14 November 2021

Link round-up for 14 November 2021

Various interesting stuff I ran across on the net over the last week.

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Worshiping dumb animals is hilarious.

It's a clear message.

The Beatles could out-snark any modern pop star.

Children have their own logic.

Hildegard von Blingin' and Whitney Avalon are Holding out for a Hero.

Don't be a scab adventurer.

Please be more sensitive.

The labor shortage just keeps getting worse.

Enjoy your meal.

Type carefully.

You have been warned.

What am I looking at here?

Upgrade your animals.

Different people celebrate Halloween in different ways.

Gender ideology is, at least, sometimes hilarious (do read the replies!).

Alien art takes surprising forms.

Always read the fine print.

Make a wish.

The classic romance novel cover was largely the creation of just one artist.

It's a simple matter of Umweltvermüllungsverzweiflung.

Get the point across using animals.

Ken Ham says aliens are going to Hell.

Libertarian crypto/NFT morons are re-discovering why real financial systems need all those regulations they hate.  Here's a good explanation of what cryptocurrencies and NFTs are, and (addendum at end) why it's so important to ridicule them.

If you're feeling lousy, ask yourself these questions.

Some interesting lightning photos here.

Check out the weird pop-culture-in-ruins art of Filip Hodas.

This McDonald's has a street inside it, but there's a good reason.

A baroque scam/scandal involving an ostentatious necklace engulfed Paris high society just before the French revolution.

If you are a criminal, please move to New Mexico, as there seems to be a shortage of criminals there.

Three idiots walk into a bar.....

Speaking as a Satanist, I find Christian occultism too weird and creepy to stomach.

"Forgive me for failing / Forgive me for trying....."

I'm in the wrong business.  You can make three million bucks free and clear just by asking morons to give it to you.

The Shape of Water was about humanizing marginalized people, not humanizing monsters.

Rawknrobyn remembers the Camp Fire that destroyed Paradise CA.

Big Bird has been promoting public health for decades.

A fourteenth-century tower, a drone, and photography skills produce an arresting photo.

Some practical tips here on torrenting (I don't have the technical knowledge to evaluate this).

We're going back to Venus in 2029.

Reminder:  Obama shares my view of cynicism.

This man is the king of work.

The gray rock strategy for dealing with narcissists and bullies has both positives and negatives.

Here's what some wingnut codes mean.

This is not sex.  This is not "play".  This is shit.

If he uses violence against people whose opinions you dislike -- what happens when you have an opinion he dislikes?

Chesterton's fence reminds us that drastic change should be approached cautiously.

This is the best take I've seen yet on the internet-fic "antis".

Wingnut "prophets" flounder in frustration as their predictions of Trump's reinstatement stubbornly fail to come true.

Artist Waldemar Kazak has a distinctive vision of Thanksgiving.

"Language evolves" doesn't work as a justification for woketards' forced, Orwellian twisting of words.

If you want advice from a sports star, better Kareem Abdul-Jabbar than Aaron Rogers.

Tips here on spotting hidden cameras.  It can be difficult.

Conspiratardia comes easily to some people.

Here's the actual Paul Gosar anime video that everybody's talking about.

Seasonal reminder: the Salvation Army is evil.  There are better places to donate to charity.

Racism exists.

This is not socialism.

If the left-wing media won't listen to you, there can be some practical advantages in reaching out to the right.

A North Carolina student reported a sexual assault, and the school suspended her, even though the assailant had confessed to the police.  Students have held a walk-out in protest.

Some anti-vaxers are now taking the covid-19 vaccine to keep their jobs, and then engaging in meaningless (but somewhat toxic) rituals to "undo" it.

Wingnuts increasingly support banning books and even burning them.

The John Deere strike apparently won't be ending any time soon.

My recent anti-politics post was re-posted at Angry Bear, and got more positive feedback than I expected.

Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov tragically lost his life to the corruption and bad engineering endemic to totalitarian states (found via Miss Cellania).

Whine whine whine, I'll be down to my last quarter trillion.....

Workaholics make the workplace even worse for normal people.

"Charity is a failure of governments' responsibilities."

