24 August 2021

Still vexed by the unvaxed

For several days now, covid-19 vaccinations in the US have been going at over a million shots per day.  If that were to continue, the remaining unvaxed population would all get at least one shot each within less than three months.  Of course, it will not continue long at that rate.  Some fraction of the vaccine-skeptical population has wised up due to various factors -- the FDA Pfizer approval, the explosion of disease in the South and deep-red counties across the country, Trump's endorsement of vaccination at the Cullman rally (even though he was booed by those present) -- and is acting on its spasm of common sense.  But as any perusal of the wingnut net makes clear, the hard core -- probably the large majority -- of the determinedly unvaxed remain thus determined, continuing to play Russian roulette with natural selection.

(As an aside, Congress needs to pass emergency legislation mandating that the use of the word "jab" for covid-19 vaccination be punishable by 24 hours of sniffing the farts of diseased orangutans.  The practice is so out of control that bipartisan agreement on this should be attainable.)

You may feel baffled by the covidiots' rejection of scientific advice on the grounds, as they complain, that the advice keeps changing.  The problem lies in the difficulty the religious mind has in understanding how science works.

In a religion, truth takes the form of immutable pronouncements from on high, which never change.  If new evidence later surfaces which is incompatible with those pronouncements, so much the worse for the evidence.  For example, the fundies' dogma of Biblical inerrancy keeps them stuck at the level of ignorance attained by those who wrote the Bible thousands of years ago.  Life was created as-is in six days, despite new evidence establishing evolution.  Noah's flood really happened, despite being proven impossible by geology and genetics.  The Egyptian captivity, the exodus, and the empire of David and Solomon were real, despite archaeological evidence that they are mere myths.  Truth, once proclaimed, is forever fixed and unalterable.

The problem is that they expect science to work the same way.  But it does not.  Science is not a set of doctrines, but rather a system for deducing conclusions from evidence.  Inevitably, those conclusions will change as further evidence comes to light.  Relativity and quantum mechanics have refined the physics inherited from Newton.  The theory of evolution has itself evolved considerably from when Darwin first proposed it, due to the discovery of DNA, increased study of zoology and anatomy, etc.  With a new virus, as humans started off knowing only the basics and learned more about it over time (and as the virus itself mutated), it was inevitable that science's assessments and advice would change as understanding advanced.  But to the religious mind which doesn't grasp what science really is, such change seems suspect.

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Eye update:  The visual effects I've been suffering may be improving a little, though I'm not sure whether it's that or I'm just getting more used to them.  At least, so far, they are not getting worse, indicating that the condition is not proceeding to retinal detachment.  Still, the doctor said that if that happens, it could take several weeks, so I'm nowhere near out of the woods yet.  And the visual effects remain maddeningly distracting and irritating.

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Please help:  Hackwhackers blog has put together a list of places you can donate to help Afghan refugees.


Blogger Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I was trying to explain this to a friend and they didn't seem to understand how the fundie mind functions: "The problem lies in the difficulty the religious mind has in understanding how science works". For the religulous change is dangerous.
Funny how they still believe in flying beings and a man in robes up in the sky watching them fap and die of covid.

Thnx for the tips about the donations. Will visit.

And glad to read about the updates with the vision! Hopefully things will get better.


24 August, 2021 01:52  
Blogger SickoRicko said...

This is a terrific explanation of how the religious mind works or, rather, doesn't.

Glad to hear that the eyes are still working, albeit, frustratingly.

24 August, 2021 08:03  
Blogger Mike said...

I like the phrase, "The only thing that proves science wrong, is better science".

I've had floaters in my eyes for most of my life. Your brain eventually learns to ignore them. (most of the time)

24 August, 2021 11:04  
Blogger Bohemian said...

The Unvaxxed won't get the Vaccine because it's not 'proven' enough for them, even tho' it's effective and has been thoroughly tested, yet so many of these same people will gladly take meds intended for Livestock, that isn't tested for Humans in doses used for Horses and Cows, plus does nothing to prevent the disease... go figure! Some Gene Pools may just need Natural Selection to thin them...

24 August, 2021 20:32  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Sixpence: Despite the progress of the last four hundred years, a lot of the population still has a medieval mentality in some fields. I think it's partly because our educational system is so decentralized. Backward localities have no strong forces working for modernization.

watching them fap and die of covid

Well, whatever will do for entertainment.....

Ricko: Thanks. The religious mentality is something I've thought about a lot.

Mike: So have I, and usually I'm not aware of them. The condition I have right now exaggerates their motion, though.

Bohemian: They mostly eat meat and junk food which is proven to be actively dangerous. It's ignorance and failure of logic. Why anyone would think an anti-worm medication would be effective against viruses is beyond me.

25 August, 2021 01:31  
Blogger Mary Kirkland said...

I'm sure the visual problems you're having are quite irritating. Hang in there, I hope it gets better.

25 August, 2021 13:09  
Blogger jenny_o said...

Somehow I missed your post about your eyes. I'm sorry to hear you are having troubles in that regard. I am terrified of losing my vision. I had a retinal detachment start a few years ago and got in immediately to get it lasered back together, and feel very fortunate to have only a small loss of vision. I know you'll watch carefully for any deterioration and therefore will give yourself the best possible chance to preserve your vision, but I wish you good luck anyway, just to cover all the bases :)

As others have said, cataract surgery is very well advanced now, and although it naturally doesn't feel stress-free to undergo it, it's easy relative to some other things, and has such good results. When I had mine done, I was told that the old approach of waiting until the cataracts were advanced is no longer the standard of care - they can do them at an early stage if they are bothering you (as one of mine was). And if you have to wear glasses now, a corrective lens can be put in to bring your vision to a place where you won't need glasses, or possibly only need reading glasses. The lenses cost more than the standard lenses but it's a forever kind of improvement that's worth it; at least, I thought so. I used to have to put my glasses on before I could even get out of bed. Now I can forget I have them on. (My vision was too astigmatic to be completely corrected, so I still wear them.)

The macular degeneration is more of a mystery to me. I haven't experienced it nor known anyone who does. But your ophthalmologist sounds on the ball and there are always advancements being made in eye care.

Good luck with all of this. I hope things settle down and your retinas prove to be in good shape.

25 August, 2021 15:38  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

Mary K: Thanks. I think it is improving, just very slowly.

Jenny_o: Thanks. I'm glad you got your own problem fixed in time. I know the laser treatment can be very effective.

If I get cataract surgery, I'll need to give them careful instructions. I now need glasses only for long-range vision -- I don't need them for reading, and I'd prefer to keep it that way. Right now I spend many hours a day reading and maybe one hour a week driving, so close-range vision is the higher priority.

26 August, 2021 03:25  
Blogger jenny_o said...

*Now I can forget I have them [glasses] on* obvious should have read *Now I can forget I DON'T have them on* hah

I definitely miss my close-up vision; your thoughts on how you'll approach corrective lenses makes sense to me.

26 August, 2021 03:48  
Blogger Infidel753 said...

I didn't even notice that -- maybe we both need new glasses after all.....:-)

26 August, 2021 07:34  

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