21 November 2021

Link round-up for 21 November 2021

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Praise God, the Rapture has come at last!

Ex-wives perform a valuable service.

People are stupid.

Prophetess Kat Kerr sends a hundred million angels to pester Biden.

Eat bugs, get high.

Really, gender identity is perfectly simple.


Doggie time.

Life imitates art.

Welcome to the church.

I'm not surprised this restaurant was closed down.

"He's challenging gender norms."

It's a job hunt.

Here's how to save money on Christmas.

Better have your ticket ready.

As if we didn't already have an obesity problem, now they're giving us giant candy.

Nice little creepy story here.

"You're right" (found via Funny Links).

Why isn't he chasing the carrot?

Good dog!

Gosh, why does nobody want to work here?

This house epitomizes bizarre excess (found via Miss Cellania).

If you go to Heaven, what will you do there?

It's what every Asian woman dreams of.

Teaching good manners is important.

This dog can save you money on a sex-change operation (NSFW).

Best not to think about The Lion King too deeply.

It was just a passing fad.

We all know why we all hate Mondays.

These Persian-style vegetarian recipes sound really good.

Check out the urban reality-bending art of Alex Chinneck (found via SilverAppleQueen).

Best beer ever.

If a statistic seems odd, do a little digging.

Some friends are worth more than others.

Don't let past mistakes weigh you down.

We can't afford that (found via Yellowdog Granny).

If you have a blog and a lot of people hate what you say, here's an idea for you.

Bow down before the awesome power of the furries.

A short lament by Baudelaire illustrates the challenges of translating poetry.

This is the city of Vannes in Brittany, western France.

See Europe's largest public reference library.

Catalonia has some interesting art and architecture.

He extends a helping hand to a distant relative.

Birds in the Amazon rain forest are evolving rapidly in response to global warming.

This species of salamander is so biologically bizarre that it isn't even really a species.

Coffee and tea offer some protection against stroke and dementia.

Autistic "stimming" is probably an adaptation to cope with the stresses of interaction, not a pathology.

The media are teaching chemical warfare.

Social norms have always been changing.

Sorry, Flynn, religious freedom applies to everybody.

Liking things isn't a competition.

See the artists who create various comics.

Could Airplane! be made today?

Yet another religionist clumsily attacks atheism and science while showing he hardly understands either.

Stop worrying about being replaced by robots.

People like this exist.  Believe me, they do.

Earth-Bound Misfit finds yet another reason why citizens need guns.

Do angels have racial differences like humans do?  Why would they?

Don't let these horrible-looking things anywhere near you.  There are good reasons why we feel instinctively repulsed by certain animals.

The 1987 Montreal protocol saved the world from a nightmarish future.

The Women's Liberation Front is suing to force the state of California to stop housing male inmates in women's prisons.  Here's the story of one of the plaintiffs -- if you go to only one link in this round-up, please make it this one.

As for Oregon, we've got this.....thing.

Criminalizing abortion doesn't stop abortion, it just makes it more dangerous.

Religion is a con wherever it is.

Why don't people want to work?  Try shitty customers.

Nobody needs economic advice from this guy.

A pastor running for office in South Carolina wants all US laws to be conformed to "the will of God".

After the Rittenhouse verdict, a mob in Portland smashed windows and threw things at the police, but so far, violence has been limited.  Maybe it's too cold.  Good discussion in the comments here -- see especially comments 8 and 28.

The mRNA vaccines provide two distinct types of protection against covid-19.

An extra-stupid anti-Semite gets arrested in Texas.

A nurse's job is tough enough without also being groped by diseased Republicans.

The best thing activists can do for the left is pointing out when it's embracing stupid ideas (at last, a sign of that introspection we so desperately need).  See my comment there too.

Ultimately you have to take responsibility for your own safety.

Unions get done what needs to be done.

Don't put up with family members who insist on preaching religion at you.  It's not worth it.

You can help defund Fox News (found via Mock Paper Scissors).

Bill Maher explains how to avoid losing the 2022 elections.  I predict everyone will ignore this and we will, in fact, lose.

The last US conviction for blasphemy was less than a century ago.

Remember this, as the strikes happen.

Homophobia is now "woke".  The left is becoming a bigger problem than the right.

White supremacists are deeply divided by age and class prejudice.

Two of the women who are suing fundie Liberty University for its shitty handling of sexual assault are speaking out.