The media are lying about Loudoun county.  To avoid future election defeats, Democrats need an accurate picture of what happened in Virginia.

Job applicants now have enough leverage to be as shitty to employers as employers have long been to employees.

Giving up freedom for safety.....is dangerous.

The wealthy create a far disproportionate share of excess greenhouse gases.

More than half the workers who quit their jobs in recent months aren't coming back, ever.

Jurors in the Rittenhouse trial are being threatened.

Good discussion of the Rittenhouse case here, for those few people whose minds aren't already made up one way or the other.  More here (in comments), though more one-sided.

Check your secular privilege.

The covid-19 death rate in deep-red counties is now almost three times higher than in deep-blue counties.

The US "supply chain" as it used to be was based on stolen labor.

Denialism about the health effects of obesity is like doing the same with smoking or alcoholism; it does nobody any favors.

Anti-science propaganda rots even an educated brain.

Dead Wild Roses blog comprehensively addresses trans ideology talking points.

The clean-up of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch begins.

Opposing an ideology is not racist, and religions are ideologies.

Religio-wingnuts fume as the mainstream right wing grows more accepting of homosexuality.

When the trans ideology mass delusion finally implodes, what becomes of the crazies who kept it going?

The two US political parties are cobbled together from nine distinct categories of people.  Here's the background data.

He left Portland State University because it isn't really a university any more.

Fox "News" deceptively edited a video to make Biden appear racist (found via Fair and Unbalanced).

These insurrectionists really are morons.

The New York Times is trash.

A vast number of jobs are not just dreary, but useless.

If "queer" means almost everything, then it means almost nothing.

The key to defeating Republicans is to tie them to what their party really supports.

SickoRicko remembers Kristallnacht.

The US now lags behind almost all other major countries in covid-19 vaccinations (found via Hackwhackers), far behind even countries like Brazil whose leadership has been as bad as Trump was, even though the US has now had a competent government for almost a year.  As I said here, it's not primarily a leadership problem, it's primarily a huge-sub-population-of-idiots problem.

There's no longer any doubt that gender ideology is enabling sexual predators.

Forty countries have agreed to phase out coal.

A British university is offering safety training for sex workers, and the usual prigs are bitching about it (apparently they'd prefer that it not be safer).

On the anniversary of Kristallnacht, an anti-Semitic mob in London swarms a speech by the Israeli ambassador and tries to rush her as she leaves.

Teachers in Wales are targeted by false accusations of pedophilia.

Yet another sexual-assault victim is punished and denounced for speaking out.

An anti-Semitic murderer in Paris is sentenced to life in prison, but could be eligible for parole in just 22 years.

Americans are terminally clueless about healthcare.

A recent pro-choice march in Warsaw (after a woman died due to being denied an abortion) was well attended.

A video going viral in Brazil shows a high-school girl being viciously beaten by a boy after she had challenged his presence in the girls' bathroom.  Discussion here.

Another little step toward real peace in the Middle East.

The Saudi regime seems to be trying to sabotage the climate summit.

The largest city in the world is also one of the most livable.

The Chinese regime's bullying of Taiwan draws Europe to strengthen support and deepen ties with the island nation.

LinkedIn is getting out of China.

China's demographic implosion shows no sign of stopping despite the regime's increasingly frantic efforts to raise the birth rate.

The regime isn't talking about the mysterious explosions happening all over China.  I suspect either terrorism or the usual civil-engineering incompetence -- when the regime wants to kill or intimidate dissidents, it has much better methods available.

Chinese persecution of Uyghurs extends even beyond China's borders.

In the Congo, the work of a gynecologist involves dangers and horrors barely imaginable in the West.

More links at Fair and Unbalanced.

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My own posts this week: a video on the global Great Resignation; an essay on historical cycles of cultural darkness and light (not about present-day politics -- not everything has to be about the country we happen to live in or the century we happen to live in); and a musical lament for wonder and awe.

[Image at top:  space pioneer Vladimir Komarov, 1927-1967]


Blogger NickM said...

Secular privilege?

Eru, Odin, the Flying Spaghetti Monster help me!

