26 February 2022

Link round-up for 27 February 2022

Posting it early this week because I may not be able to do so tomorrow (personal issue).  This applies to approving comments in moderation as well, so if you leave one and it doesn't appear within the usual time frame, please don't take it personally.

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Don't go near this intersection.

Enhance your life by trying this new bedroom pleasure.

Maybe don't let the cat on the counter (gag, barf).

Oh, what hideous suffering this young man must have endured.

Can I get a car like this?

Reject the evil, hateful, bigoted CERV!

A daring rescue under scary conditions.

Click here for the world's first dick pic (found via Big Whack Attack).

YouTube ads are really annoying.

I can't imagine what the function of this thing is.

Wingnuts double down on the piss-drinking.

Fashion designers are obviously just bullshitting us at this point.

With these customers, use a creative sales pitch.

He contacted the correct person.

It's just two circles.

Yellowdog Granny's blog has been restored at its original URL.

Blogger Carol Seidl describes a less-than-enjoyable beginning to a language-learning stay in Montpellier.

Is the US comparable to the Roman Empire in decline?

The more you stare, the more you see.

Here are six misconceptions about ancient Egypt (found via Miss Cellania).  Much more good info here.

But is everybody having the same dream?

Calvin's dad is checking the mail, with insight.

If you like good bread, live here.

This is Petra, capital of the pre-Islamic Arab kingdom of Nabataea.

Views of Ukraine here, from before the invasion.

You are in this picture.

This is cancel culture in a nutshell.

Darwinfish 2 looks at more wingnut dishonesty.

I'm so glad I got out of academia.

Autistic people have no choice but to deal with the world as it is, not as they wish it to be.

No one can argue that this belief system isn't utterly ridiculous.

Tumblr's warped culture trades on oppression cred.

If you use Windows 10, disable these settings.

The US economy since 1980 is very different from before.

Those who try to limit what opinions you can read are always your enemies, never your friends.

Religio-anti-vaxers are hypocrites.

65% of rural voters view the Democratic party unfavorably, meaning that at least 35% are gettable -- unless we drive them away by being the party of critical race theory, "defund the police", and men using the girls' bathroom.

Wingnuts just can't do tech.

Evangelicalism makes men pathetically afraid of their own sexuality -- and blames women for it.

Support justice, not "social justice".

Parents will not keep on voting for a party identified with this crap.  Those who ignore the problem will share the blame for the electoral consequences.

Abortion pills, harder for forced-birth-fetishist legislators to ban than surgical abortions are, now account for more than half of all US abortions.

Public prayer is a divisive practice.

No, Hitler was not a Darwinian.  His ideology had quite different roots.

The media are flat-out lying about trans sports-participation laws.

Between a liberal Christian and a conservative atheist, how would you vote?

The campaign to get a sex-work-decriminalization measure on this year's ballot here in Oregon is back in action, having previously been suspended over a technicality.

Evangelicals fear the honest questioning of Christian belief.

Greg Abbott is right to oppose surgical mutilation and dangerous hormonal treatments for minors diagnosed as trans (do read that -- there's a lot of solid information), but the specific policy in Texas errs by targeting parents rather than the quacks who are actually committing these atrocities.

In what should be an uncontroversial move, the Arizona senate voted to ban sex-change operations for minors.  Every Democrat voted the wrong way.  We have a problem.

The house-price bubble is being inflated by parasitic speculators.

Mr Menno speaks in Cardiff on the new homophobia.

Hadley Freeman reviews the gender madness engulfing the left and academia in the UK.

The West is providing more armaments to Ukraine, and the option of cutting Russia off from SWIFT is back on the table.  Ukraine claims to have killed 3,500 Russian soldiers in the fighting so far.  More than 150 senior Russian government officials have signed an open letter condemning Putin's invasion of Ukraine (found via Miss Cellania).

Even if Russia conquers Ukraine, it will face great further difficulties.

Russia apparently asked Kazakhstan to send troops to help with the invasion of Ukraine, but Kazakhstan refused.  Such a request suggests that the invasion is going much worse than Putin expected.

As the US goes backward, others go forward -- Colombia has legalized abortion.

In Venezuela, the difference between the working class and abject poverty is visible from the air.

When a Mexican woman in Qatar reported being raped, the court imposed a sentence of a hundred lashes and seven years in prison -- on her, not on the rapist.  She was also offered the option of marrying the rapist.

Gangster states stick together.

Don't be fooled -- this is what most of China looks like.

Islamists in Senegal are demanding even harsher prison terms for homosexuality.

More links at The Honest Courtesan and Fair and Unbalanced.

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Blogger Mike said...

I had to look up the function of "this thing". I was expecting a porn site. Nope...
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26 February, 2022 10:52  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

thanks for ydg news...and the dick pic made me spit hot tea everywhere, I needed a good laugh.

26 February, 2022 13:37  
Blogger Jack said...

Thanks for including my posts among such great content! And remember, it is your blog so you can approve comments whenever you want (or not at all). That's one of the few perks we have in this "business."

27 February, 2022 03:33  
Blogger NickM said...

US roads bad? You should see 'em round here (just south of Manchester, England). A few years a guy got so fecked off with it he started drawing around pot-holes the typical schoolboy cock and balls image. This meant the council had to fix them. Wanksy (as he called himself) became a later-day folk hero. Apparently a cartoon penis image is more obscene than bust shocks or a broken ankle.


27 February, 2022 09:17  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

I'm still amazed with how you find the time to find all of this stuff. The feel-good cat rescue made me smile right away. I hope you are well.

27 February, 2022 10:29  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mike: That's an awfully odd design, though. It accommodates one person's whole body plus another persons legs? Why?

Granny: Let's hope your blogging pilgrimage is now settling down to a permanent home.

Little did that trilobite imagine how primates 600 million years later would interpret its tracks.

Jack: Thanks for the posts you provide. Your blog is definitely on my regular reading list now.

NickM: Those potholes are pretty bad, and I admire Wanksy's initiative. Where I live, we don't have many potholes, but some streets are so rough and uneven I keep wondering if I have a flat tire or something.

Ricko: I bet the cat was the mother of that kitten. It took some thought to rescue it the way she did. And yes, I'm still here, as it turns out.

28 February, 2022 02:12  
Blogger Daal said...

whew... what a week...

05 March, 2022 15:17  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

And this week has been just as full.....

05 March, 2022 21:53  

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