26 February 2022

Video of the day -- steps toward sanity

The fever dream is starting to break.  A substantial minority of Trump supporters are becoming disenchanted with their false idol and are groping their way back toward reality.  How should the left respond?

It's important to avoid over-interpreting this.  Guys like McConnell and Pence are not even remotely liberals, and neither are their supporters.  But they're not Trump.  A sane right wing is better for the country than a deranged one.  Never make the mistake of believing that all right-wing voters are a homogenous mass, all alike.  They aren't, any more than the left is.

And a lot of Trump's voters are not even right-wingers in the strict sense.  Remember how many people voted for Obama both times and then voted for Trump.  These people aren't fascists, they're angry and confused rebels.  There's a vast pool of voters in the political center who are not ideological but are massively discontented with the way things are, and want change.  Some of them are reachable, by the right kind of Democrat.  Not all, but some.

The extremist fringe on each side exhorts everyone on their own side to damn and demonize everybody outside their own camp.  Whichever side is best able to ignore such yammering and reach out to the sensible center is the side that will ultimately win.


Blogger Jack said...

So true! Your point about a sane right wing being better for the country than a deranged one is important, as is what you said about the perils of demonizing everyone on the other side. Not every Republican is a fascist, and not every Democrat is a member of Antifa, BLM, or whatever other boogeyman the right prefers.

26 February, 2022 04:21  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

Yes! More of each side needs to come to the middle of the table again.

26 February, 2022 12:00  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

fuck one? fuck'em all. the middle need to call out the extremists. If not? they're no better.

26 February, 2022 13:58  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Jack: I really hope we can overcome this dead-end polarization and demonization. Voices like Maher's are hugely valuable.

Ricko: Some are, but we need a lot more to do so. If more Republicans are standing up to trump, it's a start.

Granny: I'm calling hem out, for what it's worth.

28 February, 2022 02:14  

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