So, I can buy a four-pack of beer but not a Bible at the corner shop. Whatever. I mean a Bible is not difficult to get hold of anyway. Try getting tungsten screws after 4pm on a Sunday in Cheshire. And that's religion. Yeah, we still have Sunday trading laws.

Anyway, does Ken Ham not understand that "secular" means something along the lines of "neutral" in terms of religion?

14 November, 2021 07:54  
Blogger NickM said...

I had a look at Answers in Genesis". It is 4pi steradians of prime bollocks.

I particularly liked this...

“Because He could swear by no one greater, He swore by Himself” (Hebrews 6:13)

So, God said it's true and that must be right because He's God. And that's an argument?

I also can't miss this out (italics mine)...

"Literally hundreds of dating methods could be used to attempt an estimate of the earth’s age, and the vast majority of them point to a much younger earth than the 4.5 billion years claimed by secularists."

"secularists"? Or does he mean geologists, astronomers, biologists, archeologists (there are the remains of cities in Anatolia - and elsewhere - that predate the Biblical creation!), paleontologists, geographers... All involved in a grand conspiracy to what end?

This AiG nonsense is, apart from anything else, purely circular reasoning. It is entirely setting out to justify a position by assuming that position to be true.

14 November, 2021 08:22  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

NickM: They need to feel persecuted, no matter what the reality. It's part of their self-image. And "Ken Ham" doesn't belong in the same sentence with "understand". The man is a black hole of ignorance and idiocy even by fundie standards.

It's actually remarkable that all the scientific methods of dating the Earth's age give the same answer (4.6 billion years). I don't know what "hundreds" of methods they're talking about. Something along the lines of Ussher's Biblical chronology, probably. As Sam Harris once pointed out, the standard fundie date of creation would mean that the world was created one thousand years after the Sumerians invented glue.

14 November, 2021 08:28  
Blogger NickM said...

Well, fair play to those old Sumerians! What does get me (certainly did when I was an MSc Astrophysics student at QMC, London) is the sheer paucity of the creationist idea. I take my TAL-MIZAR Newtonian reflector out on a clear night (we don't get many here in the NW of England, alas) and idea of a billions of years older Cosmos not just true but vastly more glorious than a desperate attempt at pseudo-science driven by a bizarre attempt to justify the ravings of a raggy-arsed bronze-age cult from some shit-hole in a desert?

14 November, 2021 09:05  
Blogger Mike said...

Good reminder about the Salvation Army. It doesn't get talked about that much anymore.

14 November, 2021 11:10  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

I always appreciate being included in your Round-Up.

14 November, 2021 17:20  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

NickM: It's strange. Maybe they want a smaller, short-lived universe because it makes them feel relatively more important (the smaller the pond, the bigger the fish looks).

Mike: And that's odd. If they advocated death for, say, a racial minority group, we'd hear about it constantly and they'd probably be banned from fund-raising almost everywhere.

Ricko: And I appreciate your posts!

15 November, 2021 02:14  
Blogger Ali Redford said...

I just have to tell you that I've had to hide my chalk (I make a little art with chalk which is more forgiving than paint) from DH since he saw the one from The Rusty Skull ("stop lettin your dog...)
Thanks for great fun!

15 November, 2021 19:29  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Glad to provide you with some fun -- and "DH" with some inspiration!

Maybe you'll start a blog someday after all, so you can post your art there?

16 November, 2021 00:38  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I see a lot of info about NFT's on Twitter but I still don't get it. Seems like a waste of time to me.

Sometimes signs can be hilarious.

High Capacity Assault Unicorn. lol I won't forget that.

I didn't know that some of the old romance novel covers were painted. I know now there are a lot of cover models that dress up and pose for pictures for covers now.

17 November, 2021 10:56  
Blogger Ali Redford said...

Well, it's like this. I'd rather make more art than code a blog. 🤷‍♀️😎 Thanks!

17 November, 2021 14:38  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary K: I think I get it about NFTs, but the concept is so dumb that it always feels like there must be more to it. There just isn't.

Yeah, a rhino is much more impressive, and carries additional heft by virtue of actually existing.

Duillo was quite an artist. Some of those paintings are really impressive.

Ali: Understandable. Too bad for me I have zero ability in either art or coding.....

18 November, 2021 01:26  

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