanese are not seriously considering building their own nuclear deterrent, they are fools.

The Taliban have already broken their promise to re-open schools for girls.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced and The Honest Courtesan.

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My own posts this week were a set of mood images and a look at Putin's failed invasion.


Blogger Martha said...

The cat with the mobile home! BAHAHAHA And yes, the law of physics don't apply to cats. And I really like the recreation of the face of a 4,000-year-old stone age woman. Amazing! Another round of really great links!

27 March, 2022 03:50  
Blogger Mary said...

For some reason have not received the last two posts before this one…glad I got this so I can go back.
Anyway..love the cats..
And religion going away can’t happen fast enough
You find some good ones…

27 March, 2022 06:07  
Blogger NickM said...

Try this:


WHO demands end to ALL time limits on abortions: Agency says laws preventing termination at any point risk violating rights of 'women, girls or other pregnant persons'

Now we can argue until the cows come home about the morality of abortion. Personally I think we've got it about right in the Great Britain - it is different in Northern Ireland. Quite bizarrely it is much more liberal in the South. That is a recent thing. Within living memory the Guarda used to rifle through bags for "immoral items" such as condoms. But "pregnant persons"! Oh, behave!


Yes, we now have the People's Front of Judea in charge.

27 March, 2022 06:24  
Blogger NickM said...

The straight/queer thing is very odd. Indeed it's queer in the sense of odd. I have gay friends. I'm not gay but I think they'd find that offensive. Of course being offensive ought not to be against the law but being an idiot deserves ridicule.

I know this is somewhat OT but the largest gay bar in the town of my birth, Newcastle is called "Camp David". That amuses me greatly for some reason. Oh, it's now shut which is a shame.

27 March, 2022 09:31  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

So much good stuff but my favorite was the mushroom GIFs.

27 March, 2022 09:58  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

The person that tazed himself with the taser he bought his wife is hilarious. The taser I carry is 1.250 µC which I found on the internet to be around 30,000 volts. But I haven't tased myself to see how well it works. lol

I used to carry another taser with me but my husband loaned it to his friend for a night and he accidentally tased himself in his pocket and ended up taking it out of his pocket and throwing it on the ground, breaking it when he was mad. I guess it worked pretty well. lol

27 March, 2022 12:24  
Blogger jenny_o said...

Thanks for the links, Infidel. I always know when you've linked by the skyrocketing of my stats :) And thanks for the reading material for the coming week.

28 March, 2022 08:29  
Blogger Daal said...

it's always an honor to be included here. & leave it to the French to make something beautiful out of the worst of times...

28 March, 2022 19:59  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Martha: It's surely every cat's ideal -- a cardboard box he can be inside no matter where he goes.

Mary: Goggle Blooger's notification system has always been a bit glitchy. If you just check the blog every two or three days, you won't miss anything.

It will take a while for religion to completely disappear, at least from some places. But things are going in the right direction.

NickM: Long after the cows have been home and asleep for hours, the fundies will still be blathering about abortion being immoral. Because it's not really about morality, it's about controlling and punishing women's sexuality.

The progress the Irish republic has made on things like abortion, gay rights, and secularism is remarkable. I guess Northern Ireland still has a bad infestation of dour fundie Protestants.

I can't keep up with all the changes in approved terminology these days. I just use "gay" or "same-sex attraction" since those don't confuse anyone or apparently offend anyone except the fundies. "Queer" now means almost anything, therefore it has almost no meaning. And I absolutely refuse to go along with abominations like "pregnant persons" or "vagina havers". They never call men "sperm producers" or "penis havers".

Ricko: Shrooms are pretty weird things. They look like something from another planet.

Mary K: I don't think I'll ever buy a taser. It would be more dangerous to me than to my enemies.

Jenny_o: Glad to provide some diversion!

Daal: Thanks for your posts. Those French street artists are certainly talented.

28 March, 2022 22:24  
Blogger NickM said...

Get with the program! It is possible these days to have a penis and be a woman. Various rape victims and the Criminal Justice System can atest to that.

This has led to some hospital trusts asking male cancer patients and those having X-Rays and MRI scans if they could be pregnant, causing uproar among campaigners.

It comes after the Government removed the word "female" from the law governing the medical procedures and replaced it with "individuals".

Some hospital trusts are asking men if they are pregnant before undergoing scans, it has been reported.

In 2017, regulations regarding these checks were updated by the Department of Health to be more inclusive – changing those who should be questioned from "females of childbearing age" to "individuals of childbearing potential".

The change was made due to the dangers that radiotherapy, diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine pose to an unborn child.

Medics must be able to establish whether a patient is pregnant before carrying out the procedures to minimise the risk.

From here:


Which reminds me. I'd best book my cervical smear...

29 March, 2022 03:52  
Blogger NickM said...

It is not just the proddies in NI. The Catholics can take a fair share of the blame as well.NI is peculiar in that in most of the British Isles (including the ROI) religion has died. But in NI (and certain parts of Scotland) it still remains as an essentially tribal force. You can see this in football teams - notably in Glasgow where Rangers = Protestant, Celtic = Catholic despite all theological elements being not even on the subs bench. This no longer exists as a thing in England. My team, Newcastle United, were originally a Catholic club but that has been forgotten for longer than we won anything - that's a long time. I don't support the Toon Army because I'm a Catholic - which I am not. I support them because I'm from Gateshead and was born in Newcastle. They might be pants but they are my team. I guess that is tribal but it doesn't really exist in England. It may have done but that is as empty as the trophy room at St James' Park Stadium.

29 March, 2022 07:33  
Anonymous Annie said...

Darwinfish may think it’s no big deal to change the clocks, but the sleep medicine folks would disagree. Apart from that, the Senate vote was quite wacky, as I note here. https://annieasksyou.com/2022/03/26/the-senate-astonishes-votes-unanimously-and-gets-things-exquisitely-wrong/

29 March, 2022 18:21  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

NickM: When meanings of words are arbitrarily changed for political reasons, absurdities are inevitable. Once we get back to calling things and persons what they actually are, this nonsense will fade away.

As to Northern Ireland, can't say I'm surprised. It's always struck me as a backward area generally.

Annie: the sleep medicine folks would disagree

Also not surprising. I always feel unsettled after putting the clock forward or backward. I'm sure it disturbs people's sleep patterns.

I really don't care about the details of what the Senate did, just so long as the end result is that we stop putting the damn clocks forward or backward every few months.

29 March, 2022 22:32  
Anonymous Cassandra said...

How have the trolls been?

And since tomorrow is April 1, how do you tell jokers apart from trolls?

31 March, 2022 18:46  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Quiet for about a month and a half. If there's no trolling for another month or so I may start scaling back my emphasis on the trans issue.

I consider anything they post to be trolling. They've always tried to pass off their harassment and threats as "jokes" when they get called on it. Nothing short of total silence from them is acceptable.

31 March, 2022 22:09  
Anonymous Pat said...

I've just been getting back to health after a week and a half on antibiotics, which explains why I'm just getting here now.

I'm glad to hear that trolls haven't bothered you since the middle of February. It must be nice, especially after you've made repeated complaints about them. I hope the trend with the trolls continues.

02 April, 2022 23:43  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

They're back, unfortunately. Surge of childish bullshit yesterday -- not all explicitly about the trans stuff, but it's pretty obvious it's all the same person. I think I have an idea who it might be, too.

03 April, 2022 02:04  

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