Quit behaving like you might be rich someday.  It's not gonna happen.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, one in five US healthcare workers have quit, and more are considering doing so -- too much death, too many assholes.

We must not ignore and silence the victims of religion.

Parents, gay people, and others are coming together across the left-right divide to protest the "medical" mutilation of children in the name of gender madness (must-read).  They're getting a lot of public support -- and lawsuits are being prepared.

Almost all new electricity generation capacity being built in the US is solar and wind, while fossil-fuel plants are being taken offline.

The John Deere strike has ended after all, with substantial raises.  The Alabama coal strike, still ongoing after almost eight months, is getting some government attention.

"One voter remarked that if she uses the 'wrong' word for something, they label her a bigot.  That's almost guaranteed to turn the person into a Republican voter.  Permanently.  Issues be damned.  Democrats have not absorbed this lesson yet."

A Maori tribe tells anti-vaxers to stop ripping off their rituals (found via Miss Cellania).  This yellow star bullshit needs to come to a screeching halt as well.

Never forget Jonestown.

The NYT is still obfuscating and distorting the Loudoun county rape scandal.  The mother of the first victim is suing the school board for covering up the crime.

In Mississippi, vaccine access is a mess.

Reality is illusion, illusion is reality.

They made a good use of a bad guy's house.

One of the vilest men in America finally suffers some consequences.

Anti-Semites are selective in their attentions.

Those neo-Nazis are such a witty bunch.

The UK has almost eliminated cervical cancer, but the US lags far behind due to religio-sexual taboos (found via SilverAppleQueen).

It's a news channel FFS, not a safe space for delicate hothouse plants.  Fortunately things are already becoming freer.

The Thames river, once biologically dead due to pollution, now teems with life again.

What the hell is "sexual racism"?

Religious indoctrination is still a big problem in Poland.

This is a philosophy of realism.

Women's rights activists in Afghanistan are being murdered.

Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai was "disappeared" after she accused one of the regime's top-ranking thugs of coercing her into sex.  The WTA is willing to cut all ties with China unless the issue is resolved.

The North Korean regime is absurdly paranoid about the growing cultural influence of the South.

Global warming is thwarting Africa's Great Green Wall project.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced.

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My own posts this week:  a new set of mood images, and a Lone Animator video of evil toys.


Blogger Lady M said...

Ha - last year when I was in Madiera Beach Florida to disperse my parents ashes, I stayed with blocks of the chicken church. I recognized it right away from internet memes!

21 November, 2021 07:30  
Blogger Lady M said...

Ha - love the meme with the chimp discussing politics at Thanksgiving. And concerning that Reese's Pie, I am currently listening to Dr. Michael Gregors "How not to diet" audio book. He talks of the process food industry, the huge agricultural subsidies, the government process-food lobbyists, the advertising/marketing of junk food and the healthcare/pharmaceutical/diet industry that drives the whole corrupt system designed to addict Americans to the unhealthiest food possible making us fat and sick. There is simply no money to be made from a healthy population. There is very little mark up on fruits and vegetable.

21 November, 2021 07:42  
Blogger Lady M said...

That house on McMansion hell looks like it was designed by Elvis. Seriously, though, my Father's wife had taste like that. I called her design style "modern whorehouse".

21 November, 2021 08:39  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

When I got to "This House" I had to stop and tell you that I'm reposting it somehow.

21 November, 2021 11:05  
Blogger bicoastalelite said...

Re: Airplane
Alt explanation: comedy ages very poorly. The only people who find it so funny now are the ones who found it funny then, just like Blazing Saddles. It’s not necessarily political correctness. Shit’s not funny anymore. Ask Laurel and Hardy. Hell, show Airplane to a young person… It’s the reason nobody laughs outloud at Shakespeare or Twain or Shaw. They may be great, but the funny ship has sailed. Sorry boomer (he said to himself)

21 November, 2021 13:37  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Lady M: There's certainly a huge amount of money being made from unhealthy food. It's a huge problem since eating that way is more widespread and more entrenched in the culture even than smoking ever was. And we even have a mass movement of denialism about the health effects of obesity.

Ricko: It's hard to believe that house is real. Somebody evidently once had far more money than taste.

Bi: Yeah, it's true that humor changes over time and that could be a contributing factor. Nevertheless, the article is obviously right that we as a society have become far more timid and worried about offending anybody, and that a studio today probably wouldn't greenlight most of those jokes for that reason. Although I sense that people are getting fed up of walking on eggshells, and the pendulum may swing back in the future.

21 November, 2021 16:06  
Blogger Mike said...

I did a little digging. Into the sidebar.

21 November, 2021 17:33  
Anonymous Ulysses said...

bicoastalelite: I think Infidel753 still laughs at the fart jokes in Aristophanes.

Infidel753: Wokeness is a problem. There's this band I used to like, but I never could make out the lyrics. I have some auditory problems, you know, and the words and music just mixed together and I couldn't separate then. Then somebody showed me their words on the internet. Just woke nonsense and reality-denying junk. I got rid of their music, and I think you might want to do the same.

21 November, 2021 17:44  
Blogger Daal said...

whew! the bits of humor are much needed respite between the important but sad topics. tx, Infidel753, for featuring my site among these. wishing all a happy week ahead

21 November, 2021 20:49  
Blogger yellowdoggranny said...

If I've said it once...I've said it a 100 times...we're fucked.

21 November, 2021 23:01  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mike: I hope it proved productive.

Ulysses: Not sure what you're referring to.

Daal: If it weren't for humor, we'd go mad. Thanks for your posts.

Granny: In some ways yes, in some ways no.

22 November, 2021 00:56  
Anonymous Annie said...

This is a fascinating collection, Infidel. In no particular order: I spent a good deal of time reading about stimming and the reactions to the Rittenhouse trial. I loved the doggie who gathers trash. I suspect that the “What”? sweatshirt lost something in the translation from the original—and am wondering what that was. And how about those salamanders—proving once again how biologically “gifted” they are? Between the salamanders and the birds’ adaptations to climate change (I’d heard about the latter from an interview with Audubon, the bird guidebook author), I found some encouragement that nature will survive human fecklessness.

22 November, 2021 10:21  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I aim to please.....

I've found AutisticAF very educational because autism is a subject I know almost nothing about, so it's like an inside view of s different world. As to trial verdicts in general, I'm always startled at how many people who know little about a case beyond news reports (which often leave out crucial information that doesn't fit the preferred narrative) are supremely confident that they know better what the outcome should have been than the jury, which did hear the evidence and arguments in detail.

I suspect that "what" shirt was trying to express something like "be that which you appreciate in the world", but the person who wrote it had essentially zero grasp of English and was struggling through the concepts with a dictionary or something.

I've posted before (here and here) about how natural systems are actually very resilient and recover surprisingly well from what seems like enormous damage -- not fragile and prone to collapse at the slightest disturbance, as many people seem to think. Life couldn't have survived at all otherwise.

23 November, 2021 06:26  
Blogger whkattk said...

I shall have to come back and go through those when I can see better.

23 November, 2021 06:48  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I hope things improve soon!

23 November, 2021 09:16  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

Ha! I saw that post about shrimp testing positive for cocaine on twitter and commented on it.
The dog cartoons are cute.
It's just me and my daughter for Thanksgiving this year and neither of us talk politics so we're safe. lol

23 November, 2021 11:26  
Blogger CAS said...

I fully endorse the army of angels strategy to oust Biden as well as prayer for putting an end to all progressive initiatives. This is absolutely the best way for the Right to channel its energy. Forget storming the White House or crossing states lines with an illegally obtained firearm to quell BLM demonstrators.

Bill Maher can be harsh but he often cuts through the chaff and goes right to the heart of a matter. This was one of his better rants.

I’m all for sugar and desserts but that Reeses pie is stupid. Everyone knows you eat a Reeses peanut butter cup by nibbling off the side wall, then consuming the peanut butter part with just a thin layer of chocolate on the top and bottom. That monstrosity of a pie completely throws off a true gourmet’s proportions.

By contrast, the Persian recipes look fantastic.

23 November, 2021 19:50  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary K: That's likely to be among the least toxic things found in sea creatures these days, unfortunately.

Well, I know you're not going to be inviting people from around your neighborhood for Thanksgiving!

CAS: Heh..... Yes, better a hundred million angels than a hundred armed wingnuts. The best enemies are always the imaginary kind.

I can tell Maher genuinely wants to save the Democrats from the tar pits they're stumbling into. That video has racked up 1,300,000 views in four days, so let's hope he's striking a nerve.

Giant food is usually wasteful because it ends up being unpleasant. I don't believe even five or six people could eat a piece of candy that big -- they'd make themselves sick.

I wish there was a restaurant around here that did those veggie kabobs.

24 November, 2021 00:21  